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07 May 2019 08:34
SBRTTA BOD Meeting Minutes 041719 
SBRTTA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Date: April 17, 2019

Meeting was called to order at 9:05 AM

Minutes from December 2018 meeting read by Lowell Sletten and approved
Lowell to make sure minutes are published on SBRTTA Website

John Hess to send an email to notify members that they can give dues to any of the three officers. Officers to work to bring all dues current.

Lowell to send updated liability waiver list to John H and Joe M. Officers to work towards bringing all waivers current.

Lowell to submit an article including picture of the second SBRTTA and Saddlebrooke tournament held on April 7, 2019.

John H to setup next tournament with Saddlebrooke at the Ranch in July and gather information on possible other tournaments. John H to follow up on tournament with golfers in the fall of 2019.

Gabor Morocz to chair Technology Committee. John H to get website password and edit information for Gabor. Completed 4/18/2019.

Tom R to follow up with Tim Fudge regarding status of ball machine purchase. Lowell to ask Tim at next finance committee meeting.

Tom R presented results of survey he emailed to members. There were a limited number of responses as he was advised that many members could not open survey as a result of many members not having computers and communicate only with smart phones. There appears to be a fair amount of interest in the proposed clinics. A tentative time for clinic is set for 12:00 noon to 2:00 PM on Sundays. Tom R to initiate and coordinate.

Joe M to submit a request for new nets due the failure of some of the existing nets.

There was discussion regarding a SBRTTA club social event. Steve Chapman is willing to host an event at his home. John Hammond is willing to schedule a luncheon.

A general club meeting will be scheduled to discuss singles play. Options include a designated singles table at all times, singles table from 1:30-3:00 or to leave as is with singles play available when table is available, most often near the end of scheduled sessions.
Next BOD meeting to be scheduled for July.

Proposed Changes to By Laws - John H. tabled proposed changes to a later time.
Membership Growth Programs - No discussion

John H made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 10:40 AM and Joe M seconded. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by:
Lowell Sletten

23 Apr 2019 19:01
First Tournament of the SBRTTA. 
photoSaddleBrooke Ranch Table Tennis Association (SBRTTA) participated in their first inter-community table tennis tournament against the club from SaddleBrooke, on January 10, 2019. Members participated in both singles and doubles matches. Competition was intense; however, at the end of the day all players had a good time.
SBRTTA has 26 members, both male and female. All skill levels are welcome to join this club where having fun is the number one goal. Most of the members begin saying: “I played ping-pong many years ago,” hinting that their skills are poor. But experience shows that it does not take long to regain one’s skills and also have a lot of fun while getting a good workout.
Newcomers are welcome to join SBRTTA at La Hacienda Club in the room next to the fitness center on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 1:30 to 4:30 pm. Please come and join the fun!
The attached picture shows the SBRTTA team at the tournament. (Please, click on the photo to magnify it.)
Top row from left to right: Bert Van Wagoner, Vlad Langer, Lowell Sletten, Dan Plattner, John (Jeb) Bentner, John Hammond, and Steve Chapman. Middle row: Tim Lawler, Bruce Capra, Tom Reuter, and Fred Flanigan. Front row: John Hess, Randy Crane, Jeff Bowen, and Gary Gonzalez.

27 Dec 2018 17:09
Minutes of the SBRTTA December 14, 2018 Membership Meeting 
Meeting called to order 9:05 AM.

Ken Gorman suggesting potential future problems with the number of players and the limited number of tables.

Ken made a motion to accept minutes from previous meeting and John Hess seconded. Motion passed.

John Hammond asked about pro rating dues for members joining during the year. It was decided that due to the small amount of membership dues, they would not be pro rated.

Steve Chapman presented the results of the election of officers for 2019. Tom Reuter, President, John Hess, Vice President and Lowell Sletten, Sec/Treasurer. Tom Reuter made the motion to accept the results and Gabor Morocz seconded. Motion passed.

Ken Gorman presented the Guest Policy. John Hess stated that Saddlebrooke players want to come and get familiar with our players prior to tournaments. They are unable to come on Fridays, out day for local guests. Steve Chapman suggested changing term from Guest Policy to Guidelines. Decided that it would remain a policy. We decided that we would make an exception for pre tournament play. Gabor Morocz made motion to accept the Guest Policy and John Hess seconded. Motion passed.

Tom Reuter provided update regarding robot machine. He emailed a proposal to Tim Fudge including details of three possible machines with a recommendation for one at a cost of approximately $1800. Tim replied that it would have to be approved by the Finance Committee. Tom described how the machine works. John Hess suggested that there will be additional expense to maintain the equipment. Ken Gorman stated that Robson maintains the tennis robot.

John Hess provided update regarding tournament play. Saddlebrooke is excited to participate in a tournament and suggested they would be willing to reciprocate every couple months. There is a possible issue with the day of the tournament being on Fridays so it was suggested that the tournament be held on a Thursday. Members in attendance did not feel it would be an issue for those not participating in tournament play to not be able to play on a specified date, however we would need to present this to all members.

Lowell Sletten will set up and maintain a folder for waivers.

Orderly play was brought up by Ken Gorman, however the idea was tabled for now.

Discussed the possibility of members signing up for scheduled sessions of play. No decisions was reached at this time.

New Business
John Hammond brought the idea of having a SBRTT member luncheon to included spouses/significant others to attend as a social event. John will work towards finding out if there is enough interest and provided the interest is there, proceed with organizing the event.

Ken Gorman brought up Group Works and if this is the correct method of communication for SBRTT. Some members dislike Group Works and others do not use it. Ken is working on a possible solution which sounded like it would be a better fit. Consensus was that Group Works should not be the primary form of communication and that most members still prefer email blasts.

Lowell Sletten made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 10:40 AM and Tom Reuter seconded. Motion passed!

19 Sep 2018 15:12
Minutes of the SBRTTA Sept 7, 2018 Membership Meeting 
Saddlebrooke Ranch Table Tennis Association
Minutes from meeting Friday, Sept 7, 2018

Ken Gorman called the meeting to order at 9:05 AM. Nine members were present including Tom Reuter via telephone.

Lowell Sletten presented the treasurer’s report stating the club has a cash balance of $125.00.

New Business
1. Waivers – Everyone needs to sign a separate waiver to cover the Board of Directors. Gabor Morocz will be asked to draft the waiver.

2. Proper Attire – Footwear – Ken Gorman made motion stating that “ Players must wear sport shoes appropriate for playing Table Tennis.” Tom Reuter seconded the motion. Motion passed. This will appear in the Policies and Procedures.

3. Tournaments – John Hess will be requested to chair tournament committee. John Hess to initiate possible tournaments.

4. Guest Policy – Proposed that members will be able to invite one “Nonresident” guest on Fridays with no limit as to the number of times. Definition of “Resident” and “Nonresident” was suggested to become an action item. Tom Reuter made a motion that the “Resident” group would include Robson Preferred Guests as well as persons staying with members. Ken Gorman seconded the motion. Motion passed.

5. Elections – Discussed timeline for nominations. Ken Gorman explained that there needs to be a nominating chair person and a nominating committee who would present possible officers for 2019. Steve Chapman volunteered to be Chairman of the nominating committee. Gary Gonzales and Ken Gorman will serve on the committee. Lowell or Ken to provide Steve with an email list of members. Nominees proposed by the nominating committee to be presented to the Board by October

6. Other Business
Tom Reuter to head a committee to research the feasibility of a robot. Jerry Martin will serve on the committee to identify the necessary steps to determine whether or not a robot is feasible. We also discussed if it was necessary to dedicate a table to singles during normal scheduled days of play. Discussed working towards helping all members develop a “legal” serve with the understanding that we are there to have fun.

Reminder to Ken to publish Gabor Morocz’s notes regarding resident responsibilities and Robson guest policies.

Ken Gorman moved to adjourn the meeting at 10:24 AM. KC Swanson seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned.

25 Jun 2018 13:11
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Get a free membership at PingSkills and roam through the tutorials. Excellent material, with video slow motion really showing how the sites are done.

25 Jan 2018 14:40
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