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07 Mar 2021 16:52
February 2021 Board Meeting Minutes 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherThe problem with our web page has been resolved and future postings will be more timely. Here are the February meeting minutes:

A meeting of the SBRWWC board was held at 4pm on February 11, 2021. President Mark Prose, Vice President Doug Redfield, Treasurer Russ Hardy, Secretary Scott Saxon and Member-at-Large Harvey Goldman were present. Advisory board members Charlie Anderson, Dan Carter, Ed Cheszek, Ron Gustafson, Jeff Hansen, Ed Valdez and John Gordon were also present. The following matters were discussed:

Treasurer Russ Hardy advised the club had just over $7,800 at the end of January 2021. We have 67 members who either renewed or joined the club. Russ planned to create a monthly cost estimate to run the shop after a couple of months operation in 2021. A new member who paid for a part-year membership and training in 2020 never took the training or used the shop. The board agreed to let him apply the $70 he paid last year and did not use to a full membership this year. He completed training in January 2021 and paid $50 combined with his prior payments for a total of $120 for 2021.

Doug Redfield agreed to become a mentor for new members in the shop. He will get contact information from Russ Hardy so he can arrange to meet each new member and help them get started by introducing them to shop procedures and other members. All new members who joined in 2021 should expect contact from Doug in the near future.

The board reviewed the operating procedures for the shop over that last few months in an effort to update them so they reflect current usage and policy. Additional discussion was needed concerning monitor duties and limitations before the updated procedures can be approved.

Each year Robson/HOA allow clubs to submit requests for enhancements to their club. We received HOA money to help purchase the CNC machine in 2019 and the board is considering what to request for 2021. One possibility is the purchase of additional Festool tools but there was no agreement on which tools or the need for additional Festool products. The requests are not due until October 2021 so the board will continue to entertain ideas on what if anything to request and discuss at future meetings.

The window display where monitors can sell items they create in the shop was crowded. The club was allowed to display some items in the unused window across the hall for February and possibly March to alleviate the crowding problem for now. A permanent solution was approved by the board. All monitors who display items in the window for sale will need to add the date the item was placed in the window on the sales tag and older items will have to be taken out to make room for newer items as needed. If the display window is too full to display any new item, the monitor with the oldest items should be contacted and asked to remove the items to make room. All items can be returned as space is available. Three months is a reasonable amount of time to display an item before it is eligible to be replaced by a newer item. All monitors are asked to review their items in the window and date each item or remove it to make room before the end of March 2021.

Charlie Anderson continued to work on monitor instructions and has a draft in the monitor handbook kept at the front desk. The instructions cover shop procedures and monitor duties. All monitors are requested to review and comment on the instructions. Charlie will compile the comments and present updated instructions for approval by the board at some point in the future. He also created tip sheets for each major tool in the shop. These sheets are designed to be a quick reference for the capabilities and limitations of each tool. These sheets are in the monitor handbook and also need to be reviewed.

Ron Gustafson and the training team trained four new members in February and have five registered for March. Additional training times can be added to accommodate new members if needed.

Ed Cheszek updated the board on training and classes. One box making class was held in January 2021 and another box class is scheduled for March 2021. A third box class will be scheduled. An end grain cutting board class will be held in February 2021. Jeff Hansen has created two new classes to make a knife block and a wireless cell phone speaker. The board agreed to spend $60 to purchase the jig and drill bits needed for these projects and Jeff will prepare the classes and determine the cost of materials so they can be offered in the near future. He will place examples of the knife block and speaker in the display window to advertise the class.

Dan Carter is the lead maintenance person for all equipment in the shop. Mark Prose suggested and the board approved the creation of a maintenance team to assist Dan. Individuals would agree to be responsible for maintenance on a piece or group of tools under the direction of Dan. Any monitor interested in joining the maintenance team should contact Dan Carter to learn more.

A proposal was made to allow monitors to work alone in the shop if they only performed limited work on select tools. The Quail Creek woodshop allows this and the board was asked to consider a similar proposal. The board did not think working alone in the shop for anyone was a good idea. The proposal was denied for safety reasons. No work can be done in the shop outside scheduled open time unless two monitors are working together. In an effort to help monitors communicate a desire to work with each other in the shop, Russ Hardy is creating a group text that would allow monitors to post times they intend to work in the shop and ask other monitors to join them. This should make is easy for a monitor to get another monitor partner to work safely in the shop. The board also agreed to post new monitor time evening hours on the schedule. Evening hours, 4-8pm, will now be considered "M/T" time unless it is reserved for training or classes.

Ed Valdez reminded everyone that the website had recent technical problems. The shop calendar and monitor sign up is working but any group communication should be done through GroupWorks.