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13 Aug 2008 09:08
Best Kept Secret About Displaying RSS Feeds On-Site:Javascript Vs PHP 
> FeedBack ( 0) If you've gotten past the basics of what RSS feeds (see enfeedia.com for background information) are about and how they can benefit you, then you are ready to learn one of the best-kept secrets about presenting your news feed on your website. It's not enough to simply install an orange RSS button for visitors to click, to see your feed or to fetch the feed address. To really bring benefit to your site, you should display some of the most recent items in your feed directly on your website, even if only a partial presentation of the item descriptions (aka articles).

But how? What code is used to display the news feed? After all, the feed is an XML file not suitable for direct human consumption. It needs to be translated into the HTML code that a browser understands and can present in human-readable form.

The good news is...