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01 Apr 2022 17:50
enfeedia RSS feed publisherOn Friday March 25, 2022 a meeting of the SBRWWC Board members and advisers was held in the Le Mesa Room. All five voting members attended. Mark Prose, President; Jeff Hansen, Vice President; Russ Hardy, Teasurer; Dennis Briels, Secretary; and Charlie Anderson, Monitor Co-ordinator. Also attending were five of the nine Advisory members: Dan Carter, Ed Cheszek, John Gordon, Scott Saxon & Ed Valdez. Tom Marshal, Ron Hilbert, Ron Gustafson & Harvey Goldman were absent.

The meeting was called to order at 4 PM and the following agenda items were discussed:

Russ Hardy updated us on the Club finances:

From the Profit & Loss Budget Performance statement this month: Income is $3,698.11, above planned, expenses are $1,531.92, above planned. Meaning we are roughly $2,200.00 net above budget. Some particular expenses that are running after budget. Equipment enhancements is running $859.47 over, but Robson’s reimbursement of $600.00 on the new sander is still pending. Training is running about $150.00 over budget in part because of the food & beverages provided (to encourage monitor "refresher training" attendance). However, we will shift training time(s) to avoid this expense. Lathe expenses are approximately $55.00 over because we bought a (previously approved) black handled High Speed steel tool set. This front loaded the budget and will not impact the budget next month. Those tools will be made available immediately.

We also received money for 29 ‘Machine Orientations’ in the 1st Quarter. 28 people have been trained.

There was a discussion about making sure that everyone taking any training classes list a SaddleBrooke Ranch address on their application.

Charlie Anderson advised us on the Monitor Stats. John Gordon has already met his goal for the year for number of Monitor sessions served. There have been a few days where Monitors were needed (on rather short notice) to keep the shop open, but so far someone has stepped up to fill those voids. Please try to be aware of the schedule and help out when you can to keep the shop open.

New business: The Dust Collector drum has a new ‘insert’ (from the manufacturer) to keep the bag completely open and prevent it from being sucked up into the impeller. It is a round ’tubular' sleeve that slides down inside the bag to keep it fully open. It seems to work very well and does exactly what it’s meant to do. Additionally, a new 3-wheel cart was added to make the moving of the drum to empty the bag easier. The cart raises the drum about one inch. Dennis is working on a method to help hold the lid of the drum out of the way while moving the drum out.

Table saw blades: Mark Prose advised that Scott Saxon has done a lot of research trying to determine whether or not it is better to buy the high quality blades that we have been doing, or go to a less expensive blade and replace more often. The issue is that the SawStop protective system requires the blades to be within specific tolerances. After a blade has been sharpened multiple times, the outer diameter of the blade decreases and is out of specs for the safety feature to operate as intended. In addition to the cost of the blades is the high costs of shipping & sharpening each blade. Therefore, we decided to go with a lower cost blade AND instead of paying for shipping too - to take the blades down to Woodcraft and let a local vendor do the sharpening thus avoiding the shipping costs. Also, it was decided that we should buy blades when they are on sale. As a result, we are ordering multiple blades at a very nice discount price. This (of course) will push the budget out of line for the current month, but overall reduce the total expenses for the year.

Finally, it was determined that we will change out the blades more frequently and since each blade has a serial number, we will create & maintain a log on each blade to track its use, sharpening record and longevity.

Name Tags: Jeff Hansen & John Gordon have designed a CNC system to make magnetic name tags for all annual members. Jeff pointed out how name tags should be worn when we are in the shop to help promote communication (especially with new members) as they can address each of us by name. We will be getting a magnetic board to place the name tags when not in use. (Name tags & the board will run $195.00). A method of identifying each members ‘specialty’ (Monitor, Trainer, etc.) is being developed using colored ‘dots' on the badges and will be announced as soon as we have it. It was presented as a possible option to collect $1.00 penalty for each time that you are in the shop and do not have your name tag on (after a brief grace period). That ‘fund’ be applied to a SBWWC party. How do you want your first & last names to appear on the name tag? (ie: Robert or Bob? Dave or David?).

Sanding table filter sequence: The 1" strong filter will be #1 and on the outside, the 2” flimsy filter will be #2 and on the inside.

Donations: Sister Jose Women’s Center is asking for art donations for their fund raiser Silent Auction. The deadline for donations is April 10th. Be sure to provide the Fair Market Value for your item(s). A form will be provided for each (tax deductible) donation.

Classes: Occational users and visitors (non members) in the class? Only paid members may take the classes. Visitors cannot be permitted as they are a safety distraction.

Supplemental issues from the General Membership meeting called to order at 5 PM:

Profits from the Art Walk sales were about $1,300.00 including the 10% commissions from artists sales and Club donations from the CNC machine (of which 100%) goes to the Club.

Window sales commissions (to date) have contributed $475.00 to the Club.

Robson actually owns all the equipment. Much of the equipment is still under Warrenty. When we ask for a new piece of machinery, we offer a cost sharing with the HOA. We are trying to build up a reserve to provide for the time when Robson’s contributions will not be available. Routine maintenance (consumable) expenses are the Club’s responsibility.

Russ & Jeff are going to hold a demonstration on the lathe to be held Tuesday April 12th at 10 -11AM. This will be announced on GroupWorks.

On the SBRWWC website there is a Contact Us space to be used for almost any question or suggestion that you might have. Should you have any specific interest that you would like to pursue this is where to ask about it. One of the possible classes mentioned was a ‘Joinery’ class. There are dozens of joints possible in woodworking. Many members present expressed an interest in taking such a class.

Using the sanders in general: Let the tool do the work. DO NOT apply pressure. If you hear the tool motor bog down, you are pressing too hard. If your work piece is burning, you are pressing too hard. Be patient. If you have any doubt about how to use any of the machinery or you don’t know where to find something, PLEASE ASK the Monitor. The next shop orientation class (which helps you locate the items in the drawers & cabinets) is April 19th at 10AM.

We held a drawing for four $25.00 Gift Cards: John (oops), Ed (oops), Dennis Briels & Ed Valdez won.

Shop Cleanings are the second Tuesday of each month from 8-9AM. Dust Busters is held late the previous afternoon to do the really dirty work wearing masks.

Mark Prose introduced the Board members, Advisors, Trainers & Shop Managers to the new members.