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29 Dec 2021 08:52
Board Meeting Minutes from December 21, 2021. 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherOn December 21, 2021 a board meeting of the SBRWWC was held. Voting members Mark Prose, President; Jeff Hansen, Vice President; Russ Hardy, Treasurer and Scott Saxon, Secretary were present and Member-at-Large Harvey Gorman was absent. Advisory members Dan Carter, Ron Gustafson, John Gordon, Ron Hilbert and Ed Cheszek attended. Tom Marshall and Ed Valdez were absent. Prospective board members Dennis Briels and Charlie Anderson attended. The following matters were discussed and approved:

Russ Hardy updated the board on the club finances. The club checking account had a balance of $1,562 and the reserve account held $4,000. The club had 99 paid members. There were 51 early membership renewals and ten new memberships for 2022. Members renew at a cost of $80 until 12/31/2021. All new members and renewals on or after 1/1/2022 pay $100. A total of forty nine new members were trained in 2021. Seven members were trained in the use of the CNC machine and four members were authorized to use the lathes in 2021.

Ron Gustafson's team trained six new members in November. The signup sheet now has a waiting list in the event a scheduled person cannot attend. All new members must pay for training and sign the shop waiver before they sign up for training. Our six newly trained members are James Potter, Barry Feinberg, John Vanderwall, Jeff Prico, David Moretto and Jim Mabbott.

A shop orientation class to augment the machine operator's class was discussed and the board approved the class. This class will discuss project planning, purchase of materials and introduce tools not used in the machine operator's class. Instructors and dates for orientation class will be determined. A demonstration on the use of epoxy resin will be held and additional classes will be offered in the new year. All classes and demonstrations will be advertised on Groupworks and require members to sign up to attend. The next machine operator's class will be held on 1/4/2022 and has three students so far.

The new edge sander approved by the board is on backorder with no known delivery date.

The shop air compressor developed a leak and Robson was unable to repair the problem so a new compressor was ordered. The new compressor was damaged in shipping and returned to the vendor. No firm date was provided for delivery of another compressor and we will continue to use the leaking compressor until it can be replaced.

The new Flatmaster Drum Sander was purchased and set up in the shop. It has 220g sandpaper and should be used as a finishing sander to augment the drum sanders. There are no adjustments or sandpaper choices for the Flatmaster. It is currently connected to a shopvac for dust collection. Connecting the sander to the shop's dust collection system is under consideration.

Charlie Anderson totaled volunteer hours worked in the shop for 2021 and reported monitors have collectively worked 1700 hours. Tool maintenance, classes and training efforts increased that to over 2200 volunteer hours worked. Many thanks to all who volunteer their time to make the shop function. The board approved a training program for all monitors. The training will involve use of the major shop equipment and a review of monitor duties. Training frequency, instructors and topics will be determined. The classes will be scheduled around a meal time and the shop will provide pizza for all attendees. The first class will be held in February and all monitors will be notified.

The lathe operators group met on 12/9/2021. Eleven out of 17 authorized lathe users attended the meeting and created a lathe authorization process for all new lathe users. The board reviewed and approved the process and authorized the lathe group to adjust the process as needed. The new authorization process identified those club members who will evaluate new lathe users and the standard that must be achieved to use the lathes. The information regarding the lathe authorization will be maintained in the lathe administrative file. Any prospective lathe users should contact one of the authorized evaluators listed in the file and review the process to be prepared for the evaluation to use the shop's lathes. The lathe users group will continue to meet to discuss projects and any lathe issues. The group will advise the board on all aspects of the shop lathes.

Russ Hardy commented that the club has three databases to document members: the club's website, GroupWorks and the Quickbooks account. The board directed that all three databases should be reviewed quarterly to make sure they contain the same information. All three databases provide member information that is used in different ways and should be maintained at this time.

A review of the website determined that some forms are out of date and the club secretary was directed to review the forms and post current versions on the page.

A new form was introduced to reserve time on the CNC machine. John Gordon drafted the form and it will be posted near the CNC machine for use by authorized members. Only CNC projects expected to take more than one hour to run should be reserved. The reserved time should only be actual machine run time and not include programming time. The user should be ready to run the project on time. The reservation process will be reviewed as necessary.