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04 Nov 2010 11:00
The second largest search engine 
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By Bob Huntington, Weasel Productions: Most people when asked "What's the second largest search engine" will respond Yahoo or Bing. It's not. It's YouTube. YouTube is owned and operated by Google making them number one and two in search. If you want to succeed on the web you must embrace video at some point to become more visible in search than ever before.

The knee-jerk reaction is "I don't have a video. Doesn't that cost a lot of money?" Of course it can, but it doesn't have to. The advent of low cost, HD capable camcorders like the Flip series puts video easily into the mix for the masses.

How you can use video

Spending as little as $200.00 will get you a pocket sized device that in some cases can shoot as high as 1080p, the highest resolution for HD video. Having the camera is only part of the battle. The footage you shoot needs to be smooth, free from bumps and shakes to be effective in delivering your message. Here's where the tried and true photography tips come into play.

-- Always use a tripod. This helps to steady the shot and make it look fluid...and professional. Make camera movements slow and deliberate.

-- Watch your framing. Try not to have a tree growing out of the subject's head.

-- Put the light behind the camera. There's nothing worse than shooting a subject in front of a window or other source of bright light. Put the light behind the camera and in front of them.

-- Plan as well as you can what you want to happen and show BEFORE you begin.

-- If you're using the built in mic on the camera, keep the subject speaking as close to the camera as possible. Keep the camera zoomed out and closer rather than zoomed in and further away.

You get the idea here. Make it look as polished as you can even before the final editing. Final editing?

Polish and finish your production

Once you've shot the video, you need to have it edited. While there are many software packages that will allow you to do this yourself, it can be quite time consuming and, well...technical. Frequently there are videographers and local production companies that can do this for you. An investment of just several hundred dollars can turn your sow's ear into a silk purse by adding titles, effects, color balance, audio enhancements or more. Look around, these services are readily available in your area.

Ready To Post

Now you've got a video search engine submission ready to help you gain exposure. Posting that piece on video sharing sites like YouTube requires just as much diligence as the content of your web page. Things like the title, description and keywords that you use when writing your video post are much more important than ever before. We'll explore the nuances of video optimization in our next installment. In the meantime, video is there for YOU...even on a budget. Cement your inclusion on all search engines and create links in the process. Enjoy the experience!

Next Time....Getting Your Video Seen

Bob Huntington is founder of SEOTube.net and a partner in the media firm of Weasel Productions.