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29 Feb 2016 22:03
Be sure to "work you account" to get the terrific benefits of Enfeedia and RSS feeds 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Some of you create an account, then do nothing with it. Some others create a feed but never publish anything on it so it never sees the light of day. Yet others publish just one item. None of these behaviors bring you the value of Enfeedia and leave me puzzled.

Please tell me what stops you from using your account to the fullest. If it's something about Enfeedia that needs fixin', we'll do it. Go to the Contact Us page and fire away, don't be bashful. Some of your feedback may result in new tips being posted here.

While I have your attention, please note the following best practices that will serve you well:

(1) Choose an account name and feed names that help your SEO efforts. Remember, they both appear in your NewsPage URL. Because the NewsPage is a standalone webpage and get scanned by search engines, your account name and feed names should help the search engines figure out what the page is about!

(2) Your feed title should be pithy and about the ongoing series of items you intend to post. The feed description is required and should elaborate on what the feed topic is. Use your feed title link to your advantage, like linking to your website.

(3) The titles of your items should be about that specific item. And again, pithy is good. Elaborate with your item description aka article. That's where all the communication is taking place, like the body of an email. (Although sometimes just the title is sufficient.) Take advantage of your item title link to steer your viewer to the background story or article or webpage that extends your posting into greater depth. Your viewer will appreciate it.

(4) Use text links in the item description to get control of your viewer. Instructions are included where you do the posting.

I recommend you look over our Glossary, it will make setting up your feeds and posting items a breeze. Find it by clicking the Glossary button on the Enfeedia home page.