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30 Sep 2014 10:19
Enfeedia's Grand Slam Announcements, including drastically reduced premium membership rates 
photoenfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Enfeedia members prior to September 23 are now registered to receive new-posting "FeedMail" (described in item 4 below) to communicate our exciting news. Let's begin...

With our recent flurry of four fantastic announcements, Enfeedia has upped its game. Summarized here, they are detailed in recent postings on the Enfeedia "News" feed.

1. Drastically reduced rates for our feature-packed Publisher and Publisher-PRO premium memberships. Just $1/month for Publisher, and $3/month for Publisher-PRO. Embed YouTube and Vimeo videos. Create Calendar and Subchannel feeds. Include "Snap & Feed" smartphone photo posting and Flickr terms-of-service compliant image posting. Item-by-item "FeedBack". PayPal and Google Search tools. Editor, Reporter, and Freelance postings. Up to 10 feeds, up to 50 items/feed, up to 16K characters per item! And the new Supper Simple Syndication -- see below -- to build your follower base and enhance your SEO campaign. Check out all the features.

2. "Super Simple Syndication." You can now easily syndicate (embed) your feed on your website using only a one-line code "snippet". No anxiety about uploading that shootOnSite script. All the heavy lifting is done at Enfeedia. The method used ensures that search engines crawl and index the feed contents, enhancing your website SEO 'score'. Super Simple Syndication has been added to the Promote section of the website where you can learn more.

3. Syndicate your feed on your WORDPRESS website! Use Super Simple Syndication to embed your feed virtually anywhere you want on your Wordpress website. Just use the Enfeedia-provided code snippet in combination with the free "Insert PHP" plugin. Why syndicate a feed on a Wordpress site? Because unlike Wordpress' native postings, this method will not strip tags from your feed, meaning you can use the advanced features provided by Enfeedia without Wordpress stripping them out. Check out this strictly-demo Wordpress page to show you how it looks with images and videos, using one of the six snippet types Enfeedia offers.

4. Introducing Blogtrottr email delivery system, called FeedMail. Among other things, Blogtrottr offers your feed subscribers the ability to schedule new posting email delivery (that includes opt-out ability), versus FeedBurner's once-per-day mailings. Your subscribers can customize elements of the email, and can opt for a premium account to take greater control of their email communications. Subscribing is a 60-second process of submitting and verifying your email address. Enfeedia even supplies a code snippet you insert onto your site for bringing new subscribers for your feeds. (Blogtrottr is independently owned and operated.)

You are receiving this Blogtrottr-issued email because we even eliminated the registration process for Enfeedia members prior to September 23, 2014. Take a look at the bottom of the email -- you can opt out if you want. But we think that would be a mistake because we announce everything new about Enfeedia using our News feed. And ditto for our Tips feed -- for which you are also registered -- which offers great suggestions and ideas for getting maximum benefits from your Enfeedia membership and become a 'power feeder'.