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29 Jun 2022 17:12
SBRWWC Board Meeting June 23, 2022 
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The meeting was called to order at 4 PM. The following Board members & Advisors were present: Mark Prose, President; Jeff Hansen, Vice President; Russ Hardy, Treasurer; Dennis Briels, Secretary, & Charlie Anderson, Monitor Co-ordinator. Advisors: Dan Carter, John Gordon, Tom Marshall and Ed Valdez present. Ed Cheszek, Ron Gustafson, Ron Hilbert & Scott Saxon were absent.

The following Agenda items were discussed:

Russ Hardy gave the Financial update: We are currently at the end of the second quarter. In the first quarter we took in more than projected. However, we spent more than projected (which included items that would reduce expences down line - saw blades, etc.). In the second quarter, we still took in more money than we budgeted for and (again) we spent more that budgeted for. We would have lost money in the second quarter had we not had that project for the Wine Club. We are now back to the ‘break even' point for the second quarter. We are still $5500 above what we had budgeted. Expenses are about $3,000 above budget. Our regular (normal) expenses usually run about $400 per month.

Equipment enhancement is $806.81 over. Of that, $600 is the reimbursement from the Robson (for the 89” oscillating sander, which Quick Books will not let us subtract from the expense). In addition, we spent $320 on making the dust collector drum easier to change (Drum dolly, magnets, etc.).

Operational training & machine orientation wood ran $300 for the year. Part of that is for ‘inventory’ for upcoming classes. $163 was spent on food for the Monitor refresher classes (which we decided to discontinue). We also spent about $80 on the bird house class and the scroll saw class - both of which were intended to get new members to get more involved in the Club.

General misc. expenses: $746 over budget. Of that $320 was for the name badges: White board, name tags & magnets which had not be include in the budget. That leaves about $430 for misc. expenses that includes: Mineral oil (5 gallons $130), $100 on garbage, etc.

Table & chop saw: $950 over budget. $1,021 on new blades & riving knives. We now have 20 plus blades. We are avoiding shipping charges & reducing the cost of sharpening by taking the blades to Woodcraft for sharpening.

In summary, the first quarter we were $2,500 to the good. If we keep spending in the second half the same as the first half, we may start losing money in the second half unless we begin accepting more outside projects to cover our additional expenses. Until October, November we will keep a close eye on our expenses. Those things that we would really like to have should be outlined on our ‘Wish List’ for the fourth quarter. For the smaller cost items, such as consumables, they should be listed on the eraser board for John, so that he knows what to order.

We have $13,700. $9,700 in checking. $4.003 in savings. There are 120 current members. Note that the Liability insurance bill has just been received and is due in July. It is about $1,100. That is a budget item that comes in less than budgeted for.

Charlie Anderson advised that one new Monitor was trained last week. New Monitors will now ’shadow’ current Monitors until they feel comfortable handling this on their own. Current Monitors are being ‘encouraged’ to allow New Monitors an opportunity to sign up - by NOT filling those spaces way in advance of the available dates.

Jeff Hansen, Tom Marshall & Mark Prose have fulfilled their obligation of 12 sessions for the year and received the $25 gift cards from WoodWorkersSource.

Two new members have been trained & two more are scheduled for July. Allen ___ is one of those, and was a ‘cabinet maker’ in a former life. We welcome anyone with that experience to join us in training everyone else.

Display window security: the previous damage done to the lock has been painted so that any new damage will be noticeable. Keep an eye on it. Also, new cameras will be installed soon to monitor any inappropriate behavior at that location. The new cameras have greater ‘flexibility’ and range to help monitor the entire hallway. The Jewelry people are also interested in participating in this issue. It is SAD that these measures are necessary.

The new (narrower) riving Knives have been installed fr a couple of weeks now. They seem to be somewhat loose in the anchor points, and perhaps a slight ’shim’ may be required to lock them into the firm position.

CNC: It appears that the previous issues have been resolved. As part of the training, the new procedures will be included.

BESSEY CLAMPS: The 12” BESSEY clamps have become more popular and since we now have the space. As a result, we have voted to acquire six more clamps at approximately $34 each. John Gordon will try to find the best price. We approved to spend up to $250 on six new 12” Bessey clamps.

Replacement carbide cutting tips for the Planer: Are the tips for the Planer the same as those for the Jointer? Yes. These will be placed on the End-of-Year Wish List.

Power hand planer: Rather than try to flatten out a warped board with the Jointer or Planer, it is deemed safer to use a power hand planer. Clearly, some additional training will be required (even for Monitors that are not familiar with its use). For about $150 we can acquire this unit that will do things that nothing else in the shop will do. It was approved to purchase the Power hand planer. Withe the Expense capped at $200.

Credit for members doing projects for the shop usually do not receive ‘compensation' for all their extraordinary contributions. However, it is SO difficult to track & acknowledge these efforts that it is deemed sufficient to announce these efforts at the General Membership meetings. It was decided that these efforts were done voluntarily because we truly enjoy making these ‘contributions’ to make the Club better for everyone. Therefore, tracking was deemed impractical.

The counter top washing machine for the glue rags was tabled. There is a bucket in the sink specifically for glue rag rinsing. When finished removing glue from a new project, toss the rag into the bucket to prevent the glue from setting and then rinse it out. Change the water often to help preserve the ‘flexibility’ of the rags. Also, ALL members are encouraged to bring in rags to replace those that are really not ’serviceable’ any more.

The ‘ring’ installed on some of the glue bottles is designed to assist in opening the glue stopper without having to go get the pliers. Briels would like to cut more of them out on the CNC machine as we think they help. Feedback was provided to make the ring thinner (to ensure closure) and outer diameter smaller. Material and design will be worked on.