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13 Feb 2019 21:30
Release of the new version of the SBR Clubs site, now the "Access All Clubs Association" 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherToday, the updated version of the SBR Clubs site has been installed. The name "SBR Clubs" is being changed to the "Access All Clubs Association" (AACA) because:

1. It's all about accessing clubs at SBR (where clubs includes groups, activities, associations, and any other term applied to people organizing themselves for some common interest),
2. It will provide the ability for any home owner to create a custom website on their own without doing any coding, and
3. The AACA is itself a club (aka association) having membership open to all SBR residents.

First, it's important to point out it has all the features of the release that's being retired, and presented in the same form. You will quickly recognize the array of club tiles and the Browse By Category section.

The primary new features are:

1. Residents who become members of the AACA can create their own online presence for their clubs without having to consult with anyone. The HOA is no longer in the loop for giving permission to have a club site. The only get involved if you use HOA facilities because they require a release of liability. Even then, you do not have to wait to get your club online. In other words, the HOA and the clubs are fully independent except for the waiver it you use HOA facilities. The HOA establishes no rules as to the content of your site.

2. Club officials who are members of the AACA have the ability to post items on the AACA all-clubs-news feed viewable in real-time by all SBR residents that offers more posting options compared to the Weekly Reminder email including videos and links to points of interest. No longer do residents need to wait for a weekly updates; items of interest can be posted at any time and be immediately viewable. People can also register for email alerts to be receive notifications when new items are posted, eliminating the need to frequently visit sites to make sure they aren't missing important news.

3. The brand new "Express Site Access" feature monitors your club site selections fro the tile array and posts your six most recently visited sites conveniently located at the top of the page. This feature will substantially if not completely eliminate the need to search for the a club tile in the array of tiles for those who tend to access a small number of sites. Furthermore, clicking a tile in the Express Site Access section will take you directly to the club's website. Yes, one-click express access to club sites.

To see more about the new and upcoming features, go to the Log In page where you can find the benefits of membership.

Known bugs or areas needing work:
- The membership sign up feature is not yet installed. Until that is implemented, persons cannot start up a club site. This is top priority.
- The Chat room is incomplete and not currently functional.
- The webmaster access feature is broken.
- The email alert system for postings on feeds is being re-evaluated to offer auto opted-in service. Meanwhile the current system using Google's Feedburner will continue.

Once the membership sign-up feature is ready, all club officials will individually be sent emails providing them their sign-up credentials.

If you have questions or wish to report problems or suggestions, please email them to Ken Gorman at ken@keligo.com.