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13 May 2018 09:08
USTA Pro-led Training Sessions for Q2 
The SBRTA Training Program Committee is pleased to announce the USTA Pro led training sessions for Q2. This set of 4 sessions will focus on Serves, Returns, Ball Placement and Types of Serves.

Each class is limited to 4 persons to allow more individual attention, therefore the cost will be $80.00 per person, payable at registration.

We will group the classes according to your ratings as follows: 2.5 and below, 3.0, and 3.5 and above. If we have more than 4 requests per Rating level we will establish multiple classes for that Rating level.

Classes will commence on June 4th and will be held on Monday and Wednesday mornings at 9AM and 10:30AM thereafter.

Please contact Dean Alfrey,, by May 15th to sign up.

24 Apr 2018 17:51
Tennis Doubles Domination Video Series Update 
For the video series “Doubles Domination” please use the following login information. The previous URL website address will be discontinued. Additionally, please DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CHANGE THE PASSWORD as it is a group password for the entire SBR Tennis Association.

Website: http:/
Password: tennis

27 Feb 2018 10:12
SBRTA Announces Change in Board Leadership 
Wes Hurst has resigned his position as Vice President of the SBRTA effective April 1, 2018. We are sad to see him leave. He has been an effective member of the Board of Directors since January 1, 2017 and has contributed much to the state of tennis at SaddleBrooke Ranch during his tenure. An injury has caused Wes to retire from active tennis and for this reason he has decided to resign from the board. Going forward, he promises to be a friend and member of our association.
The bylaws of the SBRTA provide for filling a vacancy of the board should one occur during the year (Article VII Section 5). The bylaws state that the Board of Directors should select a replacement to fill the unexpired term of office. The board is pleased to announce that Susan Pharr has been selected to fill this vacancy, and has agreed to serve. Therefore, effective April 1, 2018, Susan will become the Vice President of the SBRTA. As many of you know Susan has been an energetic participant in all things tennis here at the Ranch and has volunteered tirelessly. We welcome her to the board.

11 Jan 2018 12:32
SBRTA Membership Dues 
A friendly reminder to anyone who has missed the January 1st. deadline for payment of 2018 dues to do so by January 31, 2018. Please remit your payment NOW before your name is removed from the club roster. You won't want to miss out on all organized play, SBRTA social activities and clinics if your membership is not paid.

Checks are payable to SBRTA. Dues remain at $25.00 yearly. Please be sure to get your check to Lutz Pape, treasurer, without delay.

Tennis for fun! Tennis for fitness! Tennis for Friendship!
We look forward to having a fun-filled time in 2018. See you on the courts!!

27 Dec 2017 11:38
Organized Play Time Change Begins January 1st. 
Effective January 1, 2018, the organized tennis sessions will begin one hour later. For example, sessions now beginning at 9:00 A.M. will begin at 10:00 A.M. However, the mixed doubles sessions scheduled on Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:00 P.M. will REMAIN at the 4:00 P.M. start time.

05 Dec 2017 13:59
New Organized Mixed Doubles Session 
A new organized play session has been added for mixed doubles. It will meet on Wednesdays from 4-6PM at courts 3 and 4. Beginning date is December 6, 2017. Sign up and check it out! See you on the courts.

05 Dec 2017 13:50
SBRTA Rating Clinic 
The first 2018 club paid rating session will be held February 12 with the backup day being February 15.
We will use courts 3 and 4.
Please plan other events with these dates in mind.

If interested, please contact Dean Alfrey at

17 Jul 2017 12:47
2017 Steiness Tennis Festival October 20th. and 21st. 
The annual Steiness Festival is in the planning stages and is scheduled to be held on October 20th. and 21st. The team captains have been selected and teams will be formed at the quarterly members meeting on September 15, 2017. The committee will be working diligently over the next weeks to finalize the plans. More information will be forwarded to members soon.
Remember, all participants need to be rated to play in the tournament. The next rating session is coming soon. Keep your eye out for the date and time.
Let's make this the event everyone will be talking about!

Tennis for fun!! Tennis for fitness!! Tennis for friendship!!

10 Jun 2017 13:45
New Tennis Courts to Open June 12, 2017 
At long last our new tennis courts will open for play on June 12, 2017. Several new scheduled sessions have been added. Sessions are scheduled by court as well as date, time and level. Please check our website as all changes have now been loaded and ready for use.

See you on the courts!

21 Apr 2017 09:29
Tennis Fun and Cinco de Mayo Celebration, Friday, May 5, 2017 
All SBRTA members and their guests are invited to a Cinco de Mayo celebration on May 5th.
The festivities start at 4:00 P.M. at the Stadium tennis court with a fun tennis skills challenge for all levels. Dress is casual, but sombreros are welcome! Remember to bring your tennis racket. Prizes will be awarded.
Following the tennis skills challenge will be a Taco Buffet and social gathering in the La Montana and La Mesa rooms beginning at 5:00 P.M. The cost of the Taco Buffet is $10.00 per person payable at the Bistro that evening.The Bistro needs to know the number of attendees for this event by April 28th. Please RSVP to: or.
This event will be a special opportunity for new members to meet and mingle with other SBRTA members.

30 Mar 2017 09:39
Time Change for Organized Tennis Play, April 1, 2017 
Please note that as of April 1, 2017, all scheduled tennis groups will begin one hour earlier. For example, a session that used to start at 9:00 A.M. will now start at 8:00 A.M. See you on the courts soon.

29 Jan 2017 13:36
Tennis Stringer available in SaddleBrooke, January 29, 2017 
Steve Leane lives in SaddleBrooke. If you are looking for someone to string your racket and lives nearby, Steve is who to contact.
Address: 37197 Highland Ridge Dr.
Tucson, AZ.
Home Phone: 520-818-1028. Mobile Phone: 520-405-5637

20 Oct 2016 15:47
Minutes of Association Meeting on 10/19/16 
OCTOBER 19, 2016

The meeting was called to order by Janice Neal at 1:00 p.m.

In attendance (Board): Janice Neal, President; Steve Ordahl, Vice President; Linda Bowman (Treasurer); Rich Ferris (Secretary), Ted Wierman (Membership); and Sheila Bray (Special Events).

In attendance (Members): Ken Gorman, Tove Pape, Madoka Knight, Elmer Klavetter, Georgine Hurst, Wes Hurst, Rick Snowden, Carol Mihal, Phil Preston, Beena Ordahl, Dean Alfrey, Susan Swanson, Alastair Stone, Corine Sturdivant, Janice Mihora, Anita Zimmerman, Terry Zimmerman, Sandy Schlager, and Bruce Ullock.

Special Events

Ms. Bray introduced the captains for this year's Festival, Corine Sturdivant and Alastair Stone. She reported there are 39 members registered to play on November 4 and 5; 22 men and 17 women.
An association dinner on the last day of the Festival will be held at La Hacienda at 5:30 p.m.

Association Apparel

Ms. Neal said Association shirts and hats are available, and that she is seeking a volunteer to take orders.

Change in Schedule Start Times

The morning start time for scheduled Association play will move to 9:00 a.m. on November 1.

Volunteer Needed

Ms. Neal solicited a volunteer to take over the Chair of a Special Events Committee. Interested parties may contact her or a member of the newly-elected Board.

Election Results

The Association Board for 2017 will consist of Steve Ordahl, President; Wes Hurst, Vice President; Elmer Klavetter, Treasurer; Sandy Schlager, Secretary; Beena Ordahl, Membership; and a Special Events Chair to be named later.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:19 p.m.

15 Sep 2016 13:20
Minutes of 9/14/2016 Association Meeting 
The meeting was called to order by Janice Neal at 1:01 p.m.
In attendance (Board): Janice Neal, President; Steve Ordahl, Vice President; Linda Bowman (Treasurer); Rich Ferris (Secretary); and Sheila Bray (Special Events).
In attendance (Members): Tom Kanitz, Ken Gorman, Tove Pape, Lutz Pape, Madoka Knight, Susan Engebretson, Elmer Klavetter, Karen Klavetter, Ken Levitt, Jackie Levitt, Georgine Hurst, Kevin Schick, Rick Snowden, David Sack, Carol Mihal, Phil Preston, Mike Duwe, Beena Ordahl, Dean Alfrey, Susan Swanson, and Mark Wong. New members Dave and Ann Sack and Karen Klavetter were recognized.


It was moved and seconded that the minutes of the June 29, 2016 meeting be approved. The motion carried.

Treasurer's Report

Treasurer Bowman stated the Association has a current bank balance of $2,282.37. It was asked if there was any liability to keeping that much money, and whether the budget contained any provision for a slush fund. Mr. Ordahl explained our tax status allowed us to collect and spend money on Association business and activities. Ms. Bowman said we do not have a slush fund budget item per se.

New Tennis Courts Update

Mr. Ordahl reported that, according to Jack Sarsam, a Robson executive, two additional tennis courts are targeted for completion before the end of this year.


There was no report.

Special Events

Ms. Bray publicized the Tennis Festival, to be held on November 4 and 5, using the team format used last year for doubles and mixed doubles. She said Corine Sturdivant will join Susan Engebretson as team Captains. The cost will be $15 to enter two events (doubles and mixed doubles). She said the SaddleBrooke pro who has conducted our rating exercise will donate a prize for the Festival. Teams will be drawn at our next meeting, on October 19. An association dinner on the last day will be held at La Hacienda.

Mark Wong reported that, due to the September rating activity and the early November Steiness Festival, the Intraclub Mixed Doubles League will be postponed until early next year. He will work with the new Events Chairperson to send out a membership survey regarding interest, process, and dates. Based on the survey results, the final details of the league would be provided at that time. With four courts we should be able to shorten the league period of play.

Marketing and Publicity

There was no report.


Ms. Bowman said another rating session should be completed this week so that our unrated players can participate in the Festival.

Defibrillator Training

Ms. Neal asked for, and received, five volunteers to undergo training on October 5 at 9:00 a.m.

Upcoming Election

As all Board positions are up for election this year those interested in serving may find information about position responsibilities and duties on the website in our bylaws, and by contacting current incumbents. Georgine Hurst volunteered to head a Nominating Committee, with assistance from Dean Alfrey. The Committee was tasked with presenting a slate of candidates by October 5, so that email votes can be received by October 12.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:26 p.m.

03 Aug 2016 16:27
Rating Sessions Scheduled 
Given the continued growth in membership, the SBRTA Board is happy to announce that another round of rating sessions has been scheduled for September 12 (ladies) and September 14 (gentlemen). The rating sessions will again be conducted by TJ Duffy, our PTR certified pro. Times and details will follow in a later email.

In keeping with the guidelines for play we adopted, each SBRTA member wishing to participate in organized play or the annual tennis festival must be rated prior to signing up for play. The Board asks all SBRTA members who have not yet been rated to signup for one of the September rating sessions by emailing Linda Bowman, Chair of the Rating Committee. Her email address is The deadline for sign-up is August 29, 2016. The cost of each member's initial rating will be covered by the SBRTA.

Please note that members wishing to appeal a previous rating can do so by consulting the appeals procedure which can be found on our website. Sign-up for reevaluation of play is outlined above. A check for $6.00 per player must be submitted to Linda Bowman by the sign-up deadline.

The Board hopes that all unrated members will obtain a rating and join play in our tennis festival in November and future organized sessions.

Linda Bowman
Phil Preston
Beena Ordahl
The Rating Committee

08 Jul 2016 13:55
Results of 2016 Survey 
There were 37 responses to the survey, representing 61% of the members. Highlights follow.

- 83% of the members preferred a rotate-in format, allowing more than 4 players to use one court
- 80% understood the rating process, but 33% were not content with the process
- 70% supported establishing 90-minute sessions in the heat of the summer
- 82% were content with the process of using the website
- 67% don't like the idea to do away with signups for play

30 Jun 2016 14:42
Minutes of June 29 Members Meeting 
JUNE 29, 2016

In attendance (Board): Janice Neal, President; Linda Bowman (Treasurer); Rich Ferris (Secretary); Sheila Bray (Special Events), and Ted Wierman (Membership).

In attendance (Members): Tom Kanitz, Mike Nicholson, Ken Gorman, Lupe Cook, Ken Cook, Bo Jessop, Tove Pape, Jan Martin, Madoka Knight, Susan Engebretson, Elmer Klavetter, Sandy Schlager, Ken Levitt, and Georgina Hurst. Also in attendance was Bill Smith, a non-member.

Thee meeting was called to order by Janice Neal at 1:00 pm. New members Madoka Knight and Elmer Klavetter were recognized.


The minutes of the March 30, 2016 meeting were amended to state that Mr. Gorman has agreed to maintain our new web site and has established a Session Manager feature. Ms. Cook moved and Mr. Levitt seconded that the minutes of the March 30, 2016 meeting be approved. The motion carried.

Treasurer's Report

Treasurer Bowman stated the Association has a current bank balance of $2,670.67.


There was no report.

Special Events

Ms. Bray reported there has been two free clinics since the last meeting for both men and women. There was also a new member's party. She publicized the Tennis Festival, to be held on November 4 and 5, using the team format used last year. She said she needed five volunteers for the Committtee, including Team Captains. Ms. Engebretson volunteered to be a Captain, and Sandy Schlager and Tove Pape also volunteered to help.

Ms. Bray said she was seeking interest in a mixed doubles evening event on July 11 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. with cowboy/cowgirl apparel required.

Marketing and Publicity

There was no report.

Tennis Survey Results

Ms. Neal highlighted the results of our recent survey, responded to by 61% of the members.

Proposed New Session Levels

Mr. Ferris outlined a proposal that would establish two men's levels; one open to all men regardless of ratings and one for 3.0+ players. He said he would send out an email to determine interest.

Proposed Summer Session Lengths and Start Times

Janice discussed the survey sentiment that session run times be reduced from two hours to 90 minutes. She also asked consideration to start the first sessions in the Summer months at 6:30 a.m. Following discussion, it was decided that further deliberation was necessary before making changes.


Ms. Bowman said another rating session would be held by mid-September so that our unrated players can participate in the annual Festival in November.

Evening Play

Ms. Neal encouraged members to play in the evening, under lights, at the stadium court.

Session Manager

Mr. Gorman said he would be hosting a walk-through and Q&A session on our new web site Session Manager feature for session signups on July 8 at 10:00 a.m. In La Mesa Room.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:15 pm.

19 May 2016 11:06
Quarterly Association Meeting 
The next quarterly member's meeting will be held in the Hacienda Club on Wednesday, June 29th from 1:00 to 3:00 pm. Important topics include the Annual Tennis Festival and the survey results, including next steps. Please mark your calendar.

07 Jan 2016 12:19
New Festival Pictures Available 
Participant pictures for the Second Annual Steiness Tennis Festival are now available on the web site. To access them, sign in and click on Home. Then click on More, followed by Photo/Video Gallery. Enjoy!

19 Nov 2015 22:16
"Winter" start times 
On Tuesday, November 24th, all (early) morning start times will change from 8:00am to 9:00am.
And, of course, the later start times on Tuesdays and Saturdays will also change, from 10:00am to 11:00am!
There is no change to the Monday evening start time.

16 Oct 2015 17:02
Mixed Doubles...on Sunday mornings? 
On Friday, October 9th we had THIRTEEN sign up.
On Monday, October 12th we had FOURTEEN ready to play at 6:00pm - our absolute record!
On Friday, October 16th, we had TWELVE ready to 7:50am
Several players have, from time to time, played on a Sunday morning,
we would like to see this time, set aside as our third 'Mixed Doubles' session, used even more!
What about it??

11 Oct 2015 17:05
Monday evening session start time 
By popular 'demand', and with immediate effect, the Monday evening session has reverted to its original time of 6:00pm to 8:00pm!

08 Oct 2015 11:41
Golf and Tennis 
As members may recall, you were asked last week to vote on possibly changing the Men’s and Women’s Advanced playing times to accommodate a request from the Men’s Golf Association.
Here is the tally of votes:
A. Leave the current play times as is: 18
B. Switch the Tuesday and Thursday Advanced groups: 1
C. You don’t care either way: 9
As a result, there will be no change to the schedule (and we will not go through this exercise again)
Thank you for all of your input!

25 Sep 2015 07:02
Fall start times 
On October 1st, all (early) morning start times will change from 7:00am to 8:00am.
And, of course, the later start times on Tuesdays and Saturdays will also change, from 9:00am to 10:00am!
There is no change to the Monday evening start time.

01 Jun 2015 11:51
Attention all Early Birds (and Night Owls):
Do not forget that the tennis courts are open from 6:00am, and do not close until 9:00pm.

14 May 2015 08:07
Summer Start times 
On June 1st, all morning start times will be changed from 8:00am to...7:00 AM !
(please plan your days accordingly)

10 May 2015 18:53
Wednesday mornings 
Just to remind those who sign up for Wednesday morning play (in case you haven't already noticed?),
the Men's Doubles and Women's Doubles will alternate each week between Courts 1 & 2.
i.e. On May 13, the ladies will play on Court 1...the following week (May 20) on Court 2......
...all as per the Courts Calendar!

15 Apr 2015 16:46
Please Volunteer 
The SBR Tennis Association needs a member to volunteer to coordinate the organization’s plaque, which is located in the trophy case in La Hacienda Club, as well as the medals for this year’s Tennis Festival.

In prior years, individual winner’s names were engraved on the plaque. Last year, this year, and probably for the next few years, our festival will be played in a team format. Nothing was added to the plaque for last year’s festival as there were too many names to fit.

One suggestion is to have a trophy for the current year with some kind of wording about the winning team from the Festival. Another idea is to have the winning team name along with the Captain’s name on the existing plaque.

Last year the medals were purchased from Tuller Trophy ( in downtown Tucson.

All other suggestions are welcome.

Please contact Tom Kanitz or Janice Neal if you are willing to take on this responsibility for 2015.

Thank you!

23 Mar 2015 07:57
Tennis Apparel! 
SBRTA has very nice tennis shirts, caps, and visors. All items have the SBRTA logo embroidered on them, with the exception of the visor which will only have "SaddleBrooke Ranch Tennis" embroidered on it.

Merchandise List (all are the SBRTA club's standard visors, caps, and Polos):

Visor STC13, White-$10.76 ea Ladies'
Cap #429467, White-27.01 ea Men's & Ladies'

Polos L474, White or Carolina Blue-$28.09ea., Ladies'
Polos K474, White or Carolina Blue-$28.09ea., Men's
Polos L500SVLS, White or Ultramarine Blue-$17.28ea Silk Touch Sleeveless polo Ladies

T-Shirts PC61, White or Lt Blue-$9.71ea
T-Shirts ST350, White or Carolina Blue-$11.87ea

Prices include 8.1% sales tax.
Add $1.50 ea for XXL and $2.50 ea for XXXL

John Hopkins ( / 310-508-2586) can give you more information!

20 Dec 2014 14:31
2015 Annual dues 
2015 annual dues remain at $25.
Please write a check, payable to SBRTA, and deliver to:
LINDA BOWMAN, SBRTA Treasurer, 60077 E Arroyo Grande Dr.
Linda says that you will find a little box outside her front door if no one is at home!
We would be more than a little happy if members could pay by January 15.
Thank you, Alastair

16 Aug 2014 14:39
SBRTA Members Meeting minutes - August 8, 2014 
In attendance (Board): Tom Kanitz (President), Bud Fairbanks (Vice-President), Elida Jerman (Treasurer), Mark Wong (Special Events), Alastair Stone (Secretary)
In attendance (Members): Linda Bowman, Sheila Bray, Lupe Cook, Marilee Fairbanks, Janice Neal, Tove Pape, Krista Steiness, Mary Theis, Rich Ferris, Bill Harvey, Bob Kuczmas, Mark Martin, Lutz Pape, Ted Wierman,


New Members: President Tom welcomed Sheila Bray and Mark Martin.

Budget: With 46 fully paid-up members, the club's bank balance is $1,363.87

Ratings. This topic generated a lot of discussion again! In view of the need for a 'rating' for players participating in the Festival, the committee (Tom, Beena, Janice, Gene) have developed a 'ranking' - only to be used for the Festival! The membership felt that this should be published in some way, and the Rating Committee will distribute a list of unofficial ratings to all festival participants so they can review and provide feedback for any changes. This will be done prior to the teams being formed.

Intra-League play: 4 ladies and 4 gentlemen have indicated that they would like to play. It is proposed to start this activity after the Festival, with play to take place at a new time (outside the current regular play times) over a 6 week period. Please would anyone who wants to add their names contact Alastair.

Pro Lessons. Mark has arranged that these will take place on September 8 and 22 (both Mondays), and that Terry Gibson will provide group lessons to SBRTA members. Detailed information on times, signing up, etc has already been posted on the SBR web-site.

Organized Beginner's Play and Clinics: These Monday 'development days' have continued in May, June and July. Thank you to our 'mentors' Tom, Bill H, Gene, Linda, Beena and Alastair. Thank you to Gene, who held 2 development clinics. Development days will continue on August 18, September 1 & 15, and notices will be sent out by SBR on the Wednesday preceding.

2014 Annual Steiness Tennis Festival: Lutz, representing the committee (Gary & Sally, Bud & Marilee, Elida, Doug, Lutz and Mark - thank you to all), stated that the Festival would take place on Friday and Saturday, October 17 & 18. There will be two teams, captained by Lutz and Janice, who will pick their players from the pool of SBRTA members who have entered. Singles, doubles and mixed will be played, at appropriate skill levels to ensure even matches. Detailed information has already been distributed to the membership - last date to sign up is September 12! There will be a 'social' at the conclusion of the Festival

Nominations. Rich, assisted by Gray and Marilee, is developing a 'slate' for all positions on the Board.

Membership. There was a lot of discussion during the above agenda items on expanding the membership. Our newest members enjoyed both the personal touch and also the Festival was a big 'selling point' a) similar to pickle-ball the SBRTA 'flyer' should be included in the moving-in package (not just at preferred guest time)
b) a 'membership chairman' is needed, and Ted volunteered to do this for the remainder of 2014. Thank you, and to Lupe who volunteered to assist.
Waivers: These need to be signed by all members.
Indian Wells 2015: Mark distributed information about this major tournament to be held 3/9-3/22/2015. Accommodation should be booked now; daily tickets will be available November 5

04 May 2014 18:42
SBRTA Members Meeting minutes - April 24, 2014 
Meeting began at 11:00am

In attendance (Board): Tom Kanitz (President), Elida Jerman (Treasurer), Mark Wong (Special Events), Alastair Stone (Secretary)
In attendance (Members): Bill Harvey, Beena Ordahl, Janice Neal, Doug Streuber, Eric Boulter, Gary Grasso, Tove Pape, Rich Ferris, Chris Jerman, Jerry Hall, Bill Kohnen, Gene Lawrence, Carol Lawrence, Linda Bowman, Bill Satler, Ted Wierman


New Members: President Tom welcomed Carol & Gene Lawrence, and Bill Satler.

Tennis at SBR: the club welcomed Tim Fudge, SBR director, who covered a number of short and long term plans/items
- the tops of the court light pole will have spike installed (to drive owls away)
- another shade will be installed next week on court 2
- a ball 'mower' (for retrieving balls from using the ball machine) will be provided
- new nets are in the pipeline
- shades are to be restrung
- the edges of the steps will be painted yellow for extra safety
- there is a plan for TWO additional tennis courts. One will be set up for pickle-ball courts, but will be convertible eventually into a tennis court. President Tom offered full support from SBRTA.

Budget: With all 45 members having paid their 2014 dues ($1,130), the balance is $1,523.73

Beginner's Play and Beginner's Clinic: 2 successful Beginner's Days were held on April 6 and 20. These will continue 2x per month as Development Days. Thank you to our 'mentors' Tom, Bill H, Gene, Linda, & Beena. Gene has volunteered to hold a Development Clinic 1x month, the first to be held on May 12.

Ratings. Beena had contacted two professionals and one 'solution' would be for rating clinics to be held (at a cost of $10 per person). There was a lot of discussion around self rating, club committee rating, pro rating etc, without an agreed route to take. It is important that all players have a numerical rating before the Festival! The committee (Tom, Beena, Janice) will press on.

Intra-Club/League: Alastair had distributed material before the meeting. It is necessary to have committed players for a league season, who are prepared to play on league days (and also to provide substitutes in the event of absence). Some members would like to have one of the current organized play days changed to a league day, but it remains important that league days are 'extra' days. Alastair will send out an e-mail looking for members prepared to commit to a league to take place starting in October.

2014 Annual Steiness Tennis Festival: Gary Grasso introduced his committee, and proposed that the festival take place on October 17-18. The proposed 'team oriented' structure received unanimous support. Alastair will distribute the proposal as soon as possible (50% of the membership have not seen)

Play Times: Organized sessions that begin at 8:00am will move to a 7:00am start on Tuesday, May 13.

Social event. A very successful annual social was held on March 28th. Thank you Elida and Chris for hosting.
Indian Wells 2015: Mark has recommended all members attend this major tournament for the past few years, and again recommended all members look at going next year. The tournament will be held 3/9-3/22/2015. A few members (Ted, Eric, Tom) attended this year and all agreed it was worthwhile.

The meeting adjourned at 12:15

27 Jan 2014 22:51
SBRTA Members Meeting minutes - January 24, 2014 
Meeting began at 11:00am

In attendance (Board): Tom Kanitz (President), Bud Fairbanks (Vice President), Elida Jerman (Treasurer), Mark Wong (Special Events), Alastair Stone (Secretary
In attendance (Members): Bill Harvey, Beena Ordahl, George Kramer, Janice Neal, Marilee Fairbanks, Doug Streuber, Eric Boulter, Gary Grasso, Steve Ordahl, Tove Pape, Rich Ferris, Chris Jerman, Jerry Hall, Mary Theis


New Members: President Tom welcomed Gary & Sally Grasso, and Steve Ordahl.

Budget: The club has $393.73 in the bank, and with 32 members having paid their 2014 dues ($805), the balance is a healthy $1,198.73.
Expenses allocated for 2014 are: $175 for the annual social event; $50 for the tennis ball machine; $250 for Professional classes; $200 for the festival event; $140 for marketing & office expenses; and $100 for miscellaneous/donations/etc (total expenses = $915).
The budget was approved unanimously.
It was also agreed that dues must be paid by January 31st. After this date, members names will be removed from the roster.

Survey results and actions. The top three results from the survey were discussed and the actions are:
1. Doubles Court Positioning and Doubles Strategy Clinics. These will take place as follows:
- February 3: Positioning from 9:00am-10:30am; Strategy from 11:00am-12:30pm.
- February 17: Strategy from 9:00am-10:30am; Positioning from 11:00am-12:30pm
(Since the meeting the membership has been informed that members may attend one of each clinic type, there is a max of 16 members, registration with Mark necessary, and 'first come, first served')
2.Doubles Intra-Club. Tom, Alastair and Janice have volunteered to lead this activity. It is important that all Club members have a 'numeric' rating. With these in place it will be possible to have a doubles pair (ladies, men mixed) with a combined rating of 6.0 or 6.5. Any league matches will take place outside of the normal organized play times.
Members discussed the four various rating systems (self rating, peer rating, committee rating, and pro rating). Tom, Beena, and Janice volunteered to work on this topic.
3. Group Pro Tennis Lessons. The budget is available to support tennis pro Terry Gibson to provide member lessons specific to court crafts, such as serve & volley. Date(s) to be determined.

Play Times: The membership voted that the Board makes all decisions on organized play times. For the moment, play times remain the same.

Beginners Day. It was agreed that a 'beginners' session would be set up at 1:00pm on Monday or Wednesday. The 'mentor' would be a rotating position (Linda, Beena, Bill, and Alastair all volunteered to help).

Free clinics. SBRTA sponsored two clinics which took place on January 6th and January 20th, with 14 participants. In addition to continuing clinics to recruit members, we will be providing tennis flyers in new resident packets and make available flyers to preferred guests at the sales office. Tom Kanitz will be attending the Club Expo pre-event meeting and inquire why Robson Sales doesn't help subsidize the printing costs of the flyers. The flyers will also be posted on our web site.

Annual Tennis Festival. Gary Grasso and Marilee Fairbanks volunteered to be on the Tennis Festival Committee for this coming year. Need 2-3 more volunteers to drive this annual event. Please contact any board member if interested.

Social event. The date has been set for Friday, March 28th, and will take place in the Treasurer's home. Thank you Elida and Chris. After much discussion, it was agreed that attendees will: pay $5 per person; bring their own drinks.

Audit. Rich Ferris announced that the audit had taken place and was successful. Thank you!!

1. The membership unanimously wanted the Festival to be the "Steiness Tennis Festival". It was also proposed that a special award for good sportsmanship be named after Helge Steiness, our founding SBRTA President and be awarded at the end of the Festival. The Board will follow up.
2. The membership was reminded that a guest can play up to three times during organized SBRTA play times, and then they would be requested to join the SBRTA. Board to review idea of charging a 30-day $10 fee for visiting guests.
3. Several members were interested in clothing. Janice Neal, who organized great shirts and hats last year, explained the order process (since the meeting, information has been circulated to the membership)

The meeting adjourned at 12:10pm

07 Jan 2014 10:29
SBRTA Board Meeting minutes - January 2, 2014 
Meeting began at 1:00pm
In attendance: Tom Kanitz (President), Bud Fairbanks (Vice President), Elida Jerman (Treasurer), Mark Wong (Special Events), Alastair Stone (Secretary)
BUDGET. At y/e 2013, the club had approx $390 in the bank, and with 19 members having paid their 2014 dues, the balance is a healthy $850. It was agreed that we can provisionally allocate $300 for bringing in a Professional, $200 for our annual social event, $300 for the festival, and $100 for miscellaneous/donations/etc. At the members meeting on January 24th,we will seek support for these items. It was further agreed that dues must be paid by January 31st. After this date members names will be removed from the roster. Elida to lead discussion on Jan 24.
SURVEY RESULTS. The results have been posted already (Dec 22), and various actions are proposed (see below). Mark to lead discussion.
1. Doubles Court Positioning and Doubles Strategy Clinics. Mark has proposed the following dates: Feb 3, Feb 10 (possible alternative Feb 17) Positioning to be covered from 9:00-10:30am, and Strategy from 11:00-12:30pm on the first date, with a reversed order on the second date. Mark will be organizing, with some help needed.
2. Doubles Intra-Club. It is proposed that these should begin in the late Spring. Tom and Alastair volunteered to lead this activity. It is important that the Club should should move to 'numeric' ratings, and there appeared to be up to 5 options to ensure consistency across all club members. Mark will lead discussion. It is important that we encourage the membership to support this.
3. Group Pro Tennis Lessons. Already auctioned are the free clinics on Jan 6 and Jan 20, and the membership needs to support any further needs (specific court crafts?)
PLAY TIMES. To be discussed at the meeting - NO changes until February at the earliest. What does the membership want?
BEGINNERS DAY. Somewhat along the lines of the pickle-ball club, it was thought that one or more sessions each week could be set aside for beginners, with an experienced player to act as 'mentor'. It was felt that Lind Bowman would be a good person to lead a ladies beginner group. Alastair will approach her. In general it is important to remember that the club is for all levels, with the objective of having fun.
SOCIAL EVENT. Date / format to be discussed further. Alastair withdrew his offer to host.
AUDIT. On the assumption that this will have to be done, Bud to lead.
1. Check signing to remain as today.
2. Mark has learned from Tim Fudge that the awning will be properly re-located on Court 2, and that there will also be a tennis ball 'collector/pusher' to make retrieving balls for the ball machine easier.
3. Discussion / action on renaming the Festival to the "Helge Steiness Memorial Festival" will take place later in the year.
GENERAL MEMBERS MEETING. January 24. 11:00am-12:30pm.

22 Dec 2013 21:26
Member Survey Results 
The results of the SBRTA 2014 Activities Survey are based on 22 members who responded with their first, second and third choices. Each choice was weighted by points - 3 points for first choice, 2 points for second choice and 1 point for third choice. Here are the top three activities for 2014 selected by SBRTA members:

7 -1st Choices (21 pts) * 10 - 2nd Choices (20 pts) * 1- 3rd Choice (1 pt)

2) DOUBLES INTER-CLUB LEAGUE PLAY (Members Only) (38 pts)
6 - 1st Choices (18 pts) * 7 - 2nd Choices (14 pts) * 6 - 3rd Choices (6 pts)

3) GROUP PRO TENNIS LESSONS (Subsidized by SBRTA) (20 pts)
4 - 1st Choices (12 pts) * 1 - 2nd Choice (2 pts) * 6 - 3rd Choices (6 pts)

BEGINNERS/RETURNEES CLINICS came in 4th place at 16 points, and SBRTA vs SADDLEBROOKE DOUBLES came in 5th place at 14 points.

The ongoing growth of SBRTA continues to be one of the important agenda items for 2014. One of the most successful methods to recruit members has been through the Beginners/Returnees Clinics. Therefore, we will be holding two such clinics in January, with the hopes that interested residents will come to the first SBRTA 2014 Members Meeting on Friday, January 24th. At this general meeting (among other agenda items) we will discuss these three activities and ask for volunteers to help support each activity, and seek volunteers to begin planning for the 2014 SBRTA Annual Tennis Festival.

20 Nov 2013 21:52
2013-2014 Transition Board Meeting 
In attendance: Tom Kanitz, Bud Fairbanks, Elida Jerman*, Alastair Stone, Mark Wong (*Bill Harvey met with Elida Monday 11/18).


* January 2014 General Members Meeting Date: Friday, January 24, 11:30am-1pm

* January 2, 1pm - 2014 Board Meeting (review General Members Meeting Agenda to include SBRTA Social, Annual Dues, Ball Machines, 2014 Events, and more)

* Elida Jerman, Bud Fairbanks and TomKanitz to go to Canyon Bank next week to change address for bank statements and to provide their signatures for 2014 SBRTA purposes

* Starting December 1st, all SBRTA morning organized tennis start times changing from 8am to 9am

* Review SBRTA budget and discussion regarding 2014 events and potential expenditure/ reserves

* Upcoming SBRTA Social - Committee headed by Bud Fairbanks and Elida Jerman with one or two more members to be recruited; Dates, times to be determined. Alastair Stone has volunteered to provide his house for event

* Members to be surveyed regarding preference for upcoming 2014 events

* Members to be surveyed regarding Tennis Festival

* Review and solicit ideas for building SBRTA membership, especially for women

* Mark and Alastair review Secretarial duties

03 Nov 2013 12:15
2nd Annual Tennis Festival Scores Big at SBR! 
On Friday October 25th, with beautiful weather in the 80's and tennis enthusiasts everywhere, the 2nd Annual Tennis Festival began. Twenty avid members of the SaddleBrooke Ranch Tennis Association (SBRTA) entered this two day tennis event. A total of twenty-one matches occurred over the course of two days on two courts, in three categories: Mixed Doubles, Womens Doubles and Mens Doubles.

Friends and neighbors came and enjoyed the warm weather (compliments of mother nature), free bottles of cold water (compliments of SBRTA) and spirited competition (compliments of SBRTA Festival Players). All skill levels were represented from 2.0 to 3.5, and depending on each players ratings, handicaps were provided for each match as necessary in order to even the playing field.

As it turned out, one 2.0 player, Marilee Fairbanks, not only made it to the finals, but actually won it. Congratulations to Marilee and her partner Rich Ferris as they both played two tough competitors (Linda Bowman and Bill Harvey) before winning the Mixed Doubles Finals.

Linda did come up with some measure of revenge, as she and her partner Tove Pape played a great match to beat Marilee Fairbanks and her partner Janice Neal in the Womens Doubles Final.

In the Mens Doubles Finals, Rich Ferris went two for two when he and his partner Doug Streuber overcame a tough team of Lutz Pape and Jerry Hall in a very competitive match.

Over 35 spectators stayed and enjoyed the three finals matches and they cheered great play, moaned on missed shots, and had so much fun they did the "wave" between court changeovers.

The reorganized events committee met for the first time in August and in less than 3 months not only put together the Festival, but thanks to outstanding work by Janice Neal, managed to recruit sponsors who provided products/services valued at over $1000 for the semi-finalists, finalists and winners.

Congratulations to everyone involved with the Festival, from the events committee, to the players and spectators as well. SBRTA members are looking forward to an even more robust and active 2014 year with plans for inter-club league play, doubles positioning clinics and doubles strategy clinics, and matches with tennis members from SaddleBrooke. There's never been a better time than now for any SBR resident who is interested in tennis (regardless of skill level) to join our group.

For more information, please visit our web page at: or contact Mark Wong at: for more details.

05 Oct 2013 14:36
10.4.13 General Members Meeting Summary 
In attendance: Doug Streuber; Bud Fairbanks; Marilee Fairbanks; Chris Jerman; Elida Jerman; Ted Wierman; Beena Ordahl; Tove Pape; Lutz Pape; Linda Bowman; Janice Neal; Mary Theiss; Ken Cook; George Kramer; Bob Kucsmas; Rich Ferris; Jerry Hall; Barbara Witt; Krista Steiness; Michael Sosin;
Board Members: Helge Steiness; Tom Kanitz; Bill Harvey; Mark Wong

1) Treasurer's report to date - Currently SBRTA account balance: $927.79

2) Slate of 2014 Board Nominees unanimously approved 24-0 - Tom Kanitz (President); Bud Fairbanks (Vice-President); Elida Jerman (Treasurer); Alastair Stone (Secretary); Mark Wong (Special Events)

3) Tennis Festival Update - As of close of deadline today, we have 7 women signed up for women's doubles; 14 men signed up for men's doubles; 7 women and 13 men signed up for mixed doubles - Janice Neal of Events Committee has secured over $1000.00 in prizes for this event

4) Future Events - Pro Tennis Lessons (some/all subsidized by SBRTA); Beginners/Returnee Clinics will continue; Court Positioning Clinic; Doubles Strategies Clinic; Inter-club Doubles League; Matches with Doubles Teams from SaddleBrooke (Men's/Women's/Mixed - 6.0; 6.5; 7.0 teams)

5) Alternative Process to Organized Play - Numeric system of organized play when more than 4 or 8 players sign-up. Player number based on chronological sign-up. When others waiting, players will play mini-set (1st team to win 4 games wins set). Much discussion and acceptance. Numeric system to be available on the court

6) Review of Organized Play Times/Days - Members discussed and reviewed numbers of players signing up for organized play, and agree to leave current days and times as is

7) Audit of Treasurer's Report - President has assigned two non-board members (Rich Ferris and Bud Fairbanks) to audit treasurer's report

8) Perpetual Tennis Festival Plaque - SBRTA now has a plaque which will list the winners of the Tennis Festival each year (mixed doubles, women's doubles, men's doubles). Plaque will be displayed in the trophy case of the La Hacienda Club between main entrance and fitness center. Cost of plaque to be deducted from current SBRTA account balance

10) Thank you by, and review of accomplishments of, the 2013 board. As of this meeting, SBRTA membership is at an all time high of 38 members

13 Sep 2013 17:05
SBRTA Board Meeting 9.13.13 
In Attendance: Helge Steiness, President; Tom Kanitz, Vice President; Mark Wong, Secretary

1) Board approved change of start time from 7am-9am to new start time of 8am-10am for all morning organized play time beginning October 1st. Evening play times do not change.

2) Board approved new Board Position of Special Events Chairman as recommended by nominating committee. By-laws revised to reflect new board position.

3) Board agreed on Friday, October 4th at 10am-Noon for General Members Meeting

4) Board agreed on the following agenda items to be put before the membership at the October 4th General Members Meeting:

• MEMBERS VOTE: To approve the new slate of 2014 SBRTA board members as put together by the nomination committee. The Slate consists of the following nominees:
* President - Tom Kanitz
* Vice President - Bud Fairbanks
* Treasurer - Elida Jerman
* Secretary - Alastair Stone
* Special Events - Mark Wong

• TENNIS FESTIVAL UPDATE (and sign-up deadline reminder, Friday October 4) & FUTURE EVENTS

• TENNIS PROPOSAL - Alternative process to determining who plays when a variable number of players show up to play




Board Meeting Adjourned

17 Jul 2013 13:48
Based on a discussion at our 7/12/13 General Members Meeting, we are looking at getting all members rated in order to move forward in a fair manner with our own internal leagues and tournaments, as well as help those members who wish to join other leagues or enter other tournaments at an appropriate skill level.

While we are awaiting the USTA to respond to our question regarding the process of getting USTA rated, their guidelines for self-rating can be found at:

If you wish to discover other events, tennis links, and USTA related activities in the local area, please go to the USTA Southwest website at:

15 Jul 2013 11:46
In attendance: Barbara Witt; Krista Steiness; Janice Neal; Elida Jerman; Chris Jerman; Bud Fairbanks; Marilee Fairbanks; Linda Bowman; Rich Ferris; Bob Kucsmas; Ted Wierman; Helge Steiness; Tom Kanitz; Bill Harvey and Mark Wong. Guests: Lutz and Tove Pape.



o COMMITTEE REVIEWED DRESS CODE: men may not wear tank tops, swimsuits and cutoffs, women may not wear tube tops, bare midriffs, halter-tops, swimsuits, cutoffs and the like.
o MEMBERS APPROVED WOMEN'S VISOR (no logo, but words) $9 + Tx

* Members wishing to be 2014 SBRTA Board Members should contact this committee


o MEN DOUBLES - Tuesday Morning and Saturday Morning
o WOMENS DOUBLES - Thursday Morning
o MIXED DOUBLES - Monday EVENING and Friday Morning


26 Jun 2013 06:37
6/25/13 SBRTA Board Meeting Summary 
In attendance: Helge Steiness, President; Tom Kanitz, Vice President; Bill Harvey, Treasurer; Mark Wong, Secretary


The Board discussed the following items in preparation for the July 12th General Members Meeting:

• Tweeking By-Law verbiage previously approved by membership in last meeting

• Shirt/Hat Committee to present logo printing styles, sample clothing and prices for members to review and then place orders

• Identifying Nominating Committee Chairperson and process to secure two other committee members to be elected at July 12 General Members Meeting

• Need for volunteers for the Tennis Tournament Committee in preparation for the Oct. 26-27 2nd Annual SBRTA Tennis Festival (two committee members had to withdraw)

• Review of SBRTA organized play days. We've analyzed the number of sign-ups for organized play, and believe that the days that are being utilized most frequently by SBRTA members are:
o Tuesday Morning Men's Doubles
o Friday Morning Mixed Doubles

• We submit that the other days and evenings approved by members in the last meeting are not well attended/utilized. Therefore, we recommend the following new days of organized play for membership consideration, discussion and to vote on in the July 12th General Members Meeting:

 Tuesday Morning and Saturday Morning (and adding Wednesday afternoon starting in October)
 Thursday Morning (as more women sign-up and play and snowbirds return, additional day can be identified)
 Monday EVENING and Friday Morning

• Members are asked to review these new days/times and prepare to discuss on July 12th. If you have other recommendations, be prepared to support and discuss it. A vote will be taken at this meeting for the new times/days.

• Members wishing to be considered for 2014 SBRTA Board Members are invited to discuss the opportunity with the nominating committee at the end of our meeting on July 12th.

25 May 2013 06:52
• Members and Board approve the Treasurer's Report dated April 26, 2013

• Members approve the annual 2013 dues of $20 (from 05/01/13 to 12/31/13).
• Members approve 2014 SBRTA membership dues of $25 (as previously adopted) will be due early January, 2014.

• Members select Logo Design #1 (of 5 designs presented)
• Members select the color "WHITE" as the team color, light BLUE second color
• Shirt/Hat Committee to research and return with options on shirt style, shirt fabric, and visor/hat and costs

• Members approve having a Mens and Mixed Doubles League (separate from organized SBRTA play)
• Volunteers for League Committee (Ted Wierman, Linda Bowman, Janice Neal and Alastair Stone, Chair) to meet to determine process, dates, rules, etc.

Members approve the following organized play days/times

Women's Doubles: Monday 8am-10am - Thursday 8am-10am
Men's Doubles: Tuesday 8am-10am - Wednesday 8am - 10am
Mixed Doubles: Tuesday Evening 6:30pm-9pm - Thursday Evening 6:30pm-9pm
And Friday 8am -10am
Meeting Adjourned -

08 Apr 2013 17:53
SBRTA Board Meeting 4/5/13 
Summary of 4/5 SBRTA Board Meeting

SBRTA Board Members In Attendance: Helge Steiness - President, Tom Kanitz - Vice President, Bill Harvey - Treasurer

Friday, April 26th beginning at 12 NOON - La Mesa Room
Mark your calendar. Your attendance is important.

In order to have the dues date follow our fiscal (calendar) year, the Board would like to propose that SBRTA members pay $20 for the remainder of 2013 - (from 05/01/13 to 12/31/13). Then 2014 SBRTA membership dues of $25 (as previously adopted) will be due early January, 2014. If membership approves, our bylaws would be updated to reflect this change.

SBRTA Logo/Shirt/Hat Committee will make a presentation to the membership of the club logos submitted, for membership vote. Additional shirt/hat updates/discussion to follow.

* The Board briefly discussed the men's league and hope a women's league can begin as well. Further discussion with Chairperson Alastair Stone and the Tennis Events Committee during quarterly members meeting.
*Alastair will provide results of the member response to the survey regarding the SBRTA Tennis Festival scheduled for October 26th, with member discussion regarding this event to follow.

Other topics of members discussion include utilization of the ball machine and interest in future clinics.

6) The Board will meet on Friday, April 19th from 08:00 to 09:00 AM prior to the Friday's play time to discuss new play times to be presented to general membership due to the warmer weather ahead.
The objective would be to determine best times/days with maximum participation with the least amount of conflicts with other activities. Possibly adding Saturdays to our play times.

28 Jan 2013 16:59
MEMBERS: Self Rate Your Skills 
At the January Members Meeting, members said they'd like to self-rate so there could be a baseline of playing skills. The following is from the SaddleBrooke Tennis Club (SBTC) self rating form.

If you are USTA rated (you've paid dues to USTA and played in league or tournament play), you are given a numerical rating (which is shown here). At SBTC, they use their ratings in terms of letters, so we've included the equivalent letter to the level of play.

If in doubt about your rating, select the lower rating and in a few weeks after playing with others, you can re-adjust if you deem it appropriate.

(2.0) C- Rating. Strengths - Beginning. Weaknesses - Beginning.

(2.5) C Rating. Strengths - Can sustain a rally of slow pace.
Weaknesses - Inconsistency; backhand weak; weak court coverage; poor anticipation.

(3.0) B Rating. Strengths - Improved pace with some pace and direction; court coverage improves.
Weaknesses - Lacks consistent depth and control.

(3.5) B+ Rating. Strengths - Improved consistency with directional control on moderate shots; improved court coverage.
Weaknesses - Lacks consistency when trying to power off moderate shots.

(4.0) A Rating. Strengths - Game plan evident; dependable; hits with depth; directional control; good court court coverage; has teamwork in doubles.
Weaknesses - May play low percentage tennis; Doesn't vary tactics; often impatient.

Please review the descriptions above that most closely define your skills and self-rate yourself. Then go onto the SBRTA website, log in through the Members Corner to the Members List, and click on the EDIT PROFILE link next to your name. Then on the top of the Profile Page, insert your personal password (required as a security measure so only you can adjust your profile info), at the bottom of the page, place a LETTER in the rating box (if you are USTA rated, put both numeric and letter rating), then click UPDATE PROFILE.

20 Jan 2013 19:44
SBRTA Members Meeting - January 18, 2013 
SBRTA Members in attendance (15): Doug Streuber; Chris Jerman; Jerry Hall; Mary Theis; Janice Neal; Beena Ordahl; Linda Bowman; Donna Scott; Krista Steiness; Bud Fairbanks; Ted Wierman; Bill Harvey; Mark Wong; Tom Kanitz; Helge Steiness - Jerry Martin Guest

The treasurer, Bill Harvey, presented to the president, Helge Steiness, a Treasurers Report dated December 31, 2012 so Helge could prepare and submit the Association tax return for calendar year 2012

• The fiscal year 2013 Budget
• The Treasurers Report dated January 18, 2013
• Social Pizza Event @Chris Jermans house 5:30pm Friday February 8th Members/Spouses $5pp
• New SBRTA members to pay dues within 30 days of signing up
• Raising annual SBRTA dues from $20 to $25
• Thank you to Tim Fudge personally and in writing (cc Jack Sarsam) and offering
o to provide HOA with two new tennis racquets for guest use
o SBRTA flyers to be printed for preferred guest homes inviting guests to contact/play with members
o SBRTA to be part of Preferred Guest Program whereby guests wishing to play a tennis match can schedule a match with SBRTA members when given advance notice
• Thank you to Ken Gorman, webmaster and originator of Club Site, by supporting sales of vendor tiles on his Club website (sales flyer/pricing provided)
• Adding Womens Tennis Day (Monday, 3pm-5pm)
• Adding Mixed Doubles Evening (Thursday 5:30p-8:30pm)
• Deleting Tuesday Morning organized play

TABLED: Should we create/add new association roles (i.e., sponsorship chair, etc.)

• Tennis Event Committee to research/develop other tournaments, league play, etc.
o Alastair Stone - Janice Neal - Mary Theis - Mark Wong

• SBRTA Logo/Shirt/Hat Committee to research/coordinate SBRTA branded hat/shirt
o Krista Steiness - Janice Neal - Bud Fairbanks - Chris Jerman

• New Ball Machine Training of other SBRTA members
o Alastair Stone

• Need Broom available to sweep courts prior to play (there is electric blower already available)
• Guests/renters/residents who play more than 2 times should be due paying member on 3rd play
• Benchmark Rating: Mark Wong to secure/distribute STC rating sheet for all to self-rate

28 Feb 2012 18:30
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