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20 Mar 2008 16:03
Try this article to answer the question, "What is RSS?" 
> FeedBack ( 0) Are you just now hearing about RSS News Feeds and wondering what that's all about? Does it seem too complicated for you? Are you thinking only technically savvy people will be able to benefit from news feeds? Answer to these question may surprise you. This article is 'must-reading' for you!

Two of the most recent advancements regarding news feeds are (1) the integration of news feed reading capabiliity into browsers (now you don't need to track down a news reader), and (2) Apple's integration of news reading into their Mail application in their Leopard (10.5) operating system. Just as websites were a mystery early on but are now pervasive online communication devices, so as it will be for RSS news feeds. It won't be long before your favorite television news broadcast says, "For more information on this story, and for other stories we're following, go to our news feed at ______."