Our "clubsitenews" Feed

18 May 2018 07:16
enfeedia RSS feed publisherWhat are Widgets? They are very task specific tools that provide important services generally common to all clubs. An obvious example is a Mail Form. Click the name of a representative of the club to open an email widget. Simply enter basic info, like who you are, your email address, and your message, and click "send", and the mail is delivered to the chief official of the club.

Actually there will be three email choices for email delivery; you can also send your email to the assisant administrator and to the secretary/treasurer. Who determines who those people are? The club leadership (e.g., the board of directors if the club has one). What if those actual positions don't exist? The club can decide to omit them, in which case the corresponding widget will not be displayed, or simply designate someone in the club who is willing to help out. It's all determined by information the club enters into the club profile.

Most widgets will be accessed by clicking small icon (kinda like the facebook "f" icon) to start the task. None re currently shown as they are in development.

Other examples of widgets include accessing a shared folder/file on a cloud server (e.g., dropbox), accusing a YouTube or Vimeo video, or video channel, accessing a photo sharing site like Flickr, perhaps uploading a document (tbd), going to the club's Twitter or Facebook account (if they have them). Simply click the widget icon, and off you go to that "micro task".

Where will these widget icons be found? Lined up in a row below the club description.

By taking advantage of these widgets, and by uploading a document to the SBR Clubs website to serve as the club's main informational document, it's possible that many clubs will not even need a website. It's all decided by the club, and decisions are implemented by entering appropriate information into the club's profile. No coding, no debugging. The information can be changed anytime, and it takes effect once the profile is submitted.