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25 Aug 2019 06:10
Sweet Elena 
photoMy name is Elena. I am a German Shepherd with mostly black fur, tan feet and big brown eyes.

German Shepherds are bred as working dogs in Germany. We are smart, loyal, agile, strong, courageous, and active. We are born with a double coat of fur to keep us warm in the winter. We shed this undercoat of fur during the summer months to make us cool. We need brushing daily to keep shedding under control.

Because German Shepherds are athletic and energetic, we need a high protein diet. I love chicken, turkey, beef and salmon. We also need long walks and plenty of play time for our health and happiness. My favorite sport is chasing the tennis ball. Daddy Joe will throw the ball as far as he can, and I run and run and run to catch it again and again until I get tired and have to rest.

Daddy Joe and Linda have been my human family since I was 9 weeks old. I was born in a doggie kennel with other German Shepherds. When I was old enough to be adopted into a Forever Home, they dressed us with different colored ribbons. My ribbon was pink. I knew I had to be friendly and show off my athletic ability. I love to play ball. Even as a puppy I would fetch any ball that would fit into my mouth. I would shake and shake and fetch it again and again. When I was tired, I would hold the ball between my paws and take a nap.

I tend to be protective and jealous of other dogs, but I am a natural athlete. Daddy Joe and Mom Linda saw my love of ball catching and chose me to be their canine companion. It was love at first sight.

Everything was great, until...

“Elena, we are going to the store and we’ll be right back.”

OH NO! I hate it when they leave me alone. I always want to be by their side. Oh Well! I will just turn on the big screen and watch my favorite show, “Doggie Land”, until they return. Now I know that remote … is here … somewhere. Not on the chair. Not on the sofa. There it is on the table! I can reach it if I stand on my back tippy toes and try to reach…, I’ve got it. I see Daddy Joe use this every day. Let’s see… push, push, bite, shake, shake. Why does this not work? I just want to see my doggie shows. “OOPS!” I dropped it and it shattered into pieces. I’m in trouble now…. I better hide under this chair and wait ‘til they get home.

I covered my ears but I still could hear the garage door open. Dad walked in with his hands full and stepped right on the broken remote.

“ELENA! What did you do? BAD DOG!”

They ushered me outside until they finished unpacking the car. Then I was put into my crate for the rest of the day. I never tried to use the remote again. Smart Dog!

I love to learn new tricks. I can sit and lay down on command or sometimes I sit when they say lay down or lay down when they say sit but I would always get special treats after dinner. Daddy Joe would put three vanilla wafers on the living room coffee table. When he gave me the signal I would eat just one of the wafers. I would sit and wait for his signal, then I could eat the second wafer. Sit, watch for signal and I got the last wafer. Sometimes we would have visitors and Dad loved to show them my new tricks. I love getting the attention and having all eyes on me.

I am now a senior doggie. I am slowing down a bit. I don’t run as fast or catch the ball as I used to. I take lots of naps during the day and look forward to those treats. I will always protect my family from nasty humans and other dogs. This is my job. I love my family and my life. I am very grateful for all that we have shared…


06 Jun 2019 15:13
Keli and Friends 
photoMy name is Keli. Sometimes I’m called “Smelly Keli.” I am an Australian Shepard (Aussie) with a white and black coat. We have an oily coat from being outdoors herding. The oily fur gives off a unique odor. I prefer “Keli Belly.” I love belly rubs.

I have distinctive double colored eyes. Brown on top and blue on the bottom. Very striking, if I do say so myself.

We Aussies are energetic, smart, athletic, hardy, and protective. Our nature is to round up and protect the herd. We need a good balance of physical and mental exercise to be happy. I have been taught to sit, lay down, stay, shake, roll over, dance in circles, as well as sit up and pose.

I dance in circles when I need to go out. I get attention by mind-melding. I sit and stare unblinkingly until you notice me. It works every time but don’t tell mom and dad.

My favorite thing to do is run off leash at the beach and hang with the family while camping. There I get to run wild and play free.

Long ago, when I was very young, I was a surrender pound dog scheduled to be destroyed after I nipped at a volunteer. They mistook it for a bite. However, nipping is what I do as a natural instinct for herding. I was fortunately turned over to a private rescue foundation, and that is where I met my Forever Family. I was six months old.

I had two roommates. One cat named Kona and the other cat was Kito. They were best buds. Kona followed Kito everywhere.

One day Kito had an accident and didn’t come home. Kona was lost and very sad. She really missed Kito. All of a sudden I noticed a little fuzzy shadow behind me. I looked up at mom, with my big sad eyes, asked ”REALLY? Now, I am her best friend!” What a revolting development this is…

“WHOA, listen! Is that water I hear? It can’t be. Oh, not again!” I’ve got to hide. Behind the chair. Behind the sofa. “Look out, coming through!” As I sink lower and lower I try to get as small as I could and maybe disappear into the rug.

Then I hear, “Keli, pepperoni treat.” I know they are trying to trick me. A treat for a bath. I just can’t resist. I love pepperoni treats.

“Keli, come, pepperoni.” My mind says “Don’t go, don’t go, don’t go!”

“But Pepperoni?” I popped up my head, and they got me. Oh well, I am less smelly, and I got some pepperoni. What could be better!

One day long ago while I was waiting for mom and dad to come home, I noticed a dog in the distance. I barked but he kept on going. I really wanted to play and run. So I put my nose under the gate and popped it off the hinges. I caught up to the stray, but he was not in the mood to play. When mom and dad came home they were not pleased.

I pleaded, “But mom, I just wanted a friend to play with. Kona and Kito never come out to play with me.” It took two people to replace the gate. Kito and Kona were watching from the window.

Speaking of Kona, where is that furry little thing? “Kona, Kona”, sniff, sniff, “where are you? Mom told me you went over the rainbow to be with Kito. But you have got to be here somewhere!”

I am now a senior citizen, and as I look back, there are things I wish I didn’t do and kitties I wish I was nicer to. But now, I cherish every day and every bite of pepperoni.


07 May 2019 11:56
Meet Fonzy & Moose 
photoMy name is Moosewood. Moose for short. I am a Pug with an apricot coat, brown eyes, and I weigh all of 19.5 pounds. My younger brother, Fonzy, is also a Pug with a fawn coat and brown eyes. He weighs a bit more, 20.5 pounds.

Fonzy is high spirited with lots of energy and with very little self control. When people come to visit, I simply offer them a toy so they can play with me. But Fonzy, on the other paw, gets very excited. He barks, jumps on our guests, and if that doesn’t get their attention, he gives them licks and kisses. How unsophisticated is that!

Fonzy lunges at Moose from behind the sofa. “WHOA!” Moose jumps. “Come on Moose” says Fonzy. “Let’s rumble” as he grabs the stuffed bear and teases Moose into playing Tug-of-War.

“Hey Fonz’, that’s my bear!”

They each bite an end of the bear and shake and shake and shake until one looses his grip and tumbles backward onto the floor.

“I Won!” Says Fonzy.

“Oh Fonz’, you are such a jock. Winning is everything to you.”

“Hey Moose, did you hear that? Is that the garage door opening? I think dad is backing out the Pug-mobile.” Fonzy jumps up and down as he turns in circles with excitement.

“Come on Boys, let’s go!” says Mom.

We love to ride in the Pug-mobile. I hope we are going to the Doggie Park. People are friendly and there’s lots of room to run and play. Fonzy barks and barks until you throw him a small tennis ball. He will chase those balls until he huffs and puffs and runs out of steam. I, The Moose, on the other paw, loves to meet and greet.

“Hi Miss Susan, how is Puddin’ today?”

“Hey Jerry, is Rocky here?”

“Hi Daisy, where’s your Mom?”

Pet, pet, love, kiss, kiss, kiss…

“Hey Fonzy, come over and say “Hi” to the folks.”

“Stop nagging, Moose. I am getting all the attention. When I play ball all eyes are on me. Besides, I have two Blue Ribbons. That makes me very special and proves that I am a perfect Pug. Everyone can see that!”

“Give me a break, Fonzy. That was years ago when you were a baby Pug. You have grown up and by the way added a few pounds since then.”

“Mom’s calling us, Moose. It must be dinner time.”

We were both quiet all the way home in anticipation of curling up in our cozy beds and taking a well deserved nap. Once in the door, mom says “Come Around”. That can only mean one thing, TREATS! Mom said we were very good at the Dog Park and we deserve a little treat. We circled her legs, sat and waited for our treat. Mom was sooooo proud…

“Hey Fonzy, if we are really good doggies, mom and dad may play puzzle games with us after dinner.”

“Ah Moose, you know those games are not for me. I would rather wrestle, play, and eat.”

Fonzy and I have our differences. We tease, we wrestle, and we poke fun of each other throughout the day. But we are close buddies, and we will always be best friends to the end.

See ya tomorrow at the Doggie Park!

13 Apr 2019 14:51
Belita - Little Beauty 
photoMy name is Belita. It means “Little Beauty” in Spanish. Everyone calls me Lita. I weigh all of 8 pounds. I have blue eyes and a soft light coat. I was born outside on a winter’s day. My mom lived in a feral cat colony with about 25 other cats. As I grew up, the other cats didn’t seem to like me. I had to sneak up to the food when no other cat was around.

One night, when I was about 5 months old and very hungry, I saw a strange kind of box with food in it. I walked inside and all of a sudden there was a loud “WHACK”. I turned around, but there was no way to escape.

The box was picked up and I was taken somewhere I’d never been before. There were bright lights and lots of humans. I was so scared. The next thing I knew, I woke up feeling woozy with my tummy hurting and my left ear stinging.

I was put in a different kind of box and then taken some where I could rest and recover. There, it was warm and I could hide in my box. A human brought me food and water and I didn’t have to share it with anyone.

I don’t know how long I was there, but one night they took me back to the colony. They put the box down and opened part of it. I realized where I was! I didn’t want to be where I was bullied, hungry most of the time, and very scared. Even though I was afraid of humans, I decided I would not leave the box and maybe they would take me back to where I had just been. At least I knew there would be food and it would be warm and safe. They tried to get me to leave the box, but I wouldn’t go.

They took me to another place that was warm and where humans fed me as much food as I wanted. When someone came into the room, I would hide in the back of the box. A very nice lady that helped take care of me would lie on the floor next to my box and she would sing and just talk to me. I had no idea what she was saying, and I still worried that she might hurt me.

One day, a cat came into the room where they were keeping me. I couldn’t believe it! I jumped out of the box and ran up to him. He was a very handsome Siamese. I have Siamese in me, too. Every day when he would come to visit me, I would come out of my box to greet him—even with the human there!

It’s been 5 years now and I am still a little fearful when I hear a loud noise, my humans move too quickly around me, or they try to pick me up. There are times, though, when I will come up to them and start to purr. That seems to make them happy, and they will pet me—which feels good.

I have lots of toys. My favorite is Fuzzy Mouse. I have places to play and to climb up high. I have four other cats in my new colony. Mimi, Sally, EltonTom, and Bailey. I like to snuggle with them.

I spend most of my days lying in a window where the sun comes in. I made the right decision to take my chances with the humans and I never want to go outside again!

07 Mar 2019 14:56
Puddin' Pie 
photoMy name is Puddin’ Pie. Sometimes I’m called Woody, Buffy, or with a stern voice, NoNo Bad Dog! I really prefer Puddin’ for short. I am an apricot Pug (large boned). I weigh all of 24 pounds on my way to 22 pounds. Mom says I am on a gradual diet. I hope that means gradually more treats.

I love to search for fun things to play with. Some of my favorite toys are Hedgie, Ratso, Lambie, Balls, Bones and, did I mention Sticks? All sticks but mostly edible sticks. Rawhide Chews and Nyla Bones are my favorites, but any ol’ stick will do. When Aunt Anne comes to visit, she always sneaks a stick or two into her suitcase. I love when Auntie visits. I get lots of attention and she knows what I like!

When I get bored with toys I visit the laundry room and sniff out the most aromatic thing and take it for a spin around the house. Mom usually catches me before I get a chance to chew, but I keep trying.

I found a small room that has a roll of paper on the wall. It is just the right height to reach the end of the roll. When I pulled it out, it left ribbons of soft white paper behind, but before I had a chance to play with it, I hear “NoNo Bad Dog”, one of my names, coming from the kitchen. I thought it was just for me!

I remember a time when we were visiting Aunt Anne. I was waiting patiently watching her get ready for the day when I saw something hit the floor. I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to snatch it up and make a mad dash around the house. Before I got too far, I tripped over a clothes hanger. It slowed me down a bit and Mom caught up to me yelling, “NoNo Bad Dog”. Aunt Anne was yelling, “Puddin’— you took my Bra!” Mom says it cost us a gift certificate for Auntie to Victoria Secrets. Do you think they have doggie bones there?

I think I hear Dad starting up my Go Cart. I love to ride in the Go Cart. I hope we are going to the Canine Corral where I can play and meet new friends. Puppies or people, new friends or old, I love them all. Buttons, Sofie, and River are my neighborhood friends. Moose and Fonzie are my Pug friends. My “littlest” friend, the Great Dane Wrigley, and I celebrated our second birthdays together.

A trip to the dog park wears me out. I snuggle with Dad on a blanket waiting for Mom to fix me dinner. If I think she forgot, I jump on the back of her legs or I stare at Dad ’til I get their attention. After dinner I lay in the back yard on our (fake) grass watching the sun set and listening to the birds. I love the Ranch life.

It’s time to snuggle in my Pink Puddin’ Bed. Have a Good Night!

Puddin’ Pie

10 Jan 2019 15:20
Busy, Busy Jasper 
photoMy name is Jasper. I am a “mini” Labradoddle with a silver coat, brown eyes and a big smile. I was born in Minnesota with lots of other puppies. Puppies Up North is a great place to live until we find our forever home.

I love being busy, busy, busy. My favorite toy is a big black tire. Sometimes there are treats inside. I work really really hard to get every last bit.

When I get bored I sneak into the big closet and pull out mom’s and dad’s socks and shoes. I shake them and drag their shoes by the laces into the living room. Maybe they will see me and get the hint:

“Put on socks and shoes. Take me to the doggie park!” “Hello, is there anyone watching?” Growl, growl, shake, shake, shake…
“Shoes, socks, coat, pet-mobile, to doggie park!”

The sun is out, the rain is gone. “Let’s go!” I love to run and play with my friends. I might even get a little love and a pet from the other dog parents. Maybe I will get to see Lucy! I loooove Lucy! But every time I get close enough to sniff, she pulls away. Lucy has a white curly coat with dreamy eyes and a wiggle to her step. I’ve tried casual conversation. “Hey babe, what’s new?”. But she turns her head and walks away. What do I have to do to get her attention? I know! I will roll on my back and kick my feet in the air. She might want to come over and check me out!

“Hey there! Shoes, socks, coat. Dog park?”

“What? Too late, too dark, maybe tomorrow?” Woe is me! I will just have to settle for a few belly rubs and a short nap on Alan’s lap, dreaming of Lucy.

Tomorrow I am going to the doggie salon. They will make me look handsome and studly. If I smile and wag my tail, the cute lady will give me a treat. I know I am a fussy eater, so says mom, but those puppy treats are the best!

That means when I go to the dog park Lucy will just have to smell my new hair-do and give me a chance to say, “Hey babe, wanna play?”

Maybe if I attack mom’s sofa pillows and wrestle them to the floor or steal a few wash cloths, they may notice and give me a little attention. My favorite doggie sitter calls me an “Imp” and, I guess, that’s well deserved.

I love to be busy, busy, busy…


14 Nov 2018 10:15
Happiness Is 

13 Nov 2018 08:08
The Tales of Two Doggies 
photoMy name is Mannie and my pretty boy side kick is Romeo. He is called “Romy” for short. We are Pomeranians with soft cream and orange sable coats, big brown eyes and I weigh nine pounds. However, Romeo loves to eat. He tries to steal my food whenever he can. Romy weighs all of ten pounds.

We have been best buddies for as long as I can remember. I am a regular dog that loves to run, play and hang out with the guys. Romeo is a lover and hugger. Sitting on mom’s lap is his favorite thing to do, besides eating. He also loves to play with squeaker dog and chipmunk.

“Romy, come over here and help me figure out what this silver and gold stuff is in this box. And look!! There are big balls with glitter.”

Romy runs in from the kitchen. “Is it something to eat?” Sniff, sniff, “it doesn’t smell like food. Could it be treats on a string? I never smelled treats like that before. It must be something else.”

“Boys! Get out of the Christmas boxes and go play in the other room!”

“Did mom say Christmas, Mannie? With roasted turkey, cookies and candy canes? Great big presents with delicious treats under the tree?”

“Romy, can’t you think of anything but food!”

“Do you remember the year you almost knocked over the tree trying to get the candy canes hanging on the branches? You blamed it on me but the tinsel hanging off your head looked mighty suspicious!”

“Mannie, I saw you pulling on the bows to open the presents.”

“You’re right. I thought I sniffed a leather chew but it turned out to be a new pair of sandals for dad. I chewed up his last pair. I thought those were quite tasty.”

“Do you remember, Mannie, Santa dressed in green undies and a red hat, sliding across the floor in his new socks and singing “Aye Mattie, Merry Merry Christmas to you” and mom giggling at the sight?”

“Really? No, I don’t remember that, but I do remember Auntie sending us a box of treats and toys that squeak.”

“Did you say treats, Mannie?”

Cookies, Candy, and treats, Oh No!
Cookies, Candy, and treats, Oh Yes!

“Romy, all you think of is food. You also took all the squeak toys that Auntie sent us and put them in your corner. I had to pull and growl to get just one to play with.”

“You don’t like toys, Mannie. You just thought I was hiding squeaky treats and you might be missing out on something good.”
“I wonder if we have to go to the pet salon? I don’t like the sound of the blow drier or those shears that buzz over my coat.”

“Oh Mannie, at least it is not like going to the vet and having that silver thing put up my bum. I love going to the salon. They make me look like a handsome stud. And if we are really good, they give us a treat!”

“Oh Romeo, Romeo you are relentless!”


From Mannie and Romeo, we wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON! And, of course, lots of GOOD TREATS!

Story by Linda Gorman
Owner and Editor of PetWise
Read more fact-based Spotlight stories at

08 Aug 2018 13:28
Our Sweet Social Snowflake 
photoMy name is Snowflake. I am part Pomeranian, Yorki and Shitzu. I weigh all of 9 lbs 3 oz with big brown eyes. My coat is mostly white with coffee tan accents. I am happy, lovable and gregarious.

When I was a wee pup I remember going for a long, long, long ride in the car to an airport. I was put on an airplane and flew for many, many hours, then driven to my Forever home. I love riding in the car. I always know I am going somewhere very special.

I love making human friends and going on walking excursions with my dad Tom. I get to see all my old buddies and make a few new friends by wagging my tail, blinking my big brown eyes and flashing my big Pomeranian smile. When I hear a friendly voice in the distance, I pull on the leash until dad waits for my friend to catch up. I get lots of attention and love.

One day we were getting ready for our walk. My curiosity got the best of me. I always wanted to see what was in that big building where we started our walks. As dad was getting ready to fix my leash I saw the two doors open wide. I pulled away and made a dash to get inside.

WOW! This place is huge, with several TV's, big comfortable chairs -- where is that smell coming from? But I gotta keep running, dad's catching up. I found myself with friendly faces at lots of tables.

"Hi Mary. What's up Jack? Doreen you are looking good."

"Hey Snowflake".

"I'm on the run, gotta go..."

WOW! Huge hallways, fancy tables with funny balls on top and -- "whoops!" I was snatched right off the floor and ushered out the front door. Dad leashed me and we continued our walk.

We passed the practice golf green and driving range where I saw more friendly faces.

"Hi Jerry." Wag, wag smile.

We went to the pickleball courts. Dad took me inside to watch a few games, and he let me meet and greet all my friends.

"Hi Debbie." Wag, wag. "Lindy you're here!" Wag, wag, kiss, kiss, kiss.

"Hey Snowflake, how are you today?

Then behind me I heard "Snowflake show Linda how you can sit." I better behave because I was building-exploring today and dad was not very happy with me.

"That's great, Snowflake. You are looking good. I've got to go, pickleball is starting. See ya later."

What an exciting day! I can't wait to go home and tell Timmy, my neighbor. He won't believe me but I will swear to the truth. Then, while my mom Kathy is fixing some lunch, I will take a well deserved nap on my favorite pillow. I will have Christmas Dog by my side. It's been a long day and I'm pooped.

Tomorrow will be soon enough to make new Forever friends. Plenty of time to learn new tricks; sit, stay, come, lay down, fetch, catch and maybe even a hand shake. I might even hear those magic words "let's go bye-bye." I will jump into my pink doggie carrier and off to shopping we go. I love going for a ride in the car, especially SHOPPING! I will keep one ear open during my nap just in case I hear those magic words...

See ya all soon,

06 Jun 2018 16:14
Sophie's Christmas Present 

It seems like a lifetime ago when I became a wild, desperate and lost creature roaming the wilderness and trying to stay alive. How I became this alter-ego of neglect and abandonment, I do not remember. I just remember it was December in the Colorado wilderness. Every night I had to hide from predators and try to stay warm.

There were big furry beasts with huge claws, and some with long legs and big curly horns. I learned how to run fast and hide in the rocks. I drank from a nearby stream, but solid food was scarce. Pine cones were crunchy but not very tasty. I saw a squirrel eating a pine nut, and I tried one, but it was a lot of work for very little food. Prairie grass was tasty, but where can I get dog treats, dry food, a little carrot or a piece of cheese now and then? I've got to find a house. They might have pets and a little food left over for me.

Wait, what's that sound? I think I hear a car! If I follow the car it might lead me to a house. I ran and I ran until the car stopped right in front of a house. I watched this house and checked it out for signs of other pets. Suddenly one day I saw a dog crate on the porch and, yes, indeed it had food inside. I carefully snuck up to it. I ate all the salmon and quickly ran away. Wow! What a find. I went back the next day, and I found the dog crate still there and, yes, more salmon. Was this just for me? This time I didn't hurry. I savored every last morsel until the door slammed behind me.

Oh no! What next! I don't trust people, and I am really scared. I was put in a van and taken to a place where other dogs and cats lived. Now that I look back on it, I was a mess. They gave me a bath and cut three pounds of hair from my body. They groomed and brushed me until I transformed into a cute little white Bichon Frise. They fixed my herniated belly button and frost bitten ears and toes.

After my magic makeover, the friendly animal control people told me that I was going to meet a kind lady that wanted to be my new mommy. I was nervous and scared at first, but she made me feel that she loved me and wanted to take care of me. Barb came into my life and took me home where I met my new daddy, Ron, and my best friend, Ryan, mommy's son.

It was almost Christmas and everyone said I was their very special Christmas present. Mommy said she was so lucky I came into her life at the right time. We all know that I am the lucky one.

04 Apr 2018 11:48
Ti Ti At Your Service 
photoMy name is Tiberius Von Fuenfberg Spitzen, Ti or Ti Ti to my friends. I am a German Shepherd with brown eyes and a red and black coat.

At just over one year of age I earned my Service Dog and Certified Therapy Dog status. I am a trained service dog for Veterans suffering from PTSD as well as helping with alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs. Mommy was a Vet Nurse and she would take me to VA Hospitals where I received lots of attention. I saw so many people light up with a big smile and a joyful spirit when they saw me. I know this was my job and my purpose in life.

I understand two languages and thirty-two commands in English and German. Platz (down), stand, sitz, blieb (stay), wait, heir (come & sit), fuss (pronounced "foos" meaning to heel), watch, touch (objects specified), gib laut (speak), such (pronounced sue with a K meaning to find/search for something), front, between, behind, left, right, back, forward, aus (drop or release) and many, many more.

At home I am a regular guy. My favorite things to do are to go swimming, take a ride in the Canine Limo, and play with my glow-in-the-dark ball. I will drop the ball and dance in circles until someone plays with me. Commercial dog food is not for me. Mommy makes me dehydrated steak treats, bacon, pork chops and ice cream. I watch TV and go "cray cray" over commercials about Duluth Trading Co. underwear or the State Farm commercials with Mr. Moose.

My best friends are Kay and Brad. I love when they visit and give me lots of attention. My biggest curiosity is babies in a stroller. Can anyone tell me who these little people are and where they come from?

I am an outstanding "mothers little helper". I help her cook my pork chops on the grill. I help take out the trash and recycle. I help vacuum, go potty and I am always there to lend a helping mouth when food "accidentally" (wink, wink) falls from her plate. Once I caught the cat in my mouth when he was trying to escape from his "time out". I turned him in and brought him back to mommy.

I remember our long, long drive to our new home. Surrounded by cactus, dry air, and warm sun. Bunny rabbits roaming around and coyotes howling in the distance. I love my new home and all my new friends.

I live a happy and purposeful life. I have been given a gift to help heal very special people in need. My joy and enthusiasm lifts their spirits and gives them a way to love once again.

Linda Gorman
PetWise Magazine

25 Mar 2018 08:54
A Little Bit of Doggie Heaven 
photoMy name is Adelaide, Addy for short. I was named after a city in Australia. I am a mix between an Australian Sheep Dog and a Corgi. My legs are short and I have a white and tan coat with sultry brown eyes.

My nature is to herd sheep or cattle. The Australian Sheep Dog is a working Dog. The ranchers cut our tail very short so we can't be grabbed by the live stock we are herding. We nip at the sheep or cattle's heels to keep them in line. Because of my heritage I am very smart and I love to run and play.

I was found wondering the streets and I was put into a shelter. That is where Bob saw me and fell in love with my sultry brown eyes. I love my life with Sandy and Bob. They give me lots of love, food and my own sleeping place where I take afternoon naps. I live in a little bit of Doggie Heaven.

They take me for walks where I meet and greet doggie friends and neighbors. I get to ride in a Canine Mobile to the Canine Corral where I can run and play. I get bubble baths and checked by a Doggie Doc where I get lots of attention. The Doc has the best treats.

I love to get attention. At home I push my nose behind Bob and Sandy's knee or snuggle my nose under their hand. My favorite move is the Addy Flop, as Sandy calls it. I flop on my back and beg for those wonderful belly rubs. Best of all, When I cock my head and blink my sultry brown eyes, I know Bob will smile. He can't resist giving me my favorite treats, Chew Bones and maybe a little Ice Cream.

A little bit of Doggie Heaven...

PetWise -
Linda Gorman
Owner & Editor

10 Jan 2018 10:33
"Tyger, Tyger burning bright, ..." 
photo"Tyger, Tyger burning bright, in the forests of the night;
what immortal hand or eye, could frame thy
fearful symmetry?..."
Poem by William Blake

I am a pit bull terrier, boxer mix with a multi brindle coat named Tiger. I had a very difficult start in life. I was taught to fight for my food. This practice made me very aggressive and unhappy. I did not trust people. Other dogs were opposition to conquer. It was a matter of survival. However, it made me tough and resilient.

Thanks to Sheriff Arpaio's program to rescue abused and abandoned dogs, I was rescued and placed in a shelter. This shelter is a prison that was unfit for human prisoners but perfect for the rehabilitation of animals. It is a "No Kill" shelter that does everything it can to prepare us for a Forever Home.

I had exercise time every day to stretch my legs and feel the kindness of human touch. There were gentle ladies in striped suits that brushed us, bathed us, and taught us manners. I would listen for my care giver making her rounds. I knew food was on its way. Here I didn't have to fight for my food, and I gained trust in humans once again. I was alone much of the time, but this was better than the abusive nature of my first home. Was this going to be my life forever? Days turned into nights and nights turned into days. I often thought of escaping, but the chains were too strong and the walls too high. I was in this shelter for nine human years, and I became fearful of taking another chance out in that scary world.

One day I met a couple of people that I thought came to take me for a ride and help me overcome my fear of the unknown. Little did I know, they were taking me to my Forever Home. They were stern yet gentle. They took me to a beautiful place where I have my own soft bed to sleep in at night and mats for afternoon naps. In the back yard I can chase lizards and scratch my back on the turf while soaking up the sun.

Is this for real? Am I going back to the shelter?

I get tummy rubs and scratches behind my ears. Did I mention food? I ate a whole package of tortillas just laying out on the counter waiting for me on my first day. I must be in doggie heaven!

I saw a rabbit, and I wanted to catch and eat it, but Chuck and Kay discourage this behavior. They know I love to eat. I get lots of treats for good behavior. Chuck is my best buddy. I know where he keeps the treats. I hang out in the kitchen as much as I can hoping to get his attention. "Hello, can you see me? The treats are here"...

My tummy is full and my heart sings...

I love my new life and the two Angels that rescued me not only from prison but from myself. My new name is Tyger.

Learn more about Maricopa Animal Safe Haven Unit .

12 Nov 2017 10:42
Skinny Minnie Me!!! 
photoI am a grey Tabby, shorthair feline with yellow eyes. My name is Squirt. At one time I was called Skinny Minnie. That was when I was young and lived with my sisters in Oregon. I was born in a hay stack and was the tiniest, fastest, and cutest of us all.

My owner only wanted to keep one new kitty, so I tried to be the special one by dashing around the barn looking oh-so adorable. However, Mom found a nice new home for some of us. She packed us up and that was my first trip to town in a car. But after dropping us off at our new home, I knew Mom must have gone back home and cried, already missing me! I had no doubt in my mind, and sure enough, she came right back to take me home again.

Back to my happy place where I chase butterflies, hide in the hay and try to outsmart those birds. I had a happy kittyhood and loved my hot pad and bed in the garage at night. It was a warm, safe place for a skinny minnie like me!

One day years later Mom packed us up once again and loaded all three of us in the car for a long, long 26 hour journey to sunny Arizona. We are now retired and living the life of luxury. A special lady comes to give me a bath, a manicure and a massage. I get to share Dad's big cushy chair. It even has a built-in pillow just for me! I get lots of treats, I bask in the sun on the patio where I have my own drinking fountain and watch all those birds, lots of birds!

I know I am getting older and a bit matronly. Mom has me on a diet of low-cal food and she calls me Turbo or the Fat Toad. I know they love me. Mom shares her flip flops and Dad says I have the cutest little face. I have Mom wrapped around my paw. When I do "flops" I train her to stop and give me a body massage. If I do a really great "flop", I might get a treat! Just keep those treats coming.

I have a happy life and a happy, happy tummy. Life is good...

23 Sep 2017 09:44
The Pampered Parrot 
photoI am a Mexican Double Yellow Amazon Parrot. I wear bright colors of Yellow, Green and Red. I have a playful disposition with a gift of gab. I am 34 years young, and my name is Terri.

I love my new home. There are many places to explore and play hide and seek. I have several perches where I can talk and play with my human flock:

A dining perch
A patio perch
A sleeping room and perch
A TV watching perch
And all are pooping perches

Yes, I am potty trained, and I learned words to communicate with my family flock. "Terri's Tired" tells Mom that I need attention, or it is time for bed. "Food" tells Mom I am hungry. Sometimes she will put me on her shoulders and carry me around with her. I love to watch her fix dinner. My favorite foods are chicken soup, spaghetti, pizza, bacon, pork loin and, oh yes, seeds are pretty good too.

I have a job as all grown members of the flock should. I sell my feathers to an artist in California. A flight feather with a mixture of green, red and yellow can sell for $1, others for cents. It adds up, and I make about $100 per year. Enough to cover my seed cost. I also ride with Dad in the Big Cart to help gather the mail.

When the phone rings I really get excited. "Terri Talk, Terri Talk, I want Terri to Talk". I know it must be for me. My very best friend is Sundance, an Amazon Blue Front Parrot that used to live in the wild. Sundance would tell me stories of jungle trees taller than houses. Monkeys that swing through the trees, and Parrots flying free. Now Sundance lives in Sonoma California where we used to get together to play, but now I live far away so we talk on the phone... "Hey Sundance what's new with you? I bought a new Jeep. You will have to come for a visit sometime and I will take you for a spin. We can play in the playroom with my toys. This Weebot of mine is driving me crazy... I miss you. Terri's Tired."

Late in the day I love to take my Jeep for a cruise to the den where I play with my toys and I do tricks for my family flock. Terri does the "Eagle", Terri can "Shake Hands" and Terri "Step-up", or we put on some rock and roll music and dance. I love to tease Mr. Weebot the Robot. Mr. Weebot thinks he has the upper hand, but I know I can get him. This is my favorite time of the day. When I have had enough Mom comes to the rescue and puts me in my special room for the night... "Terri's Tired".

23 Aug 2017 10:31
Me and My Shadow 
photoMy Name is Johnnie. I am a Morkie with a beautiful Champagne coat, brown eyes, and I weigh all of seven pounds. I have a petite figure with a sultry smile. Men love to give me lots of attention. My favorite male friend is uncle Joe. He takes care of me when dad has to go away.

My mom, Marilee, held me in her lap when friends came to visit. I always felt included in the ladies' chit chat. She taught me how to swim in our back yard pool. To keep me afloat, she bought me a vest to use until I learned how to do the "dog paddle". After a swim we would sun bathe to dry off and I would get brushed to keep my silky coat smooth and untangled. I miss my mom. She became very ill, and she had to leave us too soon.

I promised mom I would take care of dad. I knew it would be a big job for a little Morkie, but through overcoming our loss, dad and I have become best Bud's. We go on joy rides in my open air pet mobile. Wind in my hair and a smile on my face. This is one of my favorite things. I love the freedom and feeling of flying. I get to visit new friends like Crosby and see fun places. I love our morning walks. We visit people and puppies along the way. I really dislike being alone, but I know dad will always be back soon. When the evening comes and we settle in to watch TV, I always know I will get a smile from dad when I snuggle next to him on the couch.

Thank You dad for becoming my protector, my shadow and my best friend. I know mom is watching over us smiling...

16 Jul 2017 17:07
Bogey, Suave and Debonaire 
photoMy name is Bogey. I am a Seal Point Siamese feline with bright blue eyes. I live in luxury with a scheduled food dish, water fountain, and automatic potty box. My favorite food is Bonito Flakes specially delivered to me from an Asian Market far away. A mitten stuffed with catnip from Starbucks turns me on.

Bird Watching is my favorite sport. I dream of stalking and using my natural hunting instincts to sneak up and catch a mouth full of a feathery feast. A moth or lizard would be nice too but my paws sweat and I dream about the ecstasy of triumph catching a quick flying bird. I know Mom and Dad would be so proud.

Once in a while I would stroll into the garage and I love to sit on Daddy B's golf cart. I know about golf. Sunday afternoon's Daddy B and I would watch men in a magic window in a big box. They were chasing a little white ball and hitting it with funny thin sticks. They called this golf. It was not too exciting because I would cuddle in my blanket on the couch with Daddy B and we would nap together just long enough to wake up and see the end.

I love being the center of attention. When people friends come to visit I speak to them, meow, meow, meow, and they lavish me with strokes of affection and they would speak to me in a strange language. If Mom and Dad are not giving me attention, I push open doors and go through cabinets. When they are on the phone I meow, meow, meow and even louder MEOW, MEOW, MEOW but I only get, "Hush Bogey, Hush". Don't they know I am Bogey, suave, debonaire and the light of their life...

11 Jun 2017 14:39
Mr. Finn and Jack Rabbit 
photoMy name is Finn. Mr. Finn or Finnie to friends. I am a handsome standard poodle with pure white curly locks and big brown eyes.

I love the Ranch life where I get to meet lots of new friends. The Canine Corral is my favorite place to sniff and schmooze. Milo is my sidekick. He lives next door. We love to meet in the backyard for a sip of tea and a biscuit. Here he comes now...

"Hey Milo what's new?"

"Wow! Did you see that, did you see that, did you see that Mr. Finn? Here he comes again. He is huge with big long ears, a fluffy white tail and look at him go!"

Mr. Finn is all ears. "That, Milo, is Jack Rabbit." "Gee Mr. Finn, do you think, do you think he can come to play, huh, huh?" "Milo, if we could lure him into the backyard, he would be mighty good eatin'." "He's too big to eat, Mr. Finn. He is big enough to eat me, little old Milo!" "No, Milo, rabbits eat carrots, leafy greens, and they like green beens like I do. I don't think we are on his menu."

"Milo, come and play, I will share my Flossie with you, my favorite braided toy. Stop barking at Jack Rabbit or Mommy Sharon will give us time out under the desk and we won't be able to go the park."

Jack Rabbit scurried away, and we settled down for a nap. But I could see that Milo had one eye open.

"Do you think Jack Rabbit will be at the park today, Mr. Finn?" "No Milo, they do not allow rabbits in the park."

"OH! What a shame, Mr. Finn..."


05 May 2017 08:15
Tasha and Rocco: A Day in the Life of Royalty 
photo'My name is Tasha and my brother's name is Rocco. We are Coton de Tulears, the Royal Dog of Madagascar. We were bred to be the companions of European Aristocrats. I am a Princess. I live a life of Royalty.

I have a Hair Stylist that keeps my long beautiful flowing locks in perfect color and shape. My Stylist also keeps my nails perfectly trimmed and gives me a massage and bath so I am suited to sit on the Royal Throne.

Rocco is my friend and protector. He taps on our servant's leg when we want to go to the park. Sir Greg brings the cart around and drives us to the place with lush green grass where we love to explore and look for lizards, birds and bunnies. Before we are escorted to the park, Sir Greg scouts out the area to be sure we are alone. We cannot mingle with the Peasant Pets. They may have fleas and ticks or they may get rough and want to play. I am a Princess. I always stay pretty and prim and I always have my body guard to keep me safe.

Last week we had a very close call. There was a knock on the door. I hid while Sir Greg and Rocco answered the door. It was a secret agent in a mysterious dark truck grasping a sinister brown wrapped package. Rocco jumped from the floor and looked him right in the eyes. "Woof, Woof, Woof. State your business" he said. "We have a Princess inside."

This spy was dressed in dark brown clothing and wore a cap with the secret code letters, UPS. He pulled out a device that looked like a gun when Lady Debra cried from behind, "Rocco come here!" He turned and jumped into her arms and was saved from the villain. Sir Greg signed some secret papers, and the spy disappeared into his big mean van.

"Where are you Tasha" Rocco barked. I pranced out from under the chair, "Woof, Woof, Woof, I am a Princess. I am not afraid." I straightened my pearls as we licked each other, and we both settled down for a long deserved nap in our fur lined Royal Thrones…

16 Apr 2017 14:58
Murphy and Molly: Home Sweet Home 
photoLong ago and far away in a land
of green pastures and blue sky
there is a place we romp and play
and watch the butterflies fly

I would chase little lizards and try to catch toads
while Molly smelled flowers that tickled her nose
But what in the distance is that sound that I hear
"Come back here you two, Murphy Matthews and Molly dear."

What could they possibly want with us now
interrupting this adventure we’re on
a treat, a new tennis ball or a ride in the car.
"Let’s go Molly come on."

"Wait Murphy, I just found some poop
this one is tasty, a little like soup."
"Don’t eat that poop, Mom will frown at the bite
let’s go, the car is rolling, it will be out of site."

Today is the day a long trip we will take
to a land that is warm where new friends await
a big dog park with fountains and lakes
"Let’s go Molly, we can’t be late!"

We drove and we drove many miles zoomed on by
we slept in strange places, ate and pooped on the fly.
Once we arrived and I settled with my bone
I knew in an instant we were finally home…

Murphy and Molly Matthews
West Highland Terriers

05 Mar 2017 16:50
Oliver; Kitty Mom’s Sweet Lovable Boy 
photoMy name is Oliver, "Booboo" for short. I am a 14lb blue/gray DSH/Russian feline with bright yellow eyes and a free spirit.

I love my Kitty Mom. She is a gentle, soft spoken lady that laughs when I jump in the air from all fours and chase my favorite ball with a bell. She even plays "throw the plastic cap" so I can chase it around the house. However, when I am bored and chew a hole in her blanket, I get a grumpy frown.

I "meow" on command and Kitty Mom feeds me fresh tuna, my favorite! I jump with ease and sneak into the kitchen cabinets. I know those treats are hidden there somewhere. Life is good except when Kitty Mom chases me out of her studio. I guess I can be a distraction, but I know I am still her sweet, lovable boy. I love to make people stumble and trip to get their attention. I can hear Kitty Mom apologizing for my behavior but "Hello! I am down here" and I know they are visiting just to see me, me, lovable me…

I am getting use to my new Arizona home and at the end of the day I kiss my best kitty friend Bella and curl up in Kitty Mom's lap for a snooze.

Life is great!!!

10 Feb 2017 17:38
“I Live in Happy Land” — Bailey 
photoMy name is Bailey. I am an 80 lb. Golden Retriever, red hair, brown eyes and a big smile.

Happy Happy am I when taking a walk, going to the beach, fetching my ball, rolling in the grass, catching popcorn on the fly and did I mention fetching. I love to pull paper out of the trash but Mom frowns if she catches me.

I love all people. They give me attention and love even the Groomer and the Doc. I know they are hiding those treats somewhere close by...

The longest trip I have taken was exploring America with my family. We traveled 5,789 miles. I became very efficient at pit stops. I even learned to pee on command. I made it my job to be sure that every bed at each lodging stop was just perfect. We met so many people that I couldn’t control my excitement. I just wanted to plant a Big Kiss on their face but all I heard was “Down, Bailey, Down. I guess I get a little carried away.

Happy Happy am I when at the end of the day, when Mom and Dad relax with a glass of wine, I get my treat. Life is Great!!!
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