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03 May 2022 19:02
SBRWWC Board meeting from April 28, 2022 
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On Sat, Apr 30, 2022 at 5:50 AM Dennis Briels wrote:
On Thursday April 28th, 2022 a meeting of the SBRWWC Board members and advisors was held in the shop. Four of the five voting members attended. Mark Prose, President; Jeff Hansen, Vice President; Charlie Anderson, Monitor Co-ordinator; and Dennis Briels, Secretary. Russ Hardy was away. Also attending were four of the nine Advisory members: Ron Gustafson, John Gordon Scott Saxon and Ed Valdez. Dan Carter, Ed Cheszek, Ron Hilbert and Tom Marshall were absent.

The meeting was called to order at 4 PM and the following agenda items were discussed:

Although Russ Hardy was absent, he left the current Profit & Loss Budget report for review and I quote:
"Here's an updated financial report. The big difference since our last meeting, is the $900 we spent to stock up on the discounted table saw blades. There are other items in the general supplies category including the new name tags that brought that account up by $380 over last month. So income is now $4200 above budget, and expenses are $2,500 above budget. The checking account has a balance of $9,200."

Additionally, the HOA refund check (which we believed had been ‘lost in the mail’) for the oscillating sander was found in the safe during the meeting. The check was deposited on 4/29/2022

The discussion about the saw blades for the SawStop continued. Last month the Board decided to buy multiple (less expensive) blades while they were on sale at a greatly reduced price. In addition, not having to pay for shipping AND sharpening by transporting the blades to Woodcraft ourselves. The local agent that sharpens for Woodcraft does it for less than $30 per blade. This process saves the Club cash for other uses.

There was a further discussion on the recent incident on the SawStop capture devise and whether-or-not we should acquire two or three more of them to keep in the shop inventory. Since there is usually one back up anyway, it was decided NOT to tie up those funds with the additional stock.

Ron Gustafson advised that three new members were trained in April, making a total of 31 to date this year. The question was raised about what do we do with members who have completed the Orientation, but haven’t been in the shop for months? It will be up to the Monitor to question ‘unfamiliar’ members regarding the use of equipment. If it is determined that this member needs a refresher course in Machine Orientation, that this course be completed and at no cost to the member.

Charlie Anderson advised on Monitor status & Dennis Briels has met the 12 session requirement to receive the $25 gift card for Woodworkers Source. He also mentioned that new monitors seem to be unable to find an opening to participate as Monitor as those openings have already been filled. The objective is to keep the shop open, so it’s imperative that qualified members ‘monitor’ the shop schedule frequently to keep tabs on available openings.

Charlie also brought up that members that perform services for the Club should receive credit for the time they spend doing those services. This includes shop equipment maintenance, machine orientation, special classes and CNC shop jobs. Basically, four hours working for the shop is equal to one Monitor session.

New business: The new Shop Manager’s Cabinet design is in the works. This cabinet is specifically for additional shop equipment consumable inventory items like saw blades, sandpaper, etc. Mark advised that two sheets of 3/4” plywood would be required. The cabinet will have tracks on the sides to allow for full adjustability of each shelf. Timing on the construction of the cabinet will be advised.

John Gordon advised that because of the recent Training surge, we need to order more maple.

Further discussion on the used saw blades that can no longer be used on the SawStops. Table saw blades that have been resharpened too many times and their diameter is too small to be safely used with the brake cartridge or have become dull, will be removed from service.

Instead of throwing them away, the woodshop will offer them to current monitors according to their ranking as shown on the weekly Monitor/Trainer Stats report. This report can be found at https://saddlebrookeranch.org/woodworkers/ and at the lower right side of the calendar is the Explore Our Club section. Click on Access Club Documents, then 8-Weekly Monitor-Trainer-Maintenance Stats.

Shop ‘incidents’ - like the issue with the SawStop, or breakage/misuse of equipment MUST be logged in the Monitor book outlining details of the incident including names and repair actions taken. When a Monitor is in the shop NOT as a Monitor, that person is just a Member. It is THE Monitors responsibility to confirm the safe operation of ALL equipment. This includes confirming that members check their wood for metal & moisture as either will trip the safety cartridge at a cost of at least $100.

Options to using the dado blades on the SawStops were discussed. A router seems to be the best option and acquiring a Festool router will be raised again toward the end of the year when we have a better idea of the Club’s finances.

The SBR Art Walk is coming up on Saturday May 7th. The shop will be open. Should items be sold from the window, the normal sales details should be completed.

Dennis Briels submitted the bill for reimbursement for the MAGSWITCH magnets used on the DC Drum lid retainer.