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22 Apr 2021 11:23
April 2021 Board Meeting and Member Meeting Minutes 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherOn 4/16/2021 the SBRWWC Board met. Mark Prose, President; Russ Hardy, Treasurer; Scott Saxon, Secretary and Harvey Goldman, Member-at-Large were the elected voting members present. Additionally the following advisory members were present: Charlie Anderson, Monitor Coordinator; Dan Carter, Maintenance Coordinator; Ed Cheszek, Class Coordinator; Ron Gustafson, Training Coordinator and Jeff Hansen Advisory Member. The following information was discussed:

Russ Hardy briefed the board on the club's finances. There are currently 77 dues paying full members and the club has $9,100 in the bank. The club originally contributed $3,500 for the purchase of the CNC machine and has used training classes and the sale of CNC produced items to reduce that debt to $1,200. Jeff Hansen, Tom Marshall and John Gordon were responsible for much of the debt reduction this year. Window sales of items produced in the shop stood at $217 this year. Russ Hardy is tracking the cost of consumable and replaceable supplies and so far estimated we spend about $350 a month to keep the shop operating. Additional costs include the management of our web site and insurance. Russ will continue his efforts to categorize and track expenses so the board will have a better understanding of the monthly costs to operate the shop. Russ also suggested the board create a working group to plan for future upgrades and enhancements for the shop. Jeff Hansen was selected to form and guide this group.

The discussion concerning the acquisition of additional Festool tools was completed and the board chose not to purchase or request the HOA to purchase any additional Festool tools for the shop. The Festool tools are not utilized by very many users and require set up time that makes using other tools easier. Mark Prose did propose the purchase of an additional track and connector so we could join our existing track and extend it to eight feet allowing the track saw to cut larger boards. The board voted and approved the purchase of an additional track and connector but no other tools or accessories.

The carpenter saw and back saw in the shop were dull and replaced by two Irwin hand saws. The fine detail Japanese saw blade was also damaged and due for replacement. The board voted to purchase the Irwin hand saws for the shop and not to sharpen the other hand saws or replace the fine Japanese saw blade for the time being. It was cheaper to purchase new saws than sharpen the existing saws. If users are impacted by this decision board members should be notified so the matter can be revisited. The dull saws will be stored in the Shop Manager's cabinet in the event the board decides to sharpen them.

The 12" miter saw was discussed. The saw has never been popular among users but does function as needed if used properly. The board decided not to replace the miter saw at this time. Dan Carter will look at the sliding mechanism to see if the brake can be adjusted. Monitors will be asked to make sure users are familiar with the adjustments of the saw and use it properly. The board approved the purchase of a new blade for the miter saw to improve performance.

Ron Gustafson and his training staff trained five new members in March and one so far in April The training schedule was modified during the pandemic restrictions so only one student and one trainer were in the shop at the same time. Due to the easing of restrictions, the training will return to groups of three students and two trainers in June 2021.

Ed Cheszek will post another box class to be taught by Dan Carter for April 2021. Ed is also working with member John Callahan to offer a bird carving class in the near future. The class will include a demonstration and hands-on carving with shop and instructor tools.

The board opened the shop on Thursday's during the winter but a lack of monitors and the expected drop in use over the summer motivated the board to return Thursday's to monitor time. New shop days as of 5/1/2021 will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Tuesday is a training day or monitor time and the Thursday and Sunday will be monitor time. Monitor time allows monitors to work together in the shop as a benefit for volunteering to work one shift a month and keep the shop open on designated days.

Operation of our dust collection system was discussed. General cleaning and maintenance will be reviewed and monitors will receive additional training on making sure the drum is sealed properly each time the bag is checked or replaced. The monitors will also be reminded on the proper procedure for reading the vacuum gauge so we have consistent and correct readings necessary for proper maintenance.

The board voted to purchase a Formica material from Hood Distributors to re-surface the work tables. The material is $40 a sheet and the board voted to purchase three sheets so all tables can be done. Monitors need to ensure users clean up glue promptly so the new surfaces are not damaged.

The SBRWWC membership meeting was held immediately following the board meeting. Sixteen members, including board members, were present for the meeting. A raffle was held for three Woodworker's Source $25 gift cards. The membership was briefed on the current club finances and the need for more monitors to sign up for shifts.

Members were reminded that the orbital sanders have been moved to the monitor's supply cabinet and must be signed out for use. This action was taken because the sanders were used improperly and repeatedly damaged. The improper use included sanding without sandpaper and using too much force when sanding.

Members were asked to use compressed air to clean the bandsaws after use and limit the cutting of green/wet wood because it gums up the blades and bearings.

The drum sanders have had recent issues with member sanding epoxy that was not fully cured or exposed glue on joined boards that damage the sand paper rolls and necessitate replacement of the sandpaper.

Dennis Briels crafted a forked stick to keep the dumpster lid up while dumping our waste. The stick will be kept by the back door.

A request was made for additional CNC classes. Tom Marshall will be requested to schedule additional classes.