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09 Mar 2019 17:01
Summary of March 7, 2019 AACA Meeting, with comments about the HOA site and GroupWorks 
photoenfeedia RSS feed publisherA meeting of leaders of Clubs represented on the AACA was held on March 7, 2019. The major points of the meeting are:

1. The major feature of the AACA is that members can generate and maintain their own online presence, using the tools provided by the AACA, without having any particular technical skills, The service is free for well-featured basic sites, with premium services offered for a fee. The AACA provides a range of features bound to satisfy the needs of virtually all clubs operating at SaddleBrooke Ranch, and free for a large majority of them.

2. The HOA Board determined that the AACA is a Service, not a club, that doesn't use HOA amenities. As such, it will not be listed on the new HOA website. One can surmise that will be true for all services not using HOA amenities. Also, a Board member mentioned that a review needed to be done to determine if other clubs should be reclassified as services.

3. The AACA is independent of the HOA.

4. The AACA plans are to include all organizations (clubs, groups, associations, activities...) so that one will find all that's available at SBR.

5. The HOA will include listings on the new HOA site for all Clubs wishing to be listed. A hypertext link will only be included in a club's listing if it links to the club's website, i.e., opens the club website.

6. There are no links that open "groups" within GroupWorks. To view groups, even their existence, within GroupWorks, one must log into GroupWork; the log in requirement essentially isolates groups from the internet. Per (5) above, links to GroupWorks will therefore not be permitted in club's listing on the HOA site.

7. The AACA includes hypertext links for organizations' listings that link to their websites and to GroupWorks without discrimination. The AACA treats all organizations the same, no matter how the HOA classifies them.

8. The AACA runs on a professionally managed "industrial grade" server with nightly, weekly, and real-time backups being made in several ways and at several locations.

For complete details and additional information, CLICK HERE or the title of this item to open the meeting notes.