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28 May 2018 20:52
INTRODUCING "QUICK PICK" -- Short-Cut Access for Frequent Users 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherPrior to this change, one method was provided for finding a club of interest. That method was to select a section of clubs based on the Club Category. Typically the category is obvious, but there can be cases not so obvious. For example, a person's hobby can be to produce works of art. Do you look into "Hobbies" or "Art & Technology"? This method works well for people who are not yet familiar with the clubs at SBR. But for frequent users, the extra navigation can be an inconvenience if not outright irritating.

What's being introduced now is a "Quick Pick" method that offers a shortcut for those who are familiar with the clubs, especially the handful of clubs that the participate in. With this method, the club graphical icons are immediately presented to the site visitor (always in alphabetical order of club name). Just clicking an icon will open the SBR Clubs listing for that club. Repeated selections of icons will repeatedly show the listing for the seletion.