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05 Jan 2023 08:11
Status as of January 5, 2023 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherThe website has taken shape. Elements are all placed, even some elements not included in the architectural plan for the website. They are in the form of easily identifiable "cards" with headings making it easy for the site visitor to locate content of interest. There is no need for a site map as the site is one page. (There may be a page added relating to the Calendar.)

Some explanatory site content has been added (but not club content), as well as some descriptions of what should comprise club content. Elements are arranged consistent with having two audiences (members, non-members) and priority of interest/importance therein. Key to progress is defining roles and permissions based on person's Title, Role (a numeric assignment) and a set of tags akin to hash tags.

Focus will now turn to the Membership function and the Time Capsules Calendar. Operation of the Calendar is a function of the roles and permissions of individual members or class of members.

A fundamental question to be answered is the "scope" of the site, meaning what geographical locations must members reside in to be qualified to join the club. The answer to that question has fundamental effect on many aspects of the website.