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27 Mar 2016 16:18
Google Launches Mobile-Friendly Search - What Does It Mean for Enfeedia RSS Feeds? 
> FeedBack ( 0) Today, Google announced mobile friendly search. Essentially this means that when searches are conducted from smartphones, search results will favor those websites that are mobile friendly. So if the success of your website depends to a large degree on people discovering you doing smartphone searches, you have no time to waste in getting your site converted.

(1) For those of you who are syndicating their Enfeedia-pubished feed, you may be wondering how syndication is affected by mobile-friendly design. The answer is: The syndicated feed works perfectly fine in mobile friendly websites. Here are some examples:

-- PoesyArt
-- Pickleball Club

(2) The NewsPage that is published by Enfeedia for every feed it publishes has been mobile friendly since the fall of 2013. NewsPages are web pages on their own right, acting as a so-called feed reader. Moreover, NewsPages are customizable. You can add content to the right slide-out panel that can improve your search engine results placement (SERP). Just make sure the content you add is relevant to the theme of your feed. You can also add photos and YouTube videos to further embellish your NewsPage. (I get asked now and then If I publish a feed and customize my NewsPage, do I need a website? Maybe not! :-)