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13 May 2010 12:26
How to podcast your YouTube video and embed the podcast on your website 
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Podcasting is a method for distributing media using RSS feeds deriving benefits of RSS such as automatic notification to subscribers when items are posted. If you plan on publishing just one video on YouTube, your news feed provides an excellent way to get that video in front of others. If you publish a number of videos, each video being an episode in your series, an Enfeedia RSS feed is the perfect mechanism for distribution of those videos. You can annotate what viewers will see by entering that information in the item title and/or description.

Once you've posted your video on YouTube, it's a simple matter to include it in your feed. When posting an item, just paste the URL (address) for your video into the space provided on same form where you enter your other item information. YouTube provides the URL; referring to this image, you click the "Share" button to open the window showing the URL (both the Share button and URL are highlighted in yellow). That's all there is to it. You're in the podcasting business.

Embedding the Video on Your Site

Once you are podcasting, you can embed your podcast on your site by simply inserting a small code snippet into your webpage (this is done just once). Put the snippet where you want your podcast to show. It's php code, so your server must support php, but virtually all servers do. Typically, you'll want to present only the most recent video -- more than one can be confusing -- but the decision is yours, and it's controlled by that code snippet.

The video does not begin to play until one clicks the "play" icon. Or they can click the video to view it in full size at YouTube. If your video is sufficiently entertaining or interesting or educational such that the viewer wants to see more, they can simply click the Enfeedia "E" icon to open the complete feed in a new window. Better yet, they can set up "pings" such that whenever you add a video to your podcast, they will be automatically notified by email! They simple click a link in that email to view your podcast.