What about that read enfeedia news feed icon?

Click the icon to view the "NewsPage" for this feed. A NewsPage is Enfeedia's presentation of an RSS feed wherein the complete feed is presented, with each item presented at full length. Every feed published in Enfeedia comes with an accompanying NewsPage.

A number of tools are provided with the NewsPages for helping you take advantage of the benefits of RSS.

One of the most useful and popular features is the ability, for feeds published by premium members, to choose to receive email alerts when items are posted on the feed. When you open the feed's NewsPage, select the "Alerts" menu item.

Click the icon to view the NewsPage and learn what it's all about.

If you would like to learn more about RSS feeds and how you can use Enfeedia to publish your own feeds, click the "Home button above, then select the "Explore" menu item.

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