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04 Sep 2014 22:37
Implement free, unlimited, basic email campaigns with Enfeedia 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) If you've been looking for a way to implement a no-frills email campaign (aka email blast) in compliance with CAN-SPAM regulations, but came up empty on options when you calculated the per-recipient costs, then you should consider using Enfeedia. Here's how it goes:

Open a FREE Enfeedia Communicator membership and create a feed for your email messages. Post a FeedMail subscription button on your website (code provided by Enfeedia) along with a message encouraging people to sign up. The registration process includes email verification to positively ensure people are opting in to receive your FeedMail.

When you post your messages on your feed, the items are sent to subscribers by FeedMail. They can choose to have control over the scheduling of mail delivery by optionally opening an account at Blogtrottr, the mail delivery service used by Enfeedia's FeedMail. They can choose to opt out whenever they wish, following instructions included in every email. Whenever you post your next "email message", it will be issued to all subscribers.

You won't get fancy email formats, but you will get automatic delivery of your professional looking email to an unlimited number of subscribers FOR FREE, while complying with strict CAN-SPAM regulations.

By the way, your feed can also be easily embedded on your website using Super Simple Syndication, so site visitors can read your previously emailed messages. When they discover they value your messages, they are very likely to subscribe so they get them delivered to their in-basket. And there is nice byproduct of embedding your feed on your website: enhancing your SEO campaign.

(Those of you familiar with RSS feeds will recognize that what I'm doing is looking at feeds as a way of driving email versus the traditional view of RSS feeds as something you subscribe to at feed aggregator websites.)