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21 Feb 2019 12:16
AACA Introduction Meeting for all SBR club leaders, March 6, 1:30, La Mesa 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherPlease plan to attend an Access All Clubs Association (AACA) kick-off meeting on Wednesday, March 6, at 1:30pm in La Mesa room. You will receive a reminder in the Weekly Reminder email on March 4. I will be hoping to complete the meeting in 60 to 90 minutes, but I have the room for 2 hours if anyone wants to hang around for questions specific to their goals.

If you have club leaders not included on this email and who you might expect to take part in your website creation activities, please bring them along, and please let me know who they are so I can update my records. To use the website creation and editing tools, one will have to be a member of the AACA because members will have privileged access to those features. Some have already taken the step to become members.

It's impossible to pick a time convenient to all, so I expect there will be the need for a second meeting at a TBD time, targeting a date as soon after the first one as possible, on the same topics. I will post a simple sign-up sheet on the AACA site for you to indicate if you will be needing to instead come to a second meeting. Please follow the News on the AACA site for details on AACA goings-on from here on; click the "News" button in the menu strip near the top of the AACA page.


— What the AACA is all about,

— Introduction to the site and application of the underlying AACA platform,

— The AACA is a club. How to become a member of the AACA; Benefits of membership,

— Your club "Announcements" in the website header and participation in AACA-wide "Headlines" feed,

— The "Packs" idea for website creation self-help; see below,

— How to start and edit your club listing,

— How to proceed with the website creation process, and

— Q&A

I will also introduce the notion of optionally forming small Packs of club leaders ASAP for clubs having similar requirements, not necessarily similar topics, to brainstorm, inspire, and participate in the creativity process in a collaborative way. A first Pack is in the process of forming. Packs are also relevant within your club site in the context of committees, to be discussed in the meeting.

Given the recent HOA announcement anticipated for some months, I look forward to having this site work very well for you to get online presence for your clubs. I expect that many of you will find a level of functionality that serves you well at the basic level of features—and free.

I expect to follow this meeting with a series of meetings on a feature-by-feature basis, and your decision to attend can be based on relevancy to your plans.

I'd like to hear from you if you are interested in some future meetings being conducted on interactive video sessions participating from the comfort of your homes. I'll briefly discuss this option at the meeting. If enough interest, I can begin those following this kick-off meeting.

posted by Ken Gorman