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16 Feb 2012 12:41
Freshness May Count More In Google These Days - MUST READING 
> FeedBack ( 0) This article is "must reading" for anyone concerned about where their website falls within search engines results pages. Below are excerpts from that article; the full article is available by clicking here. I added emphasis in blue in the excerpts.

As you read this, think about how publishing a news feed and presenting that feedon your website, preferable home page. In about five minutes a week, you can gain the benefits described in the article.

Also, consider opening a facebook account and including your feed in the "Notes" section. Your feed will appear on your profile page. Here's how it looks on my profile page.

You may also be able to get your feed displayed on other websites. For example, the RunAway GetAway Vacation Rentals Alliance will display members feeds on their Destination page.

By Chris Crum, WebProNews

"...Google has introduced a new opportunity for all brands to steal (or have stolen) search marketshare from (or by) the competition," says Klais. "Brands that focus on dynamic site content with fresh social media output stand to gain searchers, at the expense of those brands who stay stagnant, one query at a time. The speed at which the gains and losses occur will be magnified by the availability (or lack) of content within each time filter. Now the 'recency' of social media will begin to matter in search."


"The issue is a classic chicken or egg problem: unless you are present in the 'fresh' results now (aka 'recency'), you cannot accurately predict what percentage of searchers are shifting to time-filtered results in order to make the business case for action," Klais says. "Most analytic systems will not yet parse out this traffic either; it is just lumped in with all Google organic results."


...but to me, a blog could be a good way to keep offering fresh and relevant content around the keywords you are targeting. Plus, it can help you in the blog search option, not to mention provide useful content and engage an audience.
[My note: by presenting your feed on your home page, you in effect create a blog section on that page.]