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01 Jun 2018 21:15
Implentation Plan for Adding Clubs and Club Information Onto the SBR Clubs Site 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherBefore the information for clubs now in SBR Clubs 2.0 can be expanded and widgets can be put to work, as well as before clubs not yet in the system can be added, the "method" for club COs to enter the information must first be developed and tested. Club COs are responsible for the content itself and for entering it onto the site. It will be simple, based on forms.

That having been said, two new clubs (Illinois and Woodworkers) will be added early on as part of the development process. Please be patient as this new SBR Clubs 2.0 website comes together.

This is a good time for all clubs to determine what they want for the content to appear on SBR Clubs, and determine how certain widgets might be beneficial for their clubs. There are quite a few choices. I (Ken Gorman) am available for consultation on those matters.