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16 Jun 2013 12:08
About the value of retaining existing customers and how RSS can be used for that purpose 
enfeedia RSS feed publisher FeedBack ( 0) Here's an important article about the value of retaining existing customers. Consider how a marketing program using your own RSS feed can be used in an ongoing campaign to retain customers. Periodic postings about your company and products will remind your previous customers about why they purchased from you originally, and keep your company in mind when they need products/services such as you provide in the future.

Just as you like the financial benefits of retaining customers, customers prefer to buy from a supplier who they trust and with whom that have a successful relationship rather, than take a chance on a new supplier. Use your RSS feed to keep you and your customers 'glued together'.

It's important, of course, that you post material that is valuable to them and catches their eye. So make your posting both informative and entertaining. Imagery, especially videos, can be very effective at both. Enfeedia provides a simple way to embed YouTube videos right inside your RSS feed items (just insert the YouTube-provided URL) and to include Flickr images consistent with Flickr's TOU, such that you can draw your customers into your photo gallery at Flickr.