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19 Feb 2019 08:13
What does the HOA Northstar transition mean regarding your SBR club websites and the AACA? 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherOn February 18, 2019, the HOA announced a new policy regarding clubs. It has significant impact on clubs vis-a-vis their websites. Last summer, in response to a question asked to Andrea, "no change" would be made to the process of linking over to the SBR Clubs site with the transition to Northstar as the platform for the HOA site. Specifically, the HOA site would continue to connect to the site.

Moreover, the AACA is itself a club having members who enjoy advanced features, notably the ability to create basic websites for free without writing any software, even to offer clubs online presence for those clubs not interested in having a traditional website.The site was renamed the "Access All Clubs Association", or AACA, as it more accurately describes the enhanced functionality of the site; however it continues to support access to websites without change. The added functionality was in anticipation of the expected transition to the Northstar platform, and figures prominently as a solution to clubs' website challenges and expense as a result of the new policy. This is detailed below point by point.

In August 2018, Ken Gorman informed Tim Fudge of his plan to retire from developing custom websites for clubs in July 2019. To provide ongoing website support for clubs post-July 2019, he began development of the successor to the SBR Clubs site, the AACA, that would be continue to be accessed by clicking the "Clubs" link on the HOA site. A preliminary phase involved the HOA in the process of "creating clubs" including formation of websites.

The HOA made a critical decision in the Fall of 2018, that being to "have nothing to do with clubs". The policy announced yesterday formalizes that decision. The AACA operates independently of the HOA for the specific purpose of providing clubs online presence to facilitate operation of their clubs and promotion of their clubs to all SBR residents and those not yet residents but contemplating moving here.

The AACA site coming online the past few weeks provides a smooth transition for clubs. Specifically, those clubs that have website would not need to do anything to their sites with the transition to Northstar. But what about clubs not currently having websites? The AACA provides the means for clubs to create well-featured custom websites at no cost and not involving writing any software. Even sites requiring more advanced features such as resource scheduling and the planned video conferencing tool can implement those features on their own without writing any software whatsoever. This design gives clubs the ability to control content and structure of their sites and maintain them without any technical skills other than one would have to send and read email.

-- The new policy states "Clubs will no longer be required to have or maintain a website; this is the choice of the Club." The AACA provides the means to have/maintain their own website. And for those not wishing to have one, to display information about their club on the AACA including one-click access to email forms for accessing club leaders, for displaying news feeds, accessing photo/video libraries, and other functions.

-- Additionally, All Clubs who wish to maintain a site will be responsible for the development and maintenance of their own websites at the Clubs expense. The AACA as developed specifically as a club to provide access to website creation/maintenance resources at no expense to the clubs for basic sites, and minimal expense for advanced features. No technical experience is required. If one can do online shopping are peruse social media, they are fully equipped to create a club website and maintain the content and structure of the site.

Ken Gorman is currently conducting meetings with groups having similar topics (e.g., the various dance clubs) and, with the HOA announcement in the open, will be conducting meetings open to all club leaders to introduce the system and provide guidance on how to go about the process of creating their online presence. Q&A sessions and demonstrations of AACA features will be held from time to time.

The AACA imposes no policy restrictions on clubs. Matters regarding agreements, waivers, advertising, etc, are between the HOA and clubs. For more information as to getting started with your websites, contact Ken Gorman at ken@keligo.com.