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07 Sep 2014 21:46
NOW, FOR WORDPRESS-BASED WEBSITES: Super Simple Syndication of Enfeedia-Hosted RSS Feeds 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Until now, syndicating an Enfeedia-generated and hosted feed on a WordPress-based website has been difficult. But now, with the introduction of Super Simple Syndication, just use the free "Insert PHP" plugin to post one line of Enfeedia-provided PHP code.(1)

Why syndicate an Enfeedia-generated feed on a WordPress website? Because the generation of the HTML code for the feed is done at Enfeedia. Using the Insert PHP plugin and PHP code snippet provided by Enfeedia, the HTML code for the feed generated by Enfeedia is received at WordPress and replaces the code snippet, without any alteration by WordPress.

And that means none of the tags that Enfeedia permits and uses -- for unlimited text links, formatting, and images -- and for advanced features -- embedded YouTube and Vimeo videos, PayPal BuyNow buttons, embedded Google search tool, item-by-item FeedBack comments, embedded Flickr photos automatically compliant with their important terms of service -- are intact. Formatting you may have included is preserved.

In addition to faithful presentation of the feed as generated by Enfeedia based on your item postings, you also enjoy advanced features of Enfeedia feeds, like uploading photos directly from your smartphone camera roll or taken live while posting an item, random selection of items for presentation each time the WordPress page is opened (a nice SEO 'fresh content' feature), and uniquely organized calendar and sub channel feeds, and delegating posting tasks to Editors, Reporters, and Freelancers having various privilege restrictions.

Every time the WordPress page is opened or refreshed, this syndication process is repeated so that presentation of current contents of the feed is assured.

Here is a sample on a basic demo page. This demo page shows the code snippet used for the demo (there are five types of snippets for various presentations of the feed).

What's the price for publishing RSS feeds at Enfeedia. For Super Simple Syndication, the price is a ridiculously low $1/month for the required Enfeedia "Publisher" premium membership which includes many of the features listed above. And for the "Publisher-Pro" premium membership, just $3/month. Visit this features page to see the full lineup of features.


(1) The code snippet requires that the PHP allow_URL_fopen configuration parameter to be set to "on", and that's the default value.