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29 May 2013 18:49
A Better Way to Post on Facebook 
> FeedBack ( 0) If you promote your business or endeavor of any kind by posting to your facebook account, here's a better way to do that: "Share and share a Like" from your Enfeedia-hosted RSS feed.

The way you post now -- by posting on your facebook News Feed or Wall -- is simple enough but has limited benefits to you. Your message only reaches your facebook friends. With some luck, some of those friends may 'share' it or 'like' it such that your message reaches their friends. But over time, as additional posts are entered, your message falls off the bottom out of sight. In other words, the useful lifetime of that posting can be quite short. So the time for friends to see your posting and share/like it is rather limited. And of course, your message is not shared with those that don't have facebook accounts.

The better way -- using facebook 'share' and 'like' buttons

Here's a better way to reach that facebook audience that's just as simple but has the additional advantages of getting your message to a much broader audience and greatly extending the lifetime of your message. Instead of posting your carefully crafted message directly on facebook, post it on an RSS feed that you publish through Enfeedia. Then, to post that item on facebook, simply click the 'share' button that Enfeedia provides with each item in your feed as displayed on your Enfeedia-generated NewsPage. You are given the opportunity by facebook to post a comment, then when you submit it, that item appears on your facebook News Feed. Another way is to simply 'like' the whole NewsPage; your friends will discover you like your feed and have the opportunity to click a link to open it. You will find the 'like' button at the top of the NewsPage.

So you have two ways to tell your facebook friends: 'share' and share a 'like'.

Why is this a better way?

By posting your items on an Enfeedia-hosted RSS feed, you get these additional benefits:

-- Your items are collected in one place accessible to anyone, not just facebook members. Your "NewsPage" for your feed is a mini-webpage that can be bookmarked like any webpage, and shared by simply communicating the URL (for example, in your email signature, on your website, in your MySpace or LinkedIn or Flickr postings, on your literature and business card, etc.).

-- When you post your item on facebook as described above, viewers of your post will be drawn to your RSS feed where they see all your postings, and then to your website or wherever you wish to direct them.

-- Interested parties can register for alerts and pings to be automatically notified when you post an item. A great way to maintain a following and develop customer loyalty.

-- You can display any number of your items directly on your website by inserting a short code snippet on your webpage and uploading a script both provided by Enfeedia. Our techique using PHP results in the feed being crawled by search engines. Did you know search engines reward sites having RSS feeds and fresh content by improving SERP placement?

-- You can podcast YouTube videos, link to your Flickr photos complying with their rules, insert a PayPal Buy Now button for your PayPal account, insert a google Adsense for Search tool, and of course insert as many text-links as you wish. You can specify your feed to be a calendar list with your NewsPage showing upcoming events and past events side-by-side sorted based on the current date. You can even password-restrict access to items on a selective basis if you wish (imagine an RSS-driven for-fee newsletter application).

-- Depending on your activity level, your feed will be featured on the Enfeedia home page.

So think of your RSS feed as your source material that can be shared all over the internet. Facebook is but just one of the many publication methods to promote yourself. Start today!

How to use Enfeedia

Once you set up a [FREE] account at Enfeedia.com, you can post items on your feed by logging in, selecting the "add" function, and simply filling out and submitting a form. Enfeedia does all the dirty work behind the scenes and publishes online an industry compliant RSS feed within about 10 seconds. No coding or file uploading on your part. Learn more at First Time Visitor.