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08 Jun 2019 18:10
Now Accepting Requests for Private Clubs 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherThe AACA announces support for Private Clubs and is now accepting requests from SBR residents to establish one. A Private Club is one that is not listed on the HOA website is not shown to visitors to the AACA site. Persons who log in to the AACA will have access to the tools afforded to AACA members appropriate to their club. Members of Private Clubs will be able to sign into the club to enjoy the benefits of the club and participate in club events and communications.

Tools as simple as the Signup Sheet and Web (aka News) Feed can offer super-simple communications among members. The Signup Sheet is used for members to signup for sessions, events, etc., including leaving a note with their signup to coordinate ways on which members will participate. For example, organizing what members will bring to a pot-luck dinner. The Web Feed provides the means for the club owner and other persons authorized by the club owner to send messages to members of the club without sending email. Photos and videos can be attached to message posted on the feed. Members will receive email alerts automatically issued when items are posted if they register for them (i.e., opt in).

For more information, and to request establishment of a Private Club, use the Contact form on the AACA site; it's located in the left sidebar that's revealed by clicking the "Menu" button on the home page, then clicking "Contact Us".