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29 Jun 2021 09:41
May 2021 Board Meeting Minutes 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherOn May 20.2021 a board meeting was held. Voting members Mark Prose, President, Russ Hardy, Treasurer and Harvey Goldman, Member-at-Large were present. Advisory members Charlie Anderson, Dan Carter, Ed Cheszek, Ron Gustafson, Jeff Hansen, John Gordon and Tom Marshall were also present. The following matters were discussed:

Doug Redfield resigned as a board and club member. After a short discussion Jeff Hansen volunteered and was appointed as Vice President for the remainder of the year.

The April Financial Report was presented. The Club has $8661 in the bank, the run rate for normal operations for the past four months is $1290, the internal amortization on the CNC is about $1300, and there are 80 members.

A discussion on router table use and accessories determined the router has a variable speed control built into the router and featherboards were provided when the shop was set up. The featherboards are in the drawers at the router table and the monitors will be briefed on the variable speed control feature. A small parts holder was discussed and the board agreed to purchase one to make handling small pieces easier and safer.

The board discussed lathe tool rests and agreed to purchase two rests for small bowl work to augment the existing rests. The rests were purchased from a lathe user at a discounted price of $125.

A discussion was held concerning the computer used for CNC projects and the board agreed to purchase a new monitor for the CNC computer identical to the monitor used at the shops desk. A larger monitor was needed to display the necessary graphics to create CNC programs. Some issues regarding CNC computer errors and the software version were mentioned and Tom Marshall agreed to investigate the matter.

Charlie Anderson provided an update on monitor stats and training of new monitors. Monitors should check the updated information concerning the number of shifts worked for each monitor. Monitors are asked to work 12 shifts a year so the shop can stay open.

Ron Gustufson advised five new member orientations were done in May and two are scheduled for June. There are currently six trainers and the load has been manageable.

Classes for 2021 were discussed and a project development class to teach how to plan and execute a project is planned. The crafting club has requested a cabinet be build for the beaders and a summer class to teach how to build a cabinet is under development. Robson agreed the cabinet could be added to the room. A duck carving demo is being prepared for some time in June to show the major steps and see if there is interest for full training session.

The panel saw provided with the shop was never used and took up space. It was difficult to use and store so Robson agreed to take the saw for one of its maintenance shops. All sheet goods should be cut on the table saws.

The tool board is disorganized and an effort will be made to set it up so the tools are easier to find and access. Overhead lighting has also been added. The board members will work on reorganizing the tools in the coming weeks.

The excess wood in the shop was mentioned. Much of the wood has been in the shop for a long time. A review of the material in the shop determined most of it was stored for shop use in jig building or left over from shop sponsored projects. The shop policy is that no personal wood can be stored in the shop as we just don't have the room. Projects in glue-up can be left overnight if necessary but a name and phone number must be posted on the project and the member must remove the clamps and item the next day the shop is open. As a reminder, most glue ups do not need to be clamped more that an hour since the glue we provide dries that quickly.

New forstner bits were purchased and those bits will be maintained in the cabinets above the monitor desk so they can be checked out when needed. Please be mindful of the drill press speed when using the forstner bits and do not continue drilling if they are burning the wood. Multiple short applications of the bit is less likely to damage the bits.

The CNC users discussed making game sets for the card game Pegs and Jokers that can be customized and sold to players. Pricing for each set will be determined.

The stop switch on the surface planer was replaced just prior to the meeting.

Several members have requested a woodworking vice or another bench vice. The board agreed to purchase another bench vice and install it on the work table near the sanding downdraft table. Members should see the new vice soon.