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01 Jun 2012 15:26
SME / Olathe Football Game, Sept 20, 2012 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherSome more good news. Jack Matchette has been working with SME School Coordinator, Beth. He has been able to get a block of tickets to the SME-Olathe Football Game on September 20th next fall. We don't know the size of the block or the cost, but even if there is a charge it will probably be less than $10.00 per person.

If you wish to go, log in to the Class Page, find Jack Matchette's name in the list, and click it to send him an email.

This notice went to 270 email accounts, so don't procrastinate as we may only have 50 tickets. Jack will keep track of who wants tickets and keep us informed as to the time, place, etc.

This event is OPEN to every classmate and one guest, whether you are attending the Reunion or not, so if for some reason you cannot attend on Friday and Saturday, please consider this as an OPEN INVITATION to all.