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03 Sep 2014 11:30
Step Up Your Site's SEO Score with Super Simple Syndication 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) A mouthful, yes! But there's two very important topics in that one title.

So first, the big announcement: Super Simple Syndication -- simple because it's scriptless.

Henceforth, you can syndicate (embed) an Enfeedia hosted feed on your website without uploading a script to your website. Previously, in addition to inserting a small PHP code snippet that invoked the syndication process, you needed to upload a sizable piece of PHP software to do the heavy lifting.

Now, just use one of five newly defined code snippets to invoke the Super Simple Syndication method at Enfeedia. Think of it as Syndication as a Service, and for you, it's scriptless. The result of the syndication process is that your code snippet is replaced by the HTML code for the feed you want syndicated. You get to optionally specify how many of the items are to appear, and how long each item description is, in terms of characters, before encountering a "read more" link. These options give you control over your website real estate.

I'll get to the other important topic in a moment, but first, why are we doing this? Not only does it make it a heck of a lot easier to syndicate a feed (even the snippet is much simpler), but also we're concerned that some of you may be hesitant to upload a complex script to your website being unsure of how it might affect your website's operation. Now, your site tells Enfeedia what feed you want syndicated, and Enfeedia returns precisely the HTML code for the feed which replaces the snippet. That's it.

To learn all about our Super Simple Syndication feature, visit our Promote Feeds page. You can be syndicating your feed in minutes.

Super Simple Syndication is available to Premium members. But stay tuned for a blockbuster announcement about upgrading from the Communicator plan, coming very very soon!

If you wish, you can continue to use Enfeedia's Original Syndication method wherein you upload the script and insert the code snippet. The instructions for the original process continues to be presented on the Promote Feeds page.

Now that other important topic: Syndication for Search Engine Optimization

Having shown how easy it is to syndicate your feed on your website, we want to stress how incredibly valuable it is to do that! If it's important that your website rank high in search engine result pages (SERPs), then syndicating your feed is a vital element of your overall SEO strategy.

Why's that? Because search engines value fresh content that's relevant to the rest of the page, and reward sites with embedded RSS feeds that indicate frequently updated content. It stands to reason that a search engine would consider a website that routinely provides updated information to site visitors as more valuable to surfers than stagnant sites. Search engines also index websites more frequently that they come to know as offering fresh content so that internet searches yield current information. Documentation "out there" confirms that Google gives value to maintaining fresh content.

So, syndicate your feed on your website, post your original articles frequently (weekly to monthly works well), and make sure the theme of your articles is consistent with the rest of the webpage (after all, you don't want to confuse search engines as to what your page is about). The good news is, as you have just learned, syndicating your feed on your website has become very easy. And each time you post an item on your feed, your webpage is automatically updated without you lifting a finger. To be perfectly clear, you do not upload your feed to your website whenever you post an item. Enfeedia effectively does that for you through this syndication process.

Just like I said, Step Up Your Site's SEO Score with Super Simple Syndication. You've invested in one or more feeds, start syndicating them now to wring more value out of them.