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23 Nov 2021 08:44
Member meeting minutes for November 18, 2021 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherA membership meeting was held on November 18, 2021 at 5pm. Sixteen members attended the meeting along with ten board members and advisors. Treasurer Russ Hardy advised the club's finances were solid and reported $2,600 in our checking account and $4,000 in the reserve savings account. A club budget was approved by the board and we are budgeted to increase our reserve account in 2022.

Club membership renewals for 2022 were set by the board at The board at $80 if members renew before the shop closes at 4pm on Friday, 12/31/2021. All new members and anyone renewing after that deadline will be charged $100 for membership. Members can combine membership dues and locker rentals in one check if desired. Please do not start paying renewal fees until December 1, 2021. Renewal notice and rates will be sent to all members via Groupworks.

The composition of the Board of Directors was briefed to the members. Two vacancies were announced and the two candidates who expressed an interest in joining the board were identified as Charlie Anderson and Dennis Briels. No other candidates expressed an interest so the new board was created by affirmation and will consist of returning members Mark Prose, Jeff Hansen and Russ Hardy and new members Charlie Anderson and Dennis Briels. Be sure to congratulate the new board members and support everyone who volunteers to serve on the board since our club cannot function without their efforts.

All members were reminded to use care with all our equipment and to ask a monitor for help if there are any questions about how to set up or use a tool. Specifically it was mentioned that the Grizzly drum sander was recently damaged by members who used too much pressure on the drums. Sap or epoxy on the wood also recently damage the sandpaper. The drums should be cleaned after each use. The snap ring throat plate on the router table was also recently damaged and members should ask for help and take care when replacing router bits to avoid damaging the small metal clip that secures the plate. The edge jointer cutter heads were rotated because they were leaving grooves in the finished surface. The surface planer was recently damaged by a nail or screw left in the wood as it was run through the planer. The metal left a large gouge in the table surface. Any wood used on the jointer or planer must be free from all foreign objects.

All CNC users were reminded to recap the USB port on the handheld controller after each use to keep dust from entering the electronics.

A member question raised the issue of lathe and CNC certifications. These tools require special training and experience not offered during the basic machine operator's course that new members take. The board has authorized the creation of a lathe user's group that will include anyone certified to use the lathes. This group will advise the board on a certification process and other lathe related issues and will also serve to allow lathe users to work together and learn new skills. The first lathe user group will be held 12/9/2021 at 4pm in the shop. A CNC user's group will also be formed and a formal certification process will be created by John Gordon and Tom Marshall.

The club has sponsored classes and will continue to do so. Box making has been popular and will continue. Additional classes such as lathe buffing, project planning and a class on using epoxy will be offered. All members are encouraged to recommend any other classes to the board. A lathe tool sharpening class will be offered and all lathe users will be expected to take the class.

A member identified a craft cooperative called Xero Craft located in Tucson as a source for additional wood working training. They also offer 3-D printing and welding classes. They have a website that describes all the crafts and classes they offer and their membership levels and fees. This organization offers different woodworking training and classes and tools in other related crafts and could be a useful resource.

Members are reminded that Woodworker's Source offers the club a discount on all wood purchases and any purchase at the business provides a rebate to the club in the form of gift cards. These $25 gift cards are used to purchase supplies for the club and are given to monitors when reach 12 shifts for the calendar year. A raffle drawing was also held among the members who attended the meeting and four members were awarded gift cards