Our "enfeedia" Feed

30 Nov 2014 09:46
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Having read reports of vulnerabilities of the SHA2 encryption method we had been using, we have upgraded to a more robust encryption method. But as a consequence, it is necessary for members who have not changed their password since November 29, 2014, to request a new password. Please go to the Contact Us page to do so. This change was strictly preventitive; no accounts were breached. We regret imposing the need to get a new password, but changing the encryption method requires it. We're serious about security .

After you request a new password, you can log in at the site and go to My Account to change your password to something you prefer, even your previous password if you wish.

We also took advantage of the down time to implement a Security Key feature. It is optional, but it provides more security to you when requesting a new password. It also makes it incredibly difficult for someone to log into your account. Until you activate it by selecting a key (at the My Account page), operation of the site is the same as before. We will post another item on this feed to describe this new (optional) Security Key feature.

The motivation behind the Security Key feature was in recognition that your Account Name is easily learned by anyone, since it appears in your feed addresses (URLs). For Enfeedia, the Account Name is, in effect, also your userID. Although across the internet userIDs are not explicitly private, because of the ease in learning your account Name -- hence userID -- we thought it wise to add the protection afforded by the Security Key. When you do activate it, RECORD IT, as you will need it to get a new password. Should you forget it, you will need to contact our technical support to have it deactivated, allowing you to create a new key.

Finally, please know that we neither ask for or record any financial related information from you, including credit card information or personal information other than your name and email address. No e-commerce is provided on Enfeedia; highly-regarded PayPal is used for all purchases.