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27 Feb 2022 14:04
Board meeting minutes fro 2/24/2022 
enfeedia RSS feed publisherOn Thursday, February 24th, a meeting of the SBRWWC Board members and advisers was held in the shop. All five voting board members attended. Mark Prose, President; Jeff Hansen, Vice President; Russ Hardy, Teasurer; Dennis Briels, Secretary; and Charlie Anderson, Monitor Co-ordinator. Also attending were seven of the nine Advisory members: Dan Carter, Ed Cheszek, John Gordon, Scott Saxon, Ron Hilbert, Ed Valdez & Ron Gustafson. Tom Marshal & Harvey Goldman were absent.

The meeting was called to order at 3 PM and the following items were discussed.

Russ Hardy updated us on the Club Finances:

Although total expenses this month appear to be high (at $4,510.00) Items such as Titebond glue, tape measures, etc. were purchased and are not necessarily regular monthly expenses. Income to date is approximately $2,800.00 primarily due to new memberships. Orientation classes are also ahead of expectations due to the 25 members that have paid to take those classes. Total income in running about 30% above expectations.

Cash On Hand is $13,835.00 (including the reserve fund). We now have 106 annual members and seven more that yet to have completed training. Once trained AND paid for, they become regular Annual Members. Not all people trained become members, some just pay $10 to use the shop occasionally.

The Club has not done a physical inventory of every item in the Window Display. Therefore, it is the responsibility of each artist to make sure that all of his/her items are on the Display Inventory Sheet. The Club needs to develop a routine (monthly) method to confirm all the inventory in the window.

Charlie Anderson has been conducting the Monitor Training sessions. The board decided to continue the training to conduct the training at lunch time and provide a simple meal - but will reevaluate the costs and consider moving the training to another time and no longer provide food & beverages.

Charlie advised that he has trained two new Monitors recently. Welcome. We need you. When we see a new Monitor, we should all introduce ourselves as fellow Monitors and offer support should they have any questions.

Last week, we had 10 additional people go through Monitor Training on all the sanding equipment in the shop. Next month it will be on the Table Saws and Dan Carter will instruct and Scott Saxon is preparing the curriculum for that session.

Ron Gustafson explained that the last Equipment Orientation class trained eight. Also, that the ’Shadowing’ personnel for the Trainer has been helpful.

Ron also brought up that we need to incorporate into the New Member check list a way to itemize the breakdown of members payment for either (or both) the Orientation class &/or regular or occasional membership. Russ Hardy said he would make that change on the form.

New business: The SBR Club Expo is on March 5th in the Sol Ballroom from 1-3 PM. Another volunteer was asked for to assist Leslie Gordon and Dennis Briels agreed to do that. There will be New Member sign-up forms at this event for interested parties to complete & return to the shop.

The Grizzly Drum Sander is in need of repairs. That parts are here and Dave Stark, Dan Carter and Mark Prose will coordinate that repair.

The Makita Compound Miter Slider (Chop Saw) has been having multiple issues lately. It is (in fact) a 'CHOP SAW' and not intended for detail work. Ed Cheszek mentioned a 12" Hitachi he liked and someone else brought up the Bosch. Much research will to be done before a decision is made. After the Grizzly Drum sander is repaired the Chop Saw issue(s) will be worked on.

John Gordon had an incident with the large bandsaw - a member moved the arm to tighten the blade THE WRONG DIRECTION. When in doubt - ask...

Ed Cheszek said that there were 16 people that signed up for the well received End-Grain cutting board classes and they did very well. This popular class will continue until we clear the Stand-by list.

The new edge sander is on the way, although the exact delivery date has not been provided.

The air table sander has also had issues. It was taken out of service and replaced with a new air sander after the meeting

Dennis Briels asked if we could move one of the Blast Gates we open when testing the Dust Collection system from behind the chop saw to anywhere else. Yes, but there must be any two open at a time for the test...