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24 Sep 2012 17:58
Ongoing SME62.ORG Website Maintenance and Enhancements 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherFrom Ken Gorman: As previously committed, I will provide ongoing support of this website indefinitely into the future, for as long as the gang finds the site has value and it gets used. Originally, the plan was that my support would be to basically maintain the integrity of the website, with a volunteer "Members Admin" supporting members' requests and a volunteer "Content Admin" posting new content. Generally there was not an expectation that significant new features would be added.

Members Admin. First, I am pleased to announce Nancy Potter has offered to be Members Admin. If you need help regarding your profile, for example, she will be there for you. You will contact her by going to the Contact Us page, entering your message, and clicking a soon-to-be-added Members Admin button. Nancy has been terrific in helping test the website and providing support for playing the "In Memoriam" movie at the reunion. Naturally I will help Nancy get started and provide help to her along the way if/when needed.

Content Admin. I believe for the website to be an ongoing success that I should continue the role of Content Admin rather than solicit the help of a volunteer. I think this will help assure consistency of information across the site.

Moreover, I expect there will be requests to add photos to the photo gallery, perhaps videos to a TBD video gallery, requests to post new events, and respond to the inevitable requests for new features (additional photos or video in one's profile?) and perhaps add pages to the site. So I am expanding support to include improvements and new features. Your suggestions for improvements will be invaluable to me. Of course, I will probably have to be selective based on the time it will take to implement new features and prioritize improvements based on the value to all of you.

Whereas the volunteer activities for the reunion have come to a close, website maintenance and enhancements will continue for years. If you feel so inclined to contribute a few bucks to support the website, it will be much appreciated. To do so, click: SME62 Website Support Fund. A PayPal window with the title "Keligo" at the top will open that provides the ability to pay by credit card without requiring you to have a PayPal account.

As a thank you to those who do elect to contribute, I will provide a password to a blog I will create that will provide tips and explanations from time to time about a range of internet topics, sort of an "Internet 101" blog. It will be geared to those who have very little, if any, background in using an online computer. You will be able to suggest topics. And I will attempt to answer questions you might have.