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15 Jun 2010 08:38
YouTube Begins Testing News Feed Feature 
> FeedBack ( 0) It's noteworthy that YouTube sees the benefit of news feeds to draw people into their vast (and very rapidly growing) library of videos. Being the second largest search engine, it's reasonable to expect YouTube will exploit news feeds to further advance their position. Enfeedia will keep an eye on YouTube developments to determine possible connections to Enfeedia including podcasting YouTube videos. Set Up Pings today to be notified of new postings on this feed.

By Chris Crum: YouTube announced today that it is testing a new feature called the YouTube News Feed, which it is working on with the University of California at Berkley's Graduate School of Journalism. The feature would track news as it breaks on YouTube. ... YouTube is the second largest search engine, behind Google, and people search for visuals to go with news items. - read the WebProNews article