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03 Nov 2020 13:39
October Board Meeting Minutes 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherThe board of directors and advisory members held a board meeting on 10/29/2020 at 3pm in the wood shop. Voting members Jeff Hansen (President), Mark Prose (Vice President), Scott Saxon (Secretary) and Jay Hall (Member at Large) were present. Advisory members Dan Carter, Ed Cheszek, Ron Hilbert, John Gordon and Charlie Anderson as well as the proposed candidate for Treasurer Russ Hardy were also present. The following matters were addressed during the meeting:

The budget was reviewed and we have a balance of $1,576 for 2020 and with the carry over from last year a total of $3,577 in the bank. We usually spend about $400 a month on supplies and repairs so we are fine for this year. We plan to purchase a new lift mechanism for the router table before the end of the year and just waiting for a sale price on the item selected. No other major purchases are expected this year.

The CNC machine was discussed as it related to retiring the internal debt from the purchase of the CNC machine. The board agreed when the CNC machine was purchased that any proceeds from the CNC training and sales of CNC produced items as well as CNC work done for anyone by the trained CNC members would be credited toward reducing the CNC purchase debt until it was paid off. The club paid $3,781 for the machine ( HOA paid $5,000) and we have earned $1,150 leaving a debt balance of $2,630. A $25 deposit will be required for any CNC work and design fees will be added to the order form. A new order form for CNC projects was created and discussed. Mark Prose will make the necessary updates and changes for board approval.

Membership dues for 2021 was discussed and it was proposed and accepted that the dues will remain the same at $100 for the year and only $90 if paid by 12/31/2020. The partial year dues will remain at $50 for anyone joining after 8/1/2021.

Replacement of worn brooms, brushes and glu-bot tips was proposed and approved so the new items should be in the shop soon. The roller supports for assisting with long boards on the table saw have been broken for some time. The adjusting lever is stripped and an effort will be made to repair the stands. If they cannot be repaired, the board will decide if new supports are needed.

All supplies were moved from the tall rear cabinets to the cabinets by the sanding table. These cabinets are accessible only by the shop managers. The shop managers are John Gordon, Ron Hilbert, Jeff Hansen and Scott Saxon. A bandsaw blade and selection of sand paper for the drum sanders will be moved from the shop manager's cabinet to a cabinet accessible by any monitor so those items can be replaced easily if needed without trying to contact a shop manager.

A monitor survey was recently distributed and Charlie Anderson briefed the board on the results. Based on the survey most monitors are satisfied with the system and no further incentives are planned. The survey results supported the requirement of working at least 12 shifts a year. Due to the pandemic health concerns no action will be taken against any monitor who does not feel comfortable working in the shop. The board discussed changing the 12 shifts a year to a recommendation and accepting anyone who wishes to work fewer shifts, especially part-time residents. The board also discussed requiring anyone who has not monitored at all in a 12 month period to take the monitor orientation again before returning to monitor duties. These matters will have to be discussed further before adoption.

It should be notes that the shop has managed to remain open for all scheduled hours but only because a few monitors have worked many more shifts than required. As long as a few monitors volunteer to perform a majority of the work we can expect to have our regular hours even without all monitors working 12 shifts a year. Our goal to have each monitor work 12 shifts a year so we can maintain or even expand our hours in the future and be fair to all monitors.

The shop's Operating Procedures were reviewed and some of the policies were updated or changed. Additional review was needed and the board will have to finalize the new operating procedures and approve them in the near future. Most of the updates or changes were made to reflect how we actually work in the shop and to clarify policies. The original Operating Procedures were adopted from other clubs because we did not know what we needed when the shop first opened. The revised Operating Procedures document will be published when it is completed and approved by the board.

The proposed board members for 2021 were revealed. Two members came forward to work on the board and the 2021 board is expected to be as follows: Mark Prose - President; Doug Redfield - Vice President; Russ Hardy - Treasurer; Scott Saxon - Secretary; and Harvey Goldman - Member at Large. Jeff Hansen as been the President of the club since opening. He will remain on the board as a non-voting advisory member to assist in a smooth transition for the next year.

We were unable to secure a venue for a general meeting for the wood shop before the end of the year due to health and safety restrictions. We have submitted for a suitable venue for three quarterly meeting and one general meeting for 2021 and hope to resume a normal meeting schedule next year.