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23 Nov 2021 08:40
Board Meeting Minutes for November 18, 2021 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherOn November 18, 2021 a board meeting of the SBRWWC was held. Voting members Mark Prose, President; Jeff Hansen, Vice President; Russ Hardy, Treasurer and Scott Saxon, Secretary were present and Member-at-Large Harvey Gorman was absent. Advisory members Dan Carter, Ron Gustafson, John Gordon, Ron Hilbert and Ed Valdez attended. Prospective board member Dennis Briels also attended. Advisory members Charlie Anderson and Tom Marshall were absent. The meeting was called to order at 4pm and the following matters were discussed and approved:

Russ Hardy updated the board on the club finances. The club checking account had a balance of $2,600 and the reserve account held $4,000. The club had 99 paid members. The 2022 budget approved by the board at the last meeting had an estimated end of year surplus of approximately $5,500 based on current membership dues and anticipated expenses. The board held a discussion to determine the club dues for 2022 and decided to charge renewing members $80 if they renew before the shop closes at 4pm on Friday, 12/31/2021. All new members and anyone renewing after that deadline will be charged $100 for membership. The reduced renewal rate would lower the estimated budget surplus to $4,500.

Ron Gustafson's team trained four people in November. One person did not show up for the machine operator's class and did not cancel. The failure to attend or reschedule the machine operator's class has been a continuing problem and affects scheduling trainers. Due to this issue and some general confusion in our membership paperwork, Russ Hardy created a new member checklist that was discussed by the board. The checklist will be finalized and used to track the membership and training of new members. A policy change will include the requirement for everyone to pay the $20 machine operator's class fee and have completed the membership application and waiver before they can sign up for training. That fee is non-refundable if the person fails to attend or reschedule the training at least 24 hours before the class. The checklist will be kept with the new member's packet until every task is complete and the person is entered into our database as a member or occasional user. Monitors will be briefed on these changes.

Our four newly trained members are Michael O'Bleness, Dave Allison, Michelle Kembitzky and David Stalnaker

The SBRHOA funded our request for an edge sander and the new equipment will be purchased with the HOA covering 40% of the cost. The board also approved the purchase of a Flat Master tabletop sander at a cost of $925. This sander has been ordered but there is no delivery date. John Gordon requested the purchase of a new laptop battery for the computer used in CNC training and the board approved.

The shop air compressor developed a leak and Robson was unable to repair the problem so a new compressor was ordered. The new compressor has arrived at the vendor's warehouse but must be assembled and delivered to our shop. No firm date was provided for delivery and we will continue to use the leaking compressor until it can be replaced.

New lights for the lathes were approved by the board and have been purchased and installed. New highspeed steel spindle gouges were also approved but are on backorder. Replacement batteries for our drill/drivers have been received and will be used as the existing batteries fail.

In our continuing efforts to maintain cleaner air in the shop we replaced the Jet air filters with MERV13 & Carbon filters. We plan to replace them quarterly. Shop air quality has improved through the use of new filters and a change in some practices. Spot monitoring of air quality will continue and any issues will be addressed if they arise.