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09 Dec 2018 10:06
photoHere's a sneak preview of work in progress of the new SBR Clubs website that is getting close to release.

If you are contemplating adding a club, NOW IS THE TIME TO CONTACT ME to get started. I will consult with you on a first-come-first-served basis.

By the way, notice you can add a Google Search tool as shown here to your news feed postings. That is, if you do. 🤔 Enter a search term and give it a try.

04 Nov 2018 16:24
Now is the time to determine how to best present your club online 
The SBR Clubs progress is picking up speed because important decisions having been made working with RCI. Now is the time to determine how you want people to see your club and determine what features you need. Identify what are absolute requirements separate from nice-to-have. I can help you with this process and point to solutions that will be best for you.

I will happily participate in your brainstorming or reviewing your plans in the order in which I receive requests. Even if you already have started this process, such a session might lead you to some better decisions. I will not "push" SBR clubs solutions, but I will definitely help you understand where the SBR Clubs is going regarding features that currently and those on the horizon (how about interactive video conferencing including desktop document sharing) so you don't overlook some opportunities.

Contact me at .

31 Oct 2018 15:01
Moving On 
After getting most of my questions answered by RCI, it's safe for me to continue. Because the final answer I'm waiting for may affect how clubs are to be handled vis-a-vis RCI, I will postpone meeting with club officials until I have some important features implemented that will give you total control of your completely independent of RCI affording you great freedom.

Clubs will no longer need to meet with the HOA as far as this SBR Clubs website is operated. New clubs can start up their listing here on their own, just be entering parameters (choices) into a form, without seeking approval from anyone! Check back here for updates, or better yet, register for alerts so you receive an email notification whenever something new is posted.

05 Sep 2018 07:28
The problem with "mass" emailing, and a preview of using feeds 
What’s the problem with placing large email lists on the To: line of your email versus the Bcc: line? Here's what one informed person says about this:

All it takes is one person's computer to be infected with virus/malware and everyone is now harvested. That's what the Bcc: is for!

You should not use mass emailings in this manner. If you receive such an email showing everyone's email address in plain view, remind the sender to use the Bcc: line. Do not risk your email address being harvested by spammers/scammers.

Alternatives to email blasts using feeds will be offered in the SBR Clubs 2.0 system (and in fact are being used by some clubs already). Stay tuned.

By the way, the message you are now reading is an item in a feed -- "clubsitenews" -- that is embedded on this page. It's entered without having any knowledge or even awareness of how a web page works -- just by entering information into a form similar to opening an account to an online store. Furthermore, you can subscribe to this feed and get email notifications from "Blogtrottr" when items are posted, so you don't have to keep checking back here to see if something new is posted. Notice Blogtrottr issues the email, not you, and they know how to deal with pesky issues relating to spam avoidance. To subscribe, click here and follow the instructions. Notice the address (URL) of this feed that's needed for subscribing is already entered for you; you just need to enter your email address. You will be given instructions on verifying your email address.

01 Jun 2018 21:15
Implentation Plan for Adding Clubs and Club Information Onto the SBR Clubs Site 
Before the information for clubs now in SBR Clubs 2.0 can be expanded and widgets can be put to work, as well as before clubs not yet in the system can be added, the "method" for club COs to enter the information must first be developed and tested. Club COs are responsible for the content itself and for entering it onto the site. It will be simple, based on forms.

That having been said, two new clubs (Illinois and Woodworkers) will be added early on as part of the development process. Please be patient as this new SBR Clubs 2.0 website comes together.

This is a good time for all clubs to determine what they want for the content to appear on SBR Clubs, and determine how certain widgets might be beneficial for their clubs. There are quite a few choices. I (Ken Gorman) am available for consultation on those matters.

28 May 2018 20:52
INTRODUCING "QUICK PICK" -- Short-Cut Access for Frequent Users 
Prior to this change, one method was provided for finding a club of interest. That method was to select a section of clubs based on the Club Category. Typically the category is obvious, but there can be cases not so obvious. For example, a person's hobby can be to produce works of art. Do you look into "Hobbies" or "Art & Technology"? This method works well for people who are not yet familiar with the clubs at SBR. But for frequent users, the extra navigation can be an inconvenience if not outright irritating.

What's being introduced now is a "Quick Pick" method that offers a shortcut for those who are familiar with the clubs, especially the handful of clubs that the participate in. With this method, the club graphical icons are immediately presented to the site visitor (always in alphabetical order of club name). Just clicking an icon will open the SBR Clubs listing for that club. Repeated selections of icons will repeatedly show the listing for the seletion.

22 May 2018 13:24
SBR Clubs 2.0 v1 Now Released 
SBR Clubs 2.0 is now the new landing page for all HOA Clubs/Groups/Activities (which we refer to generically as clubs).

This is version 1 that supports all the existing clubs as presented on the previous "tile" version of the site. This new site is more like a directory with features attached to listings in the directory as chosen (or will be chosen) by club leaders appropriate to their needs.

Please report any issues to Ken Gorman by going to the Contact page (use the "More" drop down list to select "Contact Webmaster".

20 May 2018 13:39
UPDATE: Widget Samples On Display for Your Consideration in Planning Your Club Presentation 
As of this writing, you will find a number of widgets being used for display and function purposes only. (I may fiddle with graphics or sequencing widgets, whatever.) Additional widgets are being considered. The purpose of showing these now is to help you plan your club's presentation on the SBR Clubs website. (Before I start, remember, the link to the SBR Clubs 2.0 site under development is .)

1. Every club listing now includes a mail icon that when clicked opens an email form for mail to be sent to the person associated with the icon. These are fully functional. Most clubs only have a specified chief officer, so only one widget is used.

2. Check out the Tennis Association in the Sports Section. A series of icons are presented, most of which are functional using real material of the club, not faked. Try them all to get the idea of how they will work. At the moment, this is implemented only for the Tennis club, but generalizing the implementation to work for all clubs has begun. (You also see three mail icons for this club, as chief officer, admin assistant and contact have all been specified.)

Here is a sample of the widgets as presented for the Tennis Association:

From left to right, here's what they mean:
- Photography; this widget is for opening the club's photo gallery.
- Video; for opening a YouTube or Vimeo video, or a YouTue Channel
- RSS Feed, News; for presenting a club News feed. (Notice the "N" in the icon.)
- RSS Feed, Events; for presenting the club Events feed. (Notice then "E".) Future and past events are presented.
- RSS Feed, Meetings; for presenting the club Meetings feed ("M"), Future and past meetings are presented.
- MyGrove; offering club communications and file sharing. (INACTIVE)
- DropBox; for accessing files (of virtually any type) from the DropBox cloud. (INACTIVE)
- Facebook and Twitter: for going to club page or feed, should they have accounts. (INACTIVE)
These tools provide a variety of ways to communicate using text, photos and videos, plus share files of all types. Other widgets are planned; recommendations will be considered.

18 May 2018 07:16
What are Widgets? They are very task specific tools that provide important services generally common to all clubs. An obvious example is a Mail Form. Click the name of a representative of the club to open an email widget. Simply enter basic info, like who you are, your email address, and your message, and click "send", and the mail is delivered to the chief official of the club.

Actually there will be three email choices for email delivery; you can also send your email to the assisant administrator and to the secretary/treasurer. Who determines who those people are? The club leadership (e.g., the board of directors if the club has one). What if those actual positions don't exist? The club can decide to omit them, in which case the corresponding widget will not be displayed, or simply designate someone in the club who is willing to help out. It's all determined by information the club enters into the club profile.

Most widgets will be accessed by clicking small icon (kinda like the facebook "f" icon) to start the task. None re currently shown as they are in development.

Other examples of widgets include accessing a shared folder/file on a cloud server (e.g., dropbox), accusing a YouTube or Vimeo video, or video channel, accessing a photo sharing site like Flickr, perhaps uploading a document (tbd), going to the club's Twitter or Facebook account (if they have them). Simply click the widget icon, and off you go to that "micro task".

Where will these widget icons be found? Lined up in a row below the club description.

By taking advantage of these widgets, and by uploading a document to the SBR Clubs website to serve as the club's main informational document, it's possible that many clubs will not even need a website. It's all decided by the club, and decisions are implemented by entering appropriate information into the club's profile. No coding, no debugging. The information can be changed anytime, and it takes effect once the profile is submitted.

15 May 2018 07:37
SBR Clubs 2.0 Update, May 15, 2018: All clubs sites are "in place" 
At this time, all clubs known to me are included on the new pre-released SBR Clubs 2.0 site. This includes sites from the current site, clubs registered with the HOA, and a few sites that are expected to be registered with the HOA very soon. If not registered at the time of release, those sites will be automatically disabled from appearing.

The sites that are not currently registered are indicated by "Coming Soon" immediately preceeding the club name. Clubs with a maroon square in place of a graphic simply indicates one does not yet exist for that club yet. I will be implementing a feature wherein the club owner or delegate can upload the graphic. The website will automatically re-size it. Instrutions will be available when the feature is ready.

When will I cutover to SBR Clubs 2.0? Probably next week, giving those who currently have a presence on the current site a chance to check over their new listing. We need to make sure persons referenced as contacts (CO: chief officer, AA: admin assistant, ST: secretary/treasurer) are included and are correct -- assuming the club has AA and ST positions. The CO position is required for all clubs to be listed on the site.

-- Ken Gorman

09 May 2018 21:19
The recently announced SBR Clubs redesign -- SBR Clubs 2.0 -- is well underway, with Phase 1 completed today. All clubs/groups/activities (collectively referred to as "clubs") that are present on the current SBR Clubs website are up and running on SBR Clubs 2.0 (aka "Clubs").

All other clubs "recognized" by the SBR HOA are also represented on Clubs but are incomplete, and are marked "Coming Soon". And there are a few clubs included that are not yet even known to the HOA as they are so new. Phase 2 is all about completing the work to get those clubs properly included. And Phase 3 is about getting service "widgets" installed; more about that below.

Club officials need to review what's presented on the Clubs website ASAP and provide feedback to the Clubs webmaster (Ken Gorman) with corrections and additions. And to get their club formed with the HOA. The work includes the (1) club chief officer (CO) meeting with the HOA Admin (Dani Herbert) to review plans, to set up the club using a minimal set of information provided by the club, to receive a password provided by the HOA Admin, and to make sure any paperwork required by the HOA is completed, and (2) using the provided password, a person designated by the CO entering more detailed information about the club. The SBR Clubs Webmaster is available throughout this process to facilitate the process.

With this re-design, clubs will be free to choose how they want their club represented without dependency on the Clubs Webmaster. Regarding individual club websites, those that already have a website can continue to use it without any changed being required, and will continue to received support of the Clubs Webmaster per commitments.. Or clubs may prefer to develop a website on their own. Some options are extremely simple and although restricted in terms of features. At the other end of the spectrum, clubs can have strongly featured and glamorous websites. In a follow-on posting here, some example alternatives will be described.

(Some clubs have already begun to use MyGrove as the basis for their website. Unfortunately, absolutely no one can view MyGrove-based clubs aka groups without first joining the club. As that is contrary to the interest of the SBR Clubs and HOA (the general public and of course SBR residents need to able to browse club offerings without first joining the club), MyGrove-based sites will be treated as private-access only for the enjoyment of members and accessed using a "special service" widget, such that the club will be required to have a public-accessible descriptive website or online document referenced by the Club Name link.)

Finally, many clubs may discover, based on the built-in services of the Clubs page, that a website is not even needed. The Clubs website has integrated in the ability to describe your club, to include contacting the club using built-in email forms, to connect to online documents, to access photo galleries, to access videos and video channels -- in short, cover all the needs of some 80% of the clubs. The widgets for those services are not yet included.

Check back to this feed for updates; better yet, register for email alerts to be notified when new items are posted here. Click Register for Alerts.

04 Feb 2018 08:21
Club Representation in this Clubs Website, the "Home of SaddleBrooke Ranch Clubs" 
Is your club represented on this Clubs Website? If not, the community may not know your club exists! Remember, the HOA website connects to this website for all-things clubs (notice the "Clubs" tab in the menu bar.) Click here for additional information plus a form to contact Ken Gorman for adding your club. Whether you want a minimal statement of your club or have special needs like a directory and a membership tool, your club will benefit because of the eyeballs coming to your site.

Also, those clubs that are represented here can having postings on this feed about topics of general interest to the whole community -- like festivals, exhibitions, auctions. If you are working to expand your membership, this additional (free) exposure can pay dividends.

21 Nov 2016 17:04
The Artist Showcase now has 27 artists represented 
See the amazing variety of terrific art by SBR residents. More have been added since the 2015 Art Walk. Are you an artist and would like to he showcased on the Artist Showcase -- for free? Click "I need information" and learn all about it.

21 Nov 2016 16:59
This Clubs website is now known as: The Home Of Saddlebrooke Ranch Clubs. 
Do you have a club that you'd like represented on the site -- for free? Go to The Home of SaddleBrooke Ranch Clubs and open the "Add You Club or Community Activity" drop down.

21 Nov 2016 16:55
"We Be Beaders" is the latest addition to the clubs lineup at The Home Of SaddleBrooke Ranch Clubs. 
We Be Beaders is also known as the SaddleBrooke Ranch Beading Club. Membership is open to all SaddleBrookeRanch residents.

26 Jul 2016 13:35
Introducing PetWise! 
Communicating All-Things Pets With The SaddleBrooke Ranch Community

01 Jul 2016 14:42
Vroom! Ranch Riders Motorcycle Club in high gear 
The Ranch Riders club is rev'ing up and gaining traction. Interested in riding with members to interesting places? Check out the club site and contact them about membership.

07 Jan 2016 18:50
NEW: SBR Women's Club (replaces the Birthday Club) 
The Women's Club is an expansion and replacement of the previous Birthday Lunch Club.

07 Jan 2016 18:46
Photos of 2015 Steiness Tennis Festival now posted on Tennis website 
Go to the Tennis website, click the "More" button, then click the Photo/Video button and select the "Second Annual Steins Tennis Festival 2015".

09 Oct 2015 01:45
Horseback Riding Club's 4th annual Chuck Wagon Dinner at Tanque Verde Ranch 
A one hour horseback, or a short wagon ride, are offered followed by a delicious dinner buffet and dessert around the campfire. There is a cowboy singing during dinner, line dancing after dinner, and an open bar. There is also an option for the dinner buffet only.
Click item title for more information about this Horseback Riding Club event.

19 Sep 2015 16:59
Billiards Club now represented on Clubs website 
Description of the club to be added, but you can use the email form to contact the club leader.

21 Jan 2015 23:21
Found a bug? Have a question or suggestion? Contact Webmaster! 
If anything appears to be a bug or something seems wrong or confusing, or if you have a suggestion for improving the site, contact the webmaster. To do so, click the "Contact Webmaster" menu item in the purple column on the left side of any page.

03 Jan 2015 06:21
Artist Showcase now presenting 20 terrific artists and their art samples! Are you an SBR artist? 
Twenty artists now have images of samples of their terrific work presented on the Artist Showcase. We look forward to adding more artists as they discover the site, and as more artists move into the community. Image the impact of this website as the community grows over the years. Please tell your artist friends to check us out. There is no cost to anyone -- that's right, this website is offered for free.

If you are an artist residing at SaddleBrooke Ranch and would like to participate, click "I'm an artist" to open the website, then click "About the Showcase" in the footer section of the page to open a document that explains this artists' "collective" and provides the means to submit a request to participate.

20 Dec 2014 20:13
Welcome to the News about SaddleBrooke Ranch Clubs 
This feed will present news about SBR clubs: News about clubs being formed, special club news of community-wide interest, special events for the community sponsored by clubs, etc.
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