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16 Sep 2021 18:37
Board Meeting Minutes for September 9, 2021 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherOn September 9.2021 a board meeting of the SBRWWC was held. Voting members Mark Prose, President; Jeff Hansen, Vice President; Russ Hardy, Treasurer; Scott Saxon, Secretary and Harvey Goldman, Member-at-Large were present. Advisory members Charlie Anderson, Dan Carter, Ron Hilbert and Tom Marshall were also present. The following matters were discussed:

Russ Hardy updated everyone on the club's finances. We currently have 101 paid members and a bank balance with $4,000 in our reserve account and $2,400 in our checking account. We are still tracking our monthly supply costs and after eight months we are spending about $400 a month on supplies. Additional time is needed to accurately determine monthly costs. The board agreed to create a club budget to address spending and management of the reserve account.

The SBR Finance Committee completed the review of our request for the purchase of a new edge sander for the shop. We should be notified if we are approved by November 2021. Our request was for a cost sharing with the club contributing 60% of the cost. The sander will cost $1,400 or less.

The monitor situation was discussed. Charlie Anderson contacted monitors who had not monitored very often and four were removed from the roster. Others promised to increase their monitor shifts. The schedule is doing well and we have been open all planned hours. There have been occasional issues with the monitor signup schedule and all monitors are asked to verify their shifts are correctly posted on a routine basis. Report any issues to Charlie Anderson. As a reminder any monitor/trainer who works 12 shifts in a year will receive a Woodworkers Source gift card worth $25.

The board discussed monitors working on personal projects during an assigned shift. The board voted to approve a change in our operating procedures to allow monitors to work on personal projects in some instances. The operating procedures will be changed as follows:

The primary duty of the Shop Monitor is personnel and equipment safety. The Shop Monitor may help users and provide guidance on safer ways of setting up tasks or using the equipment. The Shop Monitor may perform tool or shop maintenance. If all personnel in the shop are monitor-qualified the Shop Monitor may work on a personal project (similar to M/T time) as long as this does not distract from the primary task of ensuring personnel and equipment safety. If a non-monitor member enters the shop, the Monitor shall focus on oversight of that member’s activities

New members Tim Wagner and Scott Thorderson joined the shop recently. Dues to join the shop from now to the end of the year is only $50.

Our machine operator's training course is mandatory for all new members and has a $20 fee. The course fee must be paid at the time the training is scheduled and cannot be paid on the day of training. The signup list will be changed to reflect the required payment. Recently our instructors have had multiple new members fail to attend or reschedule their training which has frustrated the scheduling of instructors.

We have a requirement for anyone who wishes to use the lathes in the shop to document their training and experience and demonstrate basic knowledge and ability to a club member authorized to certify lathe use. Ron Gustafson, Jeff Hansen, Dan Carter and Russ Hardy are the only authorized personnel to certify someone to use the lathe. A formal certification document will be prepared and approved for this process and will be used to certify all new lathe users.

A project to build a cabinet for the beading craft group has been approved and will be scheduled as a class in October. Prior to that class a class to build a cabinet to store shop jigs will be conducted with dates and times to be announced. The class to build the cabinet for shop jigs will be presented as a class on how to plan and execute a project and include the use of our Festool collection.

The board approved the purchase of electrical extension cords for the new shop vacuums to make them easier to reach all areas of the shop.

Efforts to maintain clean air in the shop have largely succeeded with the adoption of a few new polices and some equipment. Monitoring of air quality has shown we have addressed dust and particulates in the air but still have an issue with Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC). Our monitoring has shown that use of chemicals in the shop greatly increase TVOC levels. Please limit the use of CA glue commonly known as Superglue and always keep all chemical containers tightly capped when not in use. We installed activated charcoal filters on the Jet air filters and will continue monitoring air quality. We will also contact Robson to see if additional filtering can be done through the building's air conditioning system.

The SBRWWC intends to participate in the annual Art Walk in SBR on October 23 and 24, 2021. The shop will be closed for work on those days so the tables can be used to display craft items for sale. Any member who wants to sell their items or help staff the shop is welcome. The club will collect 10% commission on any sales. More information to follow. Anyone who plans to sell their items should plan to help staff the shop.

Following the board meeting a general membership meeting was held. Six members attended and they were apprised of the club's finances and training plans. The planned classes to build cabinets were discussed. A member requested some instruction on epoxy use and a class or seminar will be planned and offered. A member requested the sanding table be kept stocked with fresh sandpaper. Sandpaper will be kept in the locked monitor's cabinet and any monitor can provide fresh sandpaper if needed. Everyone was also reminded that the yellow orbital sanders still need to be checked out from the monitor due to past abuse of the sanders.

Dennis Briels advised he repaired two drawers in the tool cabinets and created a device to hold the vacuum cleaner attachments to make them easier to access. Many thanks to Dennis for these and other shop improvement efforts.

It was suggested that we divide our shop cleaning into two sessions, one in the evening to clean the dirtiest and most dust prone areas of the shop so that the airborne dust can settle to the floor so the following morning the cleaning session can perform the routine machine and floor cleaning. The board agreed to set up two cleaning sessions and define tasks for each session for September's shop cleaning.