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07 Mar 2021 10:10
January 2021 Board Meeting Minutes 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherA problem with our web page resulted in a delay in posting items. Here are the January board meeting minutes:

A meeting of the SBRWWC board was held at 3pm on January 14, 2021. President Mark Prose, Treasurer Russ Hardy and Member-at-Large Harvey Goldman were present. Advisory board members Charlie Anderson, Dan Carter, Ed Cheszek, Ron Gustafson, Jeff Hansen and John Gordon were also present. The following matters were discussed:

Treasurer Russ Hardy advised the club started 2020 with $1653 in the bank and ended the year with $1,828. So far this year 59 members have renewed or joined the club and our current bank balance with the new membership dues is just under $8,000. Russ has also finished the change over to the new accounting software and updated the account categories. He is starting us on a cash accounting basis for all you accountants out there. Running costs like consumables will be tracked per tool category to enable the board to monitor spending on each category of tool. The new computer will be set up at the monitor desk and used for everyday shop operation in addition to accounting. No major changes should be noted by the monitors who use the computer while working. One locker space is still available for rent. The cost is $120 per year and must be rented for the entire year or prorated if rented mid-year.

The board discussed part-year memberships because someone renting a home in SBR inquired about a reduced membership. Any resident of SBR, owner or renter who can use SBR amenities is eligible to use the shop but no part-year memberships will be offered. All shop users must complete the machine operator's course and then either join the club for the yearly membership fee or pay the $10 daily fee to use the shop. Memberships purchased after July 31st will still be discounted to $50.

The board discussed making a request this year to the HOA to purchase additional Festool equipment. The tools mentioned were a track router, domino joiner, small orbital sander and a multi-function table. There was discussion regarding the necessity of another router and Ed Cheszek offered to sell his nearly new domino joiner to the club. Where to use or store the table was also an issue. The smaller sander generated a general discussion regarding the abuse of the existing orbital sanders which needs to be addressed before the purchase of another one is contemplated. A recommendation was made to request HOA funding of a storeroom or building to augment the limited storage space in the shop. All these matters needed further discussion at future meetings.

The storage cabinets above the monitor station will be repurposed to store items monitors need access to for daily operation of the shop like sandpaper, saw blades and sander pads. The space currently has the club's reference library. The magazines and books will be moved to a bookcase that will be built and placed in front of the monitor desk. All members are encouraged to review these materials for project ideas.

New clamps were purchased to replace the problematic green clamps. The broken green clamps will be thrown away and the semi-function clamps will be donated to the Golden Goose.

A new IT manager for the club is needed. Tom Marshall expressed an interest in the position and will contact Ed Valdez regarding the job. Anyone else interested should contact a board member. The IT manager works with our web manager to maintain our calendar and membership databases and generally keeps the computer system we use functioning.

Our shop operating procedures have been reviewed over several board meetings and are still under review. A separate board meeting to address all updates and changes to our operating procedures will be held and those procedures will be finalized soon. The operating procedures needed to be updated to reflect how we currently use the shop.

Ron Gustafson advised five new members were trained in January and two more have signed up for February. Training is only held once a month to assist in trainer scheduling. If the training date does not work for any new member, individual training sessions can be scheduled to accommodate any schedule.

Ed Cheszek advised a box making class has been scheduled in January and he is working on a project planning and layout course to assist members in getting a project started. Mark Prose is working on that class.

Following the board meeting, the general membership meeting was held at the La Hacienda Clubhouse at 4pm. Twenty two members attended the meeting including board members. The three new board members were introduced and Jeff Hansen was thanked for his tireless work as the president of the club since it opened. He received a standing ovation and a gift card, certainly enough to motivate others to join the board next year.

The club finances were discussed and major shop improvements were detailed to include new clamps, new router table lift mechanism, repaired roller stands, increased locker rental space, a jig for holding round objects on the drill plres and the CNC machine.

Any member should advise the board of classes they would like to see or any improvements that could benefit the shop. Advanced 2D and 3D classes for the CNC machine was mentioned at the meeting. A project planning class was suggested as well as a router to fit the platen/jig for making large circle cuts with a router. Ed Cheszek has a universal router base that might work.

It was recommended that the club reach out to former members who may not have rejoined the club because of concerns over how to start a project or how to use specific tools. It was noted there are several monitors willing to mentor members on their projects. All current members should reach out to any monitor or member for assistance or guidance and a project planning class will be arranged.

In an effort to increase the participation of monitors in the shop a program was established to provide $25 gift cards when a monitor achieved 12 shifts for the year. Each monitor who worked at least 12 shifts a year was also eligible for a drawing at the membership meeting for a free club membership, The drawing was held and Charlie Anderson was the winner.

The next general meeting for all club members is scheduled for April 15, 2021 in the La Mesa Room at 4pm.