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09 May 2018 21:19
enfeedia RSS feed publisherThe recently announced SBR Clubs redesign -- SBR Clubs 2.0 -- is well underway, with Phase 1 completed today. All clubs/groups/activities (collectively referred to as "clubs") that are present on the current SBR Clubs website are up and running on SBR Clubs 2.0 (aka "Clubs").

All other clubs "recognized" by the SBR HOA are also represented on Clubs but are incomplete, and are marked "Coming Soon". And there are a few clubs included that are not yet even known to the HOA as they are so new. Phase 2 is all about completing the work to get those clubs properly included. And Phase 3 is about getting service "widgets" installed; more about that below.

Club officials need to review what's presented on the Clubs website ASAP and provide feedback to the Clubs webmaster (Ken Gorman) with corrections and additions. And to get their club formed with the HOA. The work includes the (1) club chief officer (CO) meeting with the HOA Admin (Dani Herbert) to review plans, to set up the club using a minimal set of information provided by the club, to receive a password provided by the HOA Admin, and to make sure any paperwork required by the HOA is completed, and (2) using the provided password, a person designated by the CO entering more detailed information about the club. The SBR Clubs Webmaster is available throughout this process to facilitate the process.

With this re-design, clubs will be free to choose how they want their club represented without dependency on the Clubs Webmaster. Regarding individual club websites, those that already have a website can continue to use it without any changed being required, and will continue to received support of the Clubs Webmaster per commitments.. Or clubs may prefer to develop a website on their own. Some options are extremely simple and although restricted in terms of features. At the other end of the spectrum, clubs can have strongly featured and glamorous websites. In a follow-on posting here, some example alternatives will be described.

(Some clubs have already begun to use MyGrove as the basis for their website. Unfortunately, absolutely no one can view MyGrove-based clubs aka groups without first joining the club. As that is contrary to the interest of the SBR Clubs and HOA (the general public and of course SBR residents need to able to browse club offerings without first joining the club), MyGrove-based sites will be treated as private-access only for the enjoyment of members and accessed using a "special service" widget, such that the club will be required to have a public-accessible descriptive website or online document referenced by the Club Name link.)

Finally, many clubs may discover, based on the built-in services of the Clubs page, that a website is not even needed. The Clubs website has integrated in the ability to describe your club, to include contacting the club using built-in email forms, to connect to online documents, to access photo galleries, to access videos and video channels -- in short, cover all the needs of some 80% of the clubs. The widgets for those services are not yet included.

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