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30 Jul 2021 08:40
Board Meeting Minutes for July 22, 2021 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherOn July 22, .2021 a board meeting of the SBRWWC was held. Voting members Mark Prose, President; Jeff Hansen, Vice President; Russ Hardy, Treasurer and Scott Saxon, Secretary were present. Advisory members Charlie Anderson, John Gordan, Dan Carter, Ed Cheszek, Tom Marshall and Ed Valdez were also present. The following matters were discussed:

Russ Hardy updated everyone on the club's finances. We currently have a bank balance of $8,300. The club's reserve savings account has been created.

Dan Carter and Russ Hardy prepared and submitted a detailed request for a 6" belt sander as part of the annual HOA budgeting process. We must wait the HOA decision regarding the purchase or cost sharing for the new equipment.

The monitor statistics show we are keeping the shop open on our scheduled days. A few monitors are working extra shifts to maintain our schedule. All monitors are reminded to work one shift a month to support the club. Charlie Anderson will send an email to any monitor who has performed three for fewer shifts this year to see if they wish to remain a monitor. Any member is encouraged to become a monitor.

A training class has been prepared to teach basic cabinet building based the construction of a cabinet for the beading club. In preparation for that class the board approved the purchase of one sheet of plywood to construct a cabinet to store all the bandsaw jigs to get them off the floor and make them easier to access. This simple storage cabinet build will will assist in planning the class for the beading club cabinet.

Club members have raised concerns regarding the dust in the shop and the related health issues. The board takes this concern seriously and discussed how the club can create and maintain a cleaner and healthier environment. The board agreed to purchase an environmental monitor to evaluate the air quality in the shop. The board also agreed to the following purchases and changes to current shop procedures:

1. Compressed air will no longer be used to clean equipment, surfaces or the floor. Any compressed air use to clean filters or yourself must be done outside the back door of the shop.

2. Dust collection devices will be purchased for all three lathes as they produce much of the dust in the shop. Ed Cheszek donated one device and the club will purchase two more. The cost for two dust collection devices and related fitting and hose to connect them to our dust collection system will cost less than $500.

3. To assist in cleaning equipment, surfaces and floors two replacement HEPA rated shop vacuums will be purchased. These will be used in lieu of compressed air. The three small silver shop vacuums will no longer be used as they are inexpensive models that likely contribute to the dust problem. Research indicated that DeWalt shop vacs were the best value and the 2 vacuums plus extra HEPA filters should cost less than $600.

4. The overhead air cleaners will be used whenever the shop is open and run as long as the shop is open. Research indicated that they should be used at the medium setting to adequately cycle the air in the shop. Filter cleaning and replacement will be addressed after the new policy is evaluated.

5. Any sanding performed in the shop must be done at the downdraft sanding table or with the Festool sander. The orbital sanders can be connected to the yellow Karcher vacuum in a fashion similar to the Festool tools if the project is too large for the sanding table or the table is occupied.. A washable filter for the sanding table will be purchased for $70 in order to evaluate it's utility and durability over the disposable paper filters currently in use.

6. Shop policy will recommend wearing a dust mask just as hearing protection is recommended. Any member with dust sensitivity should consider researching and purchasing a mask with appropriate filtration to reduce any health concerns.

Art walk will be held on October 23-24, 2021. Anyone wishing to sell their crafted items from their home or at the shop must register with Linda Shannon-Hills and pay a fee of $10. The woodshop will be closed for work those days and instead the shop will be used to allow any member to display and sell their items. Any seller must pay the registration fee and agree to help staff the shop during the sale. The window display will be used for selling space so anyone not participating in the sale must remove their items by October 22, 2021.

The woodshop will have access to the extra display area next to the bathrooms for August and September. The space will be used to highlight items made by the CNC machine so any CNC items will have extra space those months. Mark Prose will look into promoting that space in a Ranch Roundup article.