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31 Jan 2022 18:45
Board Meeting Minutes fro 01/25/2022 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherOn Tuesday, January 25th, a meeting of the SBRWWC Board members and advisers was held in the shop. All five voting board members attended. Mark Prose, President; Jeff Hansen, Vice President; Russ Hardy, Teasurer; Dennis Briels, Secretary; and Charlie Anderson, Monitor Co-ordinator. Also attending were five of the eight Advisory members: Dan Carter, Ed Cheszek, John Gordon, Scott Saxon, Ron Hilbert. Tom Marshall, Ed Valdez and Ron Gustafson were absent.

The meeting was called to order at 3:55 and the following items were discussed:

Russ Hardy updated us on the Club finances:
Last year Total Gross income was $16,258.74. Total Expenses were $12,996.91, therefore closing 2021 with a $3,229.03 Net Income.

Given that, the Budget for 2022 was projected. Membership dues as of January for our current 94 members was $9,010.00. There are 12 new members in the process (either involved in, or waiting for the Machine Oriental class).We were expecting dues of $8,600.00. Machine Orientation is also up from expectations from$180.00 to $340.00. Cash On Hand including both checking & savings is $$14,785.00.

The Club makes a large portion of their ‘profit’ from the work done on the CNC machine. Additionally, Jeff, Russ, Dan, John & Sam brought in over $3,500.00 from the Display Window sales (where the Club receives the 10% of sales commission). Which is like having another 35 members.

A new procedure is being developed with respect to how monies from Window Sales & Memberships are handled. Monies and receipts are to be deposited into the cash box (which is located in the first bottom drawer) with the Member Record binders and NOT in the safe as we have done before.
The commission must be paid by the artist BEFORE the ‘cash’ from the sale is paid to that artist.The artist will pay the commission due the shop and the Treasurer will then process the sale and pay the artist. The artists are no longer allowed to collect their money first and then leave the commission.

There is a NEW notebook to specifically describe & record & record WINDOW DISPLAY INVENTORY items sold from the Window… The RECEIPT NUMBER is CRITICAL in recording the sale(s).The sales receipt number and the commission receipt number should be recorded. The sales receipt and CASH/CHECK goes into the Drop Box - NOT THE SAFE!!! (Do not write on or seal the envelop). The artist isn’t paid until AFTER the 10% shop commission has been paid. (May be a 2-3 day delay.)

The Club will collect the 10% commission on the sale price for items sold thru the Window and the artist cannot deduct material costs. All items should be priced accordingly. For projects made for the benefit of the shop, like the CNC coasters, the shop will pay for the materials. Any project made for the shop - with shop purchased materials must be approved by the Board beforehand.

Usage of the shop: There were about 3,553 ‘sign-ins’ recorded in 2021. When we present ‘Usage’ numbers to Robson, the greater ‘usage’ we can present helps in financial discussions with Robson. Therefor, EVERY time that you use the shop - (even Tuesdays, Thursday, etc,) it is important that you SIGN IN. Additionally, even for Dust Busters & shop cleaning days.

Monitor Training: Training on SPECIFIC pieces of equipment. Charlie Anderson held the first training on Tuesday where he had ten participants. Project planning is part of ‘Shop Orientation’, which follows Machine Orientation, and includes showing the location of the various equipment we have in the drawers.

CNC TRAINING: A CNC User Group has not yet been developed. John Gordon noted That the ‘computer’ portion of the 'New User’ training must be somewhat limited. New participants training will be focused on the fundamentals necessary for their first projects, and their programs WILL BE thoroughly checked out by one of the ‘certified’ operators prior to their first operations. Tom Marshall will establish the ‘CNC USER GROUP’ which will develop the guidelines for training requirements and Certification.

A new air tank: and motor was installed using the old compressor to return Compressed Air to full operation. The HOA is expecting replacement parts for the new compressor, which was damaged in shipping. Once received, the new compressor will be installed.

SBRanch Club Expo is March 5th. It is only for a few hours with a small table to demonstrate what the SBRWWC has to offer. Leslie Gordon has ideas and is working on this limited presentation.

New Drill Press?: A first-of-its-kind ’smart drill press' using an on board computer with digital controls and a quiet smooth DC motor. (NO MORE BELTS to adjust speed). The computer will direct you to the proper speed for the specific drill bit & material that you are using. John Gordon mentioned that this sounds too complicated for those without proper training to use effectively. It was mentioned that the current drill press has had some ‘adjustments' made by Dave Stark that have corrected some of the ‘issues’ and that another component has been ordered that may fix the other concerns. Russ Hardy recommended that the decision to buy this Drill Press (Nova Voyager DVR drill Press) be ’Tabled” until we get further into the year and see how our finances/needs will justify the $1900.00 expense.

One more DeWalt vacuum has been approved for purchase (approx. $130.00 complete) as the HEPA filters have proven themselves very effective in controlling the dust within the shop.

Jeff Hansen mentioned that it’s time to confirm our reservation for the additional DISPLAY WINDOW across the hall. Mark Prose has spoken to the person involved and will follow-up on that connection.

John Gordon raised a concern about the shrapnel flying from the lathes. The roll down screen behind the Powermatic lathe is helpful but not adequate. Additional screening of some type is needed on BOTH sides. Perhaps something similar to a shower/hospital curtain that could be suspended by a length of conduit and ‘shower curtain hangers’ that could be tied back when not in use. Recommendations appreciated…

Ed Cheszek again expressed concern about additional Machine Orientation training classes and the need for MORE TRAINERS. Even classes where there is one trainer, we have found that two trainers for the same class is extremely helpful in keeping the classes moving.All monitors will be contacted to ask for volunteers.

TAPE MEASURES; The shop provides them., BUT they keep DISAPPEARING!!! Even though the belt clips have been removed, one or two of them VANISH almost every day. IF you find that you have one (or more) of them at home - PLEASE drop them off at the shop (discretely if you like). It’s an expense that the shop must absorb which impacts our bottom line.

Ed Cheszek also brought up the (very well received) EPOXY CLASS that was held here recently. Because the equipment required AND. The limitations on doing EPOXY work in the shop (due to ventilation issues) it was decided that only classes would have to suffice for now and that personal epoxy projects would have to be done at home…