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07 Nov 2021 16:04
Board Meeting Minutes for October 28, 2021 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherOn October 28, 2021 a board meeting of the SBRWWC was held. Voting members Mark Prose, President; Jeff Hansen, Vice President; Russ Hardy, Treasurer; Scott Saxon, Secretary and Harvey Goldman, Member-at-Large were present. Advisory members Charlie Anderson, Dan Carter, Ron Gustafson, Ed Cheszek, John Gordon, Ed Valdez and Tom Marshall were also present. The meeting was called to order at 4pm and the following matters were discussed and approved:

Russ Hardy updated the board on the club's finances. The club made $830 in commissions from the Art Walk, plus another $488
in CNC sales for a total of $1,318 in revenue. The club currently has $4,325 in the checking account plus $4,000 in the reserve savings account totaling $8,325 and we're just 6-8 weeks from the next membership renewal cycle. Many thanks to all club members who participated in the Art Walk sale and the creation of the CNC items sold for the benefit of the club.

Russ Hardy also prepared a projected budget based on the income and operating costs over this last year. The budget items were discussed and a budget was approved that will be used by the board for financial planning next year. The budget document will be posted on our website.

Charlie Anderson reported the monitoring schedule was doing well and the shop was open almost all our scheduled days. A Monitor Continuing Education plan was discussed so monitors can learn how to use the various tools in the shop and replace blades on our major equipment. The board directed Charlie Anderson to develop training classes for monitors. The method and scope of the training will be discussed in future meetings.

Ron Gustafson reported five new members were trained in October and that Scott Saxon will become a new trainer to bring the total number of trainers back to six. Training for new members is provided once a month but a training session can be arranged for anyone who cannot attend the scheduled day.

The five new members trained in October were John Oszust, Keith Sebion, Rick Merritt, Dave Palenshus and Gary Truax.

The shop has two cabinet projects ready to start. These projects will build a storage cabinet for our bandsaw jigs and a cabinet for the beading group. Each cabinet will be built as part of a class so members can participate and learn basic cabinet construction skills. These project classes will be advertised on GroupWorks in the near future.

A user's group will be formed for the lathes. All certified lathe users will be in the user's group and receive all communications regarding lathe use and policy. Active participation will be up to the individual member. The user's group will formulate policy for lathe use and member certification and make recommendations to the board regarding issues involving the shop's lathes.

John Gordon and Tom Marshall were approved to create a certification process for members who complete the CNC training class they teach. The class will be updated and a formal process will be created so that trained users can be certified to work independently on the CNC machine. Consideration will also be made to create a CNC user's group similar to the lathe group mentioned above.

The air quality in the shop has been monitored for three months and our mediation efforts appear to have controlled dust and total volatile organic compounds. The carbon activated filters in the Jet overhead air filters appear to have helped. The board approved the replacement of the carbon activated filters on a quarterly basis at a cost of $60 per quarter.

The shop's main air compressor tank developed a leak that Robson was unable to repair so a new compressor was ordered by Robson and should be installed in November. Until then, the old compressor will be used. It should be shut off at night and will have to refill each day. It will also cycle on more frequently and monitors should be aware. There is no danger associated with using the tank until it is replaced.

A proposal was made to purchase additional lights for the lathes and the board approved the purchase of three lights at the cost of $420. The board also agreed to purchase four spindle gouges for the lathes at a cost not to exceed $140. The spindle gouges will help complete our set of traditional lathe tools that many new users are trained on a the Woodcraft classes recommended by the club.

The board also agreed to purchase a new set of carbide bits for the CNC machine. The bits will be used exclusively for club projects that are made for financial benefit of the club like the coasters and Pegs and Jokers game sets. The bits will cost less than $150.

The next board meeting will discuss the replacement of two board members for 2022.