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26 Dec 2019 12:28
Enfeedia ranking success, and what’s new for 2020 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) With its popularity among publishers using RSS feeds and reputation for focus on RSS topics, it’s no wonder that Enfeedia places first on Google search results using the search term “RSS news publisher” and “RSS news feed publisher”, fourth behind three Facebook listings for the term “news feed publisher” (no surprise there, Facebook is all about their news feed) and fifth for the term “RSS feed publisher” (all this on December 25, 2019). Our search reputation will contribute to yours, especially if you gain a listing on our home page.

In 2020, we will be focusing our attention on serious users of RSS technology for promoting their businesses and websites. Last year, we departed from the “freemium” business model; it’s difficult to give sufficient “RSS 101” help to newbies using RSS who are not fully committed to improving their businesses.

This year we’re taking this one step further. We will be partnering with enterprises whose leaders understand the need for active promotion and are committed to success in the promotion programs. It’s more important to us to actively supporting a few handfuls of enterprises where we can be a factor in their success than to racking up a large customer base of those that see promotion as simply an as-time-permits activity.

If you represent an organization that puts promotion as a top priority initiative, contact us. We can help. Click the title of this article or go to www.enfeedia.com/contact-us.php to learn more.