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16 Jul 2015 17:08
Change to the Title Link Feature to Overcome Common User Oversight 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) The default setting for your Item Link (the address of the page that opens when one clicks your Item Title) is the NewsPage for the feed in which that item is posted. Not a bad idea. However, when one views that item in its NewsPage and clicks the title, the NewsPage is opened again! Bad idea. Many users inadvertently or deliberately used the NewsPage address for the Title Link perhaps simply because it was set as the default.

As of today, Enfeedia defeats the Item Link when the item appears in its NewsPage if it is in fact the address of the NewsPage. Any other link will be unaltered. So the current operation is that when an item having a Item Link corresponding to its NewsPage appears in the NewsPage, the item has no Item Link at all. It's not the same as you deciding to leave the Item Link blank, because in that case, the item would never have a link no matter where it appeared (e.g., syndicated on some website or presented by a feed reader/aggregator).

The default Item Link is the same as the link you assigned to the Feed Link. If you left that blank, Enfeedia sets the Feed Link to the NewsPage address, and therefore the Item Links for all your items you post get that default address. You can override the default setting when you set up your feed in the first place, and alter it later if you wish by going to Set Up Feeds and changing the Feed Link.

As a reminder, it's not necessary to even include an Item Link. It's helpful if the item you are posting is not complete on its own or refers to another page, in which case you will want to link to that page. However, if your item is fully sufficient as it stands, then there is no benefit to linking to another page. (Some users, even in this case, elect to link to their own website.)

Note that this item has no Item Link because this feature is fully explained in this posting. You can tell when there's no Item Link because it is not "highlighted" like is the case for links.